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Strengthen your health in the Black ForestWellness in connection with health-promoting applications increases your quality of life and ensures that you feel good all around. In the Salt caves, the healing gallery and in our Therapeutic climatic health resorts you are therefore exactly right. In the Northern Black Forest you can take a deep breath. Take a deep breath again.

Experienced Specialists and contact persons are at your side and support you on your way to health and well-being. Feel a breath of sea breeze in the salt caves, go underground to a resting place that completely relaxes you and your soul and enjoy the freshness unfolding in your lungs.

"Nature is the best pharmacy."

In the middle of the Northern Black Forest you can breathe fresh air that will transport you to the shores of the seas and oceans.

Breathe freely and healthily – in the certified air of the health resorts in the Northern Black Forest!

Reflect in complete silence and tranquility, deep under the ground, on the most important thing: your body and your soul.

Experience the forest consciously and get closer to nature in a special way during a walk or a guided stay!

Rest between sparkling crystals

Breathe free!

Salt caves

Health is the salt of life. And salt is also super good for you and your health. Not without reason it is one of the oldest remedies in the world. Here in the northern Black Forest healing Salt caves on you and your lungs.

In the salt crystal caves of the Black Forest your health is in the foreground. Salt soothing. Supportive.

A stay in the salt grotto is especially recommended for respiratory, skin or metabolic complaints. In a natural way you can support the self-healing of your body.

In these moments you calmly reduce your stress, relax and let yourself be transported to the seashores of the world. Your soul goes on a short dream journey while your body strengthens itself in the Northern Black Forest and finds new energy Draw strength can.


Do you have stress every day, running from appointment to appointment, have to be present here and there and find no time for a short moment for yourself?

At Healing gallery of Neubulach press the pause button to escape the hectic everyday life. Here you can completely shut down, simply switch off and experience complete peace and quiet. Meet the silence. Get new strength!

In the silence of the healing tunnel you reflect on your soul and body. Most important focus. Offers no distractions.

Especially for people with symptoms of exhaustion, sleep disorders or burn-out this can have positive effects. New impulses for everyday life and your health arise in the Calmness, coolness and reduced athmosphere.

Electronic devices are completely hidden and switched off. Neither mobile phone network nor electromagnetic radiation find their way into the tunnels under the earth.

Take a deep breath and rebalance yourself with renewed energy and strength!

Rest deep underground


It is no secret that the air in the Black Forest is particularly good. But have you ever heard of certified air?

In the Therapeutic climatic health resorts in the northern Black Forest you can enjoy this fresh air. The air quality here is constantly subjected to meteorological and medical controls and has therapeutic effect. The air has very few irritants and pollen and is therefore perfect for the stay of allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Our health resorts like Schomberg, Dobel and Bad Herrenalb await you with a variety of offers on the subject of healing climate, climatic therapy and healing climate hiking. Just being out in the fresh air, you can breathe healthy or strengthen your body with sports and exercise.

climatic walks offer you an optimal combination of pleasant activity and climatic stimuli. In Schomberg you will find nine signposted Healing Climate Hikes, That take you around the happiness community.

Breathe free in the healing climate spas of the Northern Black Forest!

Forest bathing

A trend conquers Germany: Forest bathing. If you now think of a bathing suit and a shower towel to lie down in the undergrowth – you are unfortunately wrong.

Forest bathing is the translation of the Japanese term "Shinrin-yoku", there forest stays are already used therapeutically since the 1980s. Already after one day in the forest the Stress relief demonstrably noticeable.

The reason for this are terpenes. Plants communicate with these messenger substances. Protect themselves against enemies. Already shortly after entering the forest the Terpene detectable in the human body and promote Strengthening your immune system.

But what is the difference between the good old forest walk and forest bathing? Unlike a walk in the woods, it's not about indulging your thoughts or running long distances. Forest bathing describes the Awareness, doing exactly what you are looking for, whether it is a rest in a clearing, walking barefoot on damp moss, or simply closing your eyes to a warming ray of sunlight.

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