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Healthy and white teeth are not a matter of course. You must thoroughly. Regular care. We will help you with this!


If dental diseases are not treated in time, they can cause not only pain but also serious secondary diseases. BMW BKK helps you take care of your dental health at an early stage and save money at the same time.

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Orthodontic treatment

Misaligned jaws and teeth should be corrected as early as possible.

BMW BKK pays for patients who have 18. If the child has not yet reached the age of 18, 100 percent of the costs if there is a medically justified indication group.

Professional teeth cleaning

Cleaning the teeth reduces the risk of dental diseases and contributes to the preservation of crowns and bridges. With a professional cleaning once a year your teeth are ideally protected.

Which services are covered by BMW BKK?

By subsidizing professional dental cleaning, BMW BKK promotes the dental health of its insured persons aged 18 and over.

BMW BKK supports professional dental cleaning with a one-time subsidy of up to 40 euros per year for insured persons over the age of 18 at the dentist of your choice as part of our supplementary benefits. The amount is initially paid by the patient. Reimbursed by BMW BKK after submitting your invoice to your account.

Please provide us with your current bank details for this purpose!

What belongs to a professional teeth cleaning?

Dental cleaning involves removing tartar and plaque with the help of a scraper or ultrasonic device and cleaning the interdental spaces with dental floss. Finally, the patient receives a surface polish and fluoride gel, foam or varnish to protect the teeth.

The treatment also reduces discoloration caused by coffee, tea or tobacco. Professional dental cleaning is only a complementary protection for your teeth, regular brushing remains essential.


BMW BKK policyholders receive a fixed allowance for dental prostheses based on the results of the treatment. This means that you, as an insured person, can opt for any medically approved form of care without losing your entitlement to the health insurance subsidy.

For each finding there is a fixed allowance, which is paid in a uniform amount regardless of the chosen form of care.

There is the possibility of an increase in the subsidy if regular preventive check-ups are carried out before treatment begins. For the proof the insured receives a bonus booklet from his dentist, in which the preventive examinations can be documented.

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