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Rather nibble on a raw carrot than treat yourself to a juicy steak? Madonna, Demi Moore, Katie Holmes and many other Hollywood stars have long sworn by raw foods and, according to their own statements, owe their shapely bodies, youthfulness and health to this diet. The singer Nena recently claimed that cooked food is poisonous because the cooking process destroys enzymes that are important for digestion. It's indisputable that the celebrity ladies mentioned all look great. This rightly raises the question: What is there to the dietary form of raw food? Are largely unheated foods better for our health and well-being? And what is to be considered with the conversion to raw food in particular?

Cooked or raw state? In fact, fruits and vegetables in their raw state contain a high density of vitamins and minerals, most of which are already lost when cooked at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. In particular, important digestive enzymes, such as the glucosinolates contained in cabbage, are largely destroyed during cooking and cannot provide us with valuable plant substances in their absence. Other nutrients, on the other hand, are first dissolved during cooking, for example the lycopene in tomatoes or the beta-carotene from green and yellow vegetables.

Gradual conversion to raw food When converting to raw food, haste is the order of the day. Especially overweight people, who have paid little attention to their diet so far, should approach the new way of life step by step. Thus, it is often recommended to gradually replace the previous meals with raw food recipes. Several weeks may pass, until the new nourishing plan stands and in flesh and blood went over. Those who want to make a radical cut when converting to raw foods are more likely to experience unpleasant side effects such as digestive problems and bloating. A slow change prepares the body to digest unfamiliar prepared food more easily. A previous chamfering cure facilitates it the body additionally to adjust to the new food supply.

A question of taste Proponents of raw food appreciate the high intake of nutrients. Critics, on the other hand, are of the opinion that with a pure raw food diet the choice is limited, but this is usually due to the fact that one does not exhaust the potential of raw food cuisine and does not know the countless recipes of gourmet raw food with crackers, lasagna, raw food pizza, homemade cashew milk, ice cream, chocolate and countless other creations. Who has the possibility, should prefer in any case organic foods, which have a higher vital substance density than conventionally produced foods.

(guest contribution by Thomas D.)

Review of Nils Pischel to "the large raw food raw food book" of Angelika Fischer

health through raw food page 4 raw food blog

In the last few years I have plowed through almost all the literature on raw food – Wandmaker, Konz, Aterhov etc., but the great raw food book by Angelika Fischer is my absolute favorite so far. As a vegan raw foodist without a militant animal rights background, I first approached the work without prejudice – knowing full well that Ms. Fischer (on whose site and forum I have been reading for several years) propagates the consumption of animal-based foods. However, it avoids this tricky cliff wonderfully – the "animal chapters". Sections can – but do not have to be read. One can leaf over them wonderfully without losing the thread of their overall concept. In addition it gives notes and Tipps, which should be considered with vegan raw food nutrition. The ubiquitous club of science, the classification of plants, etc. complicate the reading and lead with some surely initially to "put down" the book first of all – if one has internalized the writing style only once, the book reads most excitingly and I can confirm from my raw food practice several experiences and connections only. In general, you have to give the book credit for being insanely practical (the main reason it's now my no. 1) – and exactly here lies in my opinion the advantage in relation to other works of "raw" authors. Kitchen utensils, practical tips, recipes – here even the older hares get one or the other useful tip. It does not describe the theory of happy monkey people sitting on the tree with a durian, but more the situation in European lands with all its cliffs to be circumnavigated. The chapters are lovingly and comprehensively illustrated, build on each other and give v.a. Beginners the possibility to approach a raw diet step by step.

It would be desirable to have a removable overview of the plant orders, so that you don't always have to scroll back while reading to see which plants were part of the mentioned order. Also a poster of the pyramid I would find advantageous.

Mrs. Fischer landed with this book surely a milestone of the raw food scene, to which up to now no other book reaches. It is in my opinion a piece of must reading for the raw interested person. The price is absolutely justified for extent as well as processing.

Author of the review: Nils Pischel

Fasting and raw food seminar with Sadhya Suthau in Grobgundertshausen from 26.02. – 3.03.2012

Wheatgrass juice seminars with Sadhya Suthau

Do you want to detoxify, lose weight and stimulate your immune system and make your body fit for spring?? Then the chamfering seminar with the wheat grass expert Sadhya Suthau is exactly the correct for you!

You'll learn all about making freshly squeezed wheatgrass juices, energy smoothies, and easy raw food recipes. This rejuvenation cure is rounded off by lymph gymnastics, special breathing exercises, meditative relaxation or simply by not doing anything for a while.

There are only a few places available, so be sure to register early.

Tuesday 13. March – Monday 19. March 2012

at the Stadlerhof, 84106 Grobgundertshausen (near Mainburg), Dorfstr. 15,

More info For more questions and dates, please call 08152-3049763 or 0170-5449692 for more information

Wheatgrass juice in a glass

Raw food expert and book author Angelika Fischer in the interview

health through raw food page 4 raw food blog

Angelika Fischer is an engineer in the fields of environment and biochemistry, she runs the website AllesRoh, a practice-oriented forum for raw foodists and people interested in raw food. She developed and teaches in seminars the system of AllesRoh-Vitalkultur. She provides her cumulative knowledge in "The Big Raw Food Book".

How did you come to the raw food?
I always ate as simple as possible due to my severe atopic dermatitis/neurodermatitis, asthma etc. I never drank coffee, milk, bread, etc. The information that there are people who eat completely unheated, I found in a Liedloff forum.

What is your diet (vegan, instincto etc)?.)? How much % raw food do you eat? If not 100% – are there exceptions and which ones?? I can only eat 100% raw. This according to possibilities as optimal as possible. Thereby the very first premise is: ROH.

Since when do you eat raw food??
In 2002 I started to move towards a 100% raw diet to take full advantage of the health benefits: A new quality of life began for me. What changes have you mentally. Physically established by the raw food? Everything became better. I was also able to help myself better psychologically.

Where do you live? What have you learned and what do you work today?? I live in Austria. I am a technician.

Do you have role models among the raw foodists (living raw foodists and forefathers of raw food)??
My role models are in my family: use the senses.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Let's see.

Do you have tips for aspiring raw foodists?
Pay attention to your own senses. And of course read my book .. it came into being because other raw foodists animated me due to many reports and my own experiences. Most raw foodists cannot eat raw food from 0 to 100 – alone because the perception was blunted by less taste buds (etc) and additionally misled.

Are you involved in a raw food group??
Yes, since 2002 – already in the Liedloff group to which I had also organized meetings was already a raw foodist. I promote communication in the forum, on Facebook as well as by numerous meetings, to which also foreign raw foodists come regularly. From time to time I do workshops to taste out and tare in a short time.

What is important to you outside of raw food?

What tools or equipment do you use to prepare your raw food dishes?
Best none. My first aid was a hand grater for grating ripe coconut meat. In the meantime I do this with a juice centrifuge, but only on special occasions. Most raw foodists who focus on dishes either make money with it or stop doing it at some point because it's far too laborious: a food that is suitable for raw consumption, for that it's too bad to process it further. Indulgence is not temporary, it has an effect on the body in the future. Better less, but better quality.

More information about Angelika Fischer and her work can be found here:

"The great raw food raw food book" by Angelika Fischer – the first impression

health through raw food page 4 raw food blog

The great raw food book by Angelika Fischer

Today I received my review copy of Angelika Fischer's raw food book. It will certainly take a few weeks to completely grasp it. The book makes with its good 1.5 kg and over 480 pages all honor to its name. It is a hardcover book. Highly integrated. I have only leafed through it so far. Read some chapters in extracts. The book is schematically divided into part 1 "The 7 Pillars" and part 2 "Recipes". The chapter "Practical Kitchen Tools" goes into detail about kitchen appliances that make sense for raw foodists, such as juicers, dehydrators, blenders and sprouting trays. The great raw food book contains a lot of information about commodity science. It also contains a lot of nutritional-physiological knowledge with partly very technical vocabulary. It is certainly not a book that you can read in passing, but because of the very detailed index rather a reference book that you take again and again to hand if you have a question. Angelika has for provided a signed copy for raffle for our facebook friends. The lottery will be published shortly on our facebook page. The 1. Price is the book worth 34.95 € and the 2. And 3. Price is a wheatgrass sieve from the company Eschenfelder. Many thanks to Angelika Fischer for providing the review copy and the raffle copy in record time🙂

If you have already read the book, feel free to post your experience here as a comment or send your review by email to [email protected].

The great raw food book – AllesRoh Vitalkultur – Basics and practical instructions for a successful change of diet

Report from the Erfurt raw food meeting 13. November 2011

health through raw food page 4 raw food blog

Before the alarm clock could even ring, I opened my eyes. What had awakened me? Oh, today Horst and I want to go to Erfurt, to the raw food meeting. Yesterday I was still talking with Margit. Petra spoke. Everything was prepared, everything was in order, Rudi our cat was taken care of, the lights were turned off and now it could start. We, Petra from Dessau and Margit from Wolfen, met at the train station in Bitterfeld. The train left on time 7.20 o'clock from platform three. In Halle we changed. During our stay there, we provided ourselves with fresh fruit. The decision was not easy, the offer was very diverse. The bright persimmons conquered us. So they were stowed in my backpack. Everything worked fine. On the train to Erfurt, the four of us enjoyed the breakfast we brought with us. Petra offered us brownish balls, raw food chocolates, which turned out to be very delicious. Arrived in Erfurt it was foggy. Fresh according to the season. In November we could already smell the approaching winter but this did not bother us in the least during the half-hour walk to the hall where the meeting was to take place. Cheerful and engrossed in conversation, we arrived at the exhibition hall before it got really crowded. We paid our fee. Looked for us far in front place. Soon the seats were scarce, because more than 300 raw food oriented people had registered. Petra, who was here for the first time, said in amazement: "Elvira, Margit, look how many people are already meeting here in Erfurt. That here so many are, I would not have thought at all."With shining eyes Margit, who experienced this for the fifth time, confirmed: "Yes, in the beginning there were just about 50 interested people present, but always the youngest visitors were still in the sling and the oldest were well over 80 years, just like today."Look, the first food stalls are already being set up, and there are plenty of books, seaweed and such at the back," Horst said, pointing in the direction from which we had just entered the hall. Unfortunately, the stand with the great Kummelsenf and other delicacies was missing. Also the dispatch was missing, which had offered dryers with maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Today there were energizing stones to admire, which were way too expensive for us, even though they looked great and certainly have an energizing effect, as was promised. As at the last meeting, this event was opened with a song and everyone sang along.

"It needs little to be glad, and who is glad, is a king. The whole is a canon. Is repeated. The left block continued singing alone and the right block joined in singing as the first half of the canon was warbled by the other group. That gave good mood. Exhilarated besides.

The first speaker, a doctor of naturopathy, had a super strong positive charisma. During the lecture, to which all present listened spellbound, he showed his fitness on stage, without preparation, by performing a headstand on the bare wooden floor. This happened as if in slow motion so slowly and so surely that it demanded full respect, and not only from me. Doctor Scheel exuded a calmness and serenity that was almost palpable. The doctor made us laugh and think by showing us funny comics and profound sayings. The motto was with him, "A lifetime of healthier from their own strength" or "Each patient is a miracle of lived inconsistency."A great tip from him was: "Every day, everyone should take a fixed time only for his health, otherwise he will have to take a lot of time later for his illness!"

Everyone can become healthy if he provides himself with positive thoughts, has the patience of a stone and experiences the right thing at the right time and in the right place and once there has been a beginning, everyone can confidently continue on this path. Everyone quickly realizes how good it is for them and how they gradually become healthy. Total health is achieved through raw food, the right amount of light, good and living water, giving and receiving love. Because the right energy of life is made to flow, everyone can become healthy and happy again.

The company Keimling represented by Ertfried Hufnagel, which also sold its products on site, introduced itself and spoke today about the importance of vitamin B 17. When germinating seeds, such as sunflower seeds, mung beans or cress, these vitamins are produced. I found it particularly interesting that monks living near Fukushima, who fed and still feed on sprouted seeds among other things, showed by far not as high a radiation reaction as those who feed differently.

Not only I noticed that there are many men in the raw food scene who let their hair grow long and thus have a much more natural appearance.

The next speaker, Thomas Klein, devoted himself among other things to the vitamin D need. He presented his new book "Healthy in 7 days. Offered also this to the purchase. This is about the value of sunlight for mind, body and soul. Particularly in the now following darker season, it is important for everyone, if he can it somehow, to go out at noon, in order to refuel as much as possible sun energy, so that the Vitamin D can be formed. Green herbs, salads or even avocados have a small amount of this vitamin, but can never replace daylight.

The last speaker was Michael Delias, a well-known author and organizer of the Raw Food Fair in Berlin. Today he spoke about his new book "The Seven Values of Raw Food". To feel better and become healthier it is very interesting to know what type of diet you are, Kapha, Pitta or a Vata type. Horst is a father type, that is, he should avoid oil and prefer instead the oil fruits, such as olives, avocados, etc. eat. This type quickly decreases. Slowly again to. They are mostly too slim. Would like to gain weight. I am a Kapha type. One who already gains weight when he thinks about eating. The Kapha type stores a lot in his body. Longs to weigh a little less. And the pitta guy is the middle. It decreases quickly. Fast again to. During the big break, plenty of time was devoted to raw food indulgences. Many ate and that with sufficient pleasure. Also we four from Saxony-Anhalt did not spare with praise. A corresponding donation. We exchanged recipes and tricks and Margit took pictures with much pleasure. At the end there was the possibility to ask the four speakers questions, which they answered with general satisfaction. And already the time of the exchange was over and we strolled back to the train in peace and the heard accordingly. In the evening we were happy, full of experiences and new insights in our own bed. What a beautiful day it was. Very interesting day. Many thanks that I was allowed to experience all this. Thanks to all who participated, also to the organizer, my heartfelt thanks, that everything worked so well.

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