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Health: why should not always wear flat shoes?

Comfortable, pretty and in numerous designs, ballerinas and other flat shoes are now beckoning again in spring to emphasize youthful style in women's fashion. Despite the comfortable fit, however, it is not healthy to wear flat shoes exclusively. "Should I wear better high heels?" is then often the question, but this is not the right way either. As so often, it lies in the golden mean, which only you can determine. However, balance is definitely the order of the day!

Combine flat shoes correctly

Flat shoes go just perfectly with almost all tight-fitting women's pants, such as the skinny jeans in our MAC Jeans Skinny collection, and also with classic leggings. Colorful, long-cut ladies T-shirts, a nice belt and if necessary. still other funky accessories to it and you feel as a woman every everyday situation grown. If it should be a little more refined or you go to a business meeting, then you complement the flat shoes z.B. MAC jeans. Angels Jeans. In addition still another elegant lady jacket of Wellensteyn or Naketano. The perfect outfit is already complete. So simple, so good.

Comfortable and yet elegant..

Flat shoes – whether ballerinas, flip flops or sneakers – give a feeling of freedom. You can move freely and not run the risk of injuring yourself when twisting your ankle. They are simply the right shoes for every occasion and for every budget. Because there are so many variants, which are also not so expensive, a woman often treats herself to several nice pairs, which can be combined well with her own wardrobe.

Why do you need several shoes?

Basically, orthopedists say that you should not wear the same shoes every day. The magic word is: variety. This is important for both the human foot and the footwear itself. If shoes are worn only every third day, they can air out optimally. This prevents sweaty feet, the formation of calluses and diseases of the skin on the foot and toenails.

Five facts why variety is needed!

1. Some shoes are cut very tight at the toes, so that they form an elegant silhouette. Thus, the toes are very tight, sometimes even rub against each other. This creates unhealthy moisture that can lead to blisters. Especially in the summer, for example, there is a risk of contracting athlete's foot or nail fungus.

2. Even if flat shoes feel comfortable, they do not support the foot in its natural anatomy, putting a lot of strain on muscles and tendons. It can lead to pain in the arch of the foot, but also to inflammation in the joint. Flats also have hardly any ground cushioning, which leads to increased formation of calluses on the heel.

3. Lack of cushioning is also the cause of not rolling the foot properly when walking – especially with flip-flops. The result can be persistent hip pain or, in worse cases, even long-term back pain.

4. Another serious consequence of too little variety is a painful disease of the tendon plate on the sole of the foot near the heel: plantar citiis. Almost every tenth woman has a heel spur caused by too much stress in the heel area. Women with flat or bent feet are best advised to avoid flat shoes altogether.

5. Ballerinas but also laced sneakers often give the foot too little support. The load on the foot is not distributed to the midfoot and ankle, it remains on the heel. This can also lead to health problems.

The perfect shoe for everyday life

Doctors and orthopedists advise a heel height between two and three centimeters. Thus the load is optimally distributed when walking. A good shoe has a good balance of stability and flexibility in the insole. A suitable footbed is also important, as this gives the foot sufficient support. The outsole should also cushion each step. If there is hardening of the skin on the toes, balls or heels, this is a sign that the shoes do not fit optimally.

What to do when there are already problems?

A visit to a specialist orthopedic store never hurts. Here you can choose from a variety of shoe insoles or have individually tailored ones made. Custom-made shoes can also be an alternative. This may seem expensive and time-consuming at first, but it pays off in the long run.

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