Health trips at tegernsee and schliersee home

Health tripsTrue to the motto "movement makes you healthy", Lake Tegernsee not only offers something for culturally interested people. No, also every active vacationer gets his money's worth here. Think about your health, your body will thank you for it.

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Health trips at tegernsee and schliersee home

Active week at tegernsee

Experience a varied health program at Lake Tegernsee

health trips at tegernsee and schliersee home

active week Schliersee

Experience a varied health program in Schliersee

health tours at tegernsee and schliersee home

Health insurance subsidy for the cure

Health insurance subsidy for preventive medical care cure

Health insurance subsidy for preventive care

Health insurance subsidy for prevention

Health trips at tegernsee and schliersee home

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health trips at tegernsee and schliersee home

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Fountain of youth at the Tegernsee

At Lake Tegernsee, recreation and health have tradition

Health is our most valuable asset:

Nowadays, we are required to perform at our best almost every day at work and in everyday life. The permanent mental stress caused by ubiquitous media presence to day-. night times does not let us come any longer to the rest.

More than ever, we need to take care of our body and mind – to bring both into balance!

For this reason the company health insurances with their experts have developed the AKTIVWOCHE. The Active Week includes preventive courses in the health sector and is offered in fantastic regions in Germany – including in the foothills of the Alps, south of Munich at the beautiful Tegernsee and Schliersee lakes.

The active weeks are a prevention program that has been tried and tested for many years and is based on the latest development standards. Experienced and qualified trainers conduct the courses and provide assistance for your health at home and at work.

But what actually is prevention?

Whether back pain or arthritis: complaints and diseases can be avoided or delayed with a certain probability – if you take care of yourself. Even after the onset of an illness, there is often something that can be done. The possibilities of prevention are manifold. Basically, the term refers to all measures that prevent diseases or injuries or mitigate their consequences. Young or old makes no difference: prevention begins in childhood and continues throughout life.

Preventing diseases before they occur and maintaining health: This is what primary prevention stands for. Preventive measures range from sufficient exercise to healthy nutrition and stress management to abstaining from addictive substances such as nicotine. The guiding principle: The healthier people make their lifestyle, the less likely they are to suffer from illnesses later on.

Who are our experts?

With "medius – medical fitness" we have the perfect specialists at our side. The fitness centers are located at both course locations, directly at the Tegernsee and Schliersee. For each course offered, participants can look forward to a coordinated and well thought-out course program. The trainers are very concerned that the course content can also be implemented in daily life, so that the continuation of the learned measures can be continued at home.

Experience together with other participants in small and manageable groups, a diverse health program with sports and health-promoting activities and relaxation training.

On the following pages you will find a selection of interesting and effective preventive trips. These prevention journeys make it possible for you to combine vacation and recovery with different applications to the health precaution at our upper Bavarian lakes.

Further information / catalog

The following active weeks are available to you:

But what is actually "health hiking? In contrast to conventional hiking, health hiking involves walking about 4 -7 kilometers. Hikes usually last no longer than 2 – 2 ½ hours.

The special feature of this course is the exercises that are performed on the way:

By the movement in nature you take up much oxygen, which is good for heart and cycle. Exercises to Mobilization of the joints, Strengthening the musculature of the locomotor system, Coordination and balance exercises as well as stretching exercises are completed.

In addition, there are the positive effects for the psyche. In nature there are less disturbing stimuli than in normal everyday life with its restlessness, noise and countless visual impressions. The brain has to sort and process less information and comes to rest. With health hiking you learn to be in the "here and now", to leave the everyday life behind and to leave the hamster wheel of negative thoughts. Protects against stress and burnout.

What does "endurance" mean?

Complaints are often not caused by special physical strain, but more and more often by the exact opposite: lack of movement. Musculoskeletal disorders, such as back pain, have been the most common reason for days off work for years. At the same time, the cardiovascular training is improved in order to promote the pumping capacity of the heart on the one hand and the oxygen uptake capacity in the lungs on the other hand. This leads to the fact that a better trained cardiovascular system can perform significantly more with the same load. For example, a well-trained heart needs many fewer beats to pump the same amount of blood through the body than a heart in a not so well-trained cardiovascular system. In the latter case, there is a risk of higher wear and tear due to the large number of more required strokes, which has a negative impact on lifespan.

Preventive endurance training is for everyone who wants to improve their condition. The goal is to slowly increase endurance, learn healthy movement behaviors, and improve flexibility, endurance, strength, stretching, coordination, and movement skills. Exercises with running variations lead from walking to running. Exercises for coordination and strengthening, stretching and fascia work lead to more mobility and strengthen body awareness. Warming up and finally loosening up the muscles leads to a functional movement behavior for which the participants are sensitized. To control one's own endurance, to estimate and divide forces, to control the pulse and to bring the body slowly into endurance, is part of the course.

Germany has "back!

Every third adult in Germany suffers from occasional or regular back pain. Too little sport and too little movement altogether promote the pain in the back. In a society where many people work at computers and also spend most of their free time sitting, back pain is pre-programmed. Whether a series marathon in front of the TV or comfortably reading a book in the armchair – with each of these activities one sits and that usually also still hunched over.

This puts the wrong strain on the intervertebral discs, nerves can be crushed and even deformities can form if the wrong strain is permanent.

Strengthen your skeleton!

Target group of the course are:

– People who sit or stand a lot in everyday life – People who put a lot of strain on their backs in everyday work – People with weak back muscles – People who suffer from tension (muscular insufficiency) – People without diseases requiring treatment

Goals of the measure:

– Strengthening physical resources (strength, stretching, coordination, relaxation) – Coping with discomfort& Discomfort – Improve range of motion – Learn proper, back-friendly behaviors – Prevent risk factors for back pain

Being fit and active at any age!

The positive effects of sports and exercise, healthy nutrition and balance are undisputed. Fitness should be fun and nutrition should be delicious and easy. Relaxation techniques should also be used in everyday life without much effort. Best to be used in the fresh air.

We can offer it, the total package:

Experience a varied and exciting active week with all facets of healthy and active recreation: movement, relaxation and nutrition!

Health insurance subsidy:

"All active week offers are examined and certified by the "Zentrale Prufstelle Pravention" according to § 20 SGB V and provided with the test seal "German standard prevention". They can therefore be promoted and subsidized by the health insurance companies!"Depending on the statutes of the health insurance company, the costs for the pure health promotion program of up to 160 € are fully covered or subsidized.

The exact amount you have to pay has to be clarified individually with your health insurance company before the beginning of the course.

Before you book an active week, please contact your health insurance company. Here you can find out whether the subsidy for an active week will be granted.

Prerequisite for the receipt is at the same time a minimum of 80% course participation.

Video Active Week:

Our highlights:

The alpine region Tegernsee/Schliersee is traditionally a vacation region with emphasis on cure and health. The region owes its popularity mainly to the fact that here nature and health are combined in a wonderful way. Since time immemorial, guests have come to Tegernsee/Schliersee for recreation, regeneration and also for prevention and rehabilitation. It was almost a matter of course when it came to the topic of health that Tegernsee and Schliersee came up in conversation.

Today, the Alpine region of Tegernsee/Schliersee combines culture, health and sports. In addition to many cultural events and social gatherings, annual sporting events such as the Tegernsee Mountain Bike Festival, the Schliersee Alpine Triathlon, Tegernsee and Schliersee Run, New Year's Eve Run at Schliersee and the Schliersee Yoga Days attract thousands of sports enthusiasts.

An active vacation or an active trip is ideal to dedicate oneself specifically to one's health and fitness. Medius – medical fitness, official training center of the German Ski Association, located at Tegernsee and Schliersee offers a modern health and sports program. Medical experts, sports scientists and your personal trainer determine your current fitness level and identify weaknesses and strengths. With this knowledge, an individual training program is put together. According to your goal you will receive a varied program. The programs are modular and are offered as 3-day, 5-day and 7-day arrangements.

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