Health wellness easy sports fitness

Find new strength in everyday life with our Relaxation& Health concept for body and soul.

Health wellness easy sports fitness


Clear your head in our sauna& Wellness areas, so you can recharge your batteries for your everyday life!

What are your goals?

Whether you want to stay fit, build muscle or lose weight, it's often the combination of different types of training that will help you reach your goals. For an individual training adapted to you, we will be glad to advise you personally.

Health wellness easy sports fitness

Through our easy sports support program, we ensure that you go through an individual training cycle, with regular monitoring and planned training development.

Taking into account your history and the goals you want to achieve, we will carry out an individual fitness and health training with you. This takes place as free and equipment-supported individual or small group training in the areas of strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, relaxation and nutrition.

Stay healthy

Stay fit for everyday life with regular, targeted training! Exercise is more important than ever.If you sit a lot, especially in everyday life, you run the risk of developing health problems such as back pain over the years.

Prevent back problems and nerve damage in a targeted and gentle way

Targeted training of individual muscle groups

Practical for older people and especially after injuries

Become healthy

Especially after an injury or in case of health problems, it is important to counteract major damage and to regenerate the musculoskeletal system with targeted and gentle exercise.

Sustainable and individual care program

Consideration of previous health problems or injuries

Specially trained staff and trainers

Relaxation and regeneration are important aspects in everyday life and especially after training. Simply switch off. Feel good!

Regular physical training promotes the maintenance of our body's. Fitness helps you to cope with the daily challenges in your job and everyday life.

After each workout it is very important to also provide for phases of relaxation. This makes it possible to gather new strength and give the body time for regeneration.

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