Health wellness in goldbach

In the Lebenshilfen workshops, people with disabilities perform high-quality work. The guiding principle is "to integrate people with handicaps professionally and socially. The non-profit Nordeifelwerkstatten (NEW) have specialized in the individual production and optimized manufacturing of sauna and infrared cabins. In addition, the manufactory is one of the very few sauna manufacturers that still produce in Germany – and has been doing so for more than 35 years. The sauna trade Wellness.

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Individuality, modern design and the highest quality standards – that's what the sauna landscapes of Wellness& More in Goldbach. This is appreciated not only by customers locally, but also abroad. The family-run company delivers its products even as far as Portugal and Los Angeles. Comprehensive advice begins in the showroom or at the customer's site. Here you can learn about the differences in the various sauna designs and find out which sauna is the best for your application.

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Health wellness in goldbach

Autumn is the right time for targeted relaxation in the sauna. More than 25 million people in Germany regularly go to the sauna or steam bath. There are good reasons for this, because regular sauna sessions have many positive effects. Physical rest, strengthening of the immune system and mental relaxation contribute to health and can prevent disease. Strengthening the immune system – building up your defences By taking regular saunas you can prevent colds and.

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Health wellness in goldbach

Health wellness in goldbach

Welcome to life

The pregnancy The birth of a child – a miracle and at the same time a trauma for mother and child. While the baby lacks nothing during pregnancy, the young mother may already be pushed to her physical limits. Due to the hormonal change, the texture of the tie changes. It becomes softer and more elastic and no longer offers enough support. As pregnancy progresses, the change in statics can. The constriction of space of the internal organs large.

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health wellness in goldbach

Health wellness in goldbach

Bladder problems in women: Prevent and treat with osteopathy

Problems with the bladder, such as recurring bladder infections or incontinence, are a problem for many women. Women of all ages are affected – young women and mothers as well as women in midlife and older women who are in, around or beyond menopause. For many of them, the topic of bladder dysfunction is a taboo subject that they don't like to talk about. This not infrequently leads to a psychological burden for those affected. Causes of bladder disorders.


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