Health tips for getting and staying healthy focus arztsuche

We all want to live healthy. In theory, it seems quite simple: eat a healthy diet, get enough exercise – especially in everyday life – and avoid stress to keep the immune system fit. In practice, however, the permanent implementation of these rules for a healthy life is often difficult. The FOCUS HEALTH Doctor search provides guidance on topics such as healthy eating, work-life balance, personal hygiene, health sports and physical activity.

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Health tips for getting and staying healthy focus arztsuche

Quickly back to the old form: This is what recreational athletes want after a corona illness. To achieve this, Olympic doctor Bernd Wolfarth advises a moderate restart.

Health tips to get healthy and stay healthy focus arztsuche

Health tips for getting and staying healthy focus arztsuche

From the operating room straight back to the starting line: fast-track interventions help joint patients back to life quickly. How to succeed – and why this strategy could be the future of joint surgery

Healthy and active through spring

Pollen allergy sufferers often shy away from exercising outside during hay fever season. If you follow a few rules and choose the right type of sport, you can continue to be active outdoors without any problems.

Anyone who wants to start running should think about a few things in advance: What are my goals? How much time I can invest? By the way, running groups increase motivation to stay active.

When it comes to stretching, there are many unanswered questions: before or after exercise? Dynamic or static? Does stretching bring anything at all? A sports orthopedist provides the right answers

Ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme disease or TBE. After each stay in the nature you should scan the body. How to remove the little animals correctly. When it could be dangerous.

Myth check: What is really true??

In the morning like an emperor, at noon like a king, in the evening like a beggar. Is a late and substantial dinner actually unhealthy for our bodies?

If you are hoarse, it is difficult to speak loudly. Almost automatically we start whispering. But does this really help the neck or do we just strain it even more by doing so?

They are colorful and taste good – children love chewing gum. Often they have the admonition of parents in the ears: "Do not swallow, otherwise it remains in the stomach." What's the truth about the myth?

Beauty unit for skin, body and hair: How regeneration works at night and what you need to bear in mind to wake up radiant in the morning.

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