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Apprenticeship as a healthcare clerkWhen you go to the family doctor, your visit is over when you hand in your insurance card? Or have you always wanted to know what goes on behind a doctor's visit, what other steps take place in the background?? The training to become a health care salesperson could help here!

Short and sweet Recommended school-leaving qualification Realschulabschluss / Mittlere Reife Duration of training 3 years Apprenticeship pay 1. Apprenticeship year: 785 – 1.118 Euro 2. Year of training: 835 – 1.210 Euro 3. Apprenticeship year: 965 – 1.312 Euro starting salary 1800 Euro apprenticeship training positions for health care professionals * All data without guarantee

All information about the commercial clerk in the health service training

In addition to your interest in the subject of health, you should also be interested in the commercial processes, because customer advice on various treatments, for example, is part of your everyday work. When a patient decides to receive treatment, an invoice is generated that you have to process. The invoice can come from clinics or directly from the doctor, for example, which means that your contact is not limited to the patients. So you should be a communicative person with a friendly nature, because even unpleasant calls are part of your daily work routine.

Depending on where you start your apprenticeship, the scope of work can vary. You like to advise other people? Then you should apply to a health insurance company. Here you will work mainly from the office. If you decide to work in a hospital, your workplace could be the reception area, where you help patients and visitors.

But no matter where you complete your training, you will have to take on a lot of responsibility in handling a wide variety of data. Particularly private patient data, such as medical records, require the utmost care! So if you already have some knowledge in EDP, great! This will make your start easier. You should have good school knowledge in economics, math and German.

In addition to your business, you will acquire your theoretical knowledge in vocational schools. These offer mostly block lessons. That is you visit the school instead of a few hours a week, for one or more weeks. The advantage is that you can concentrate absolutely on school during the school phase, and when it's time to go back to work, this is again the focus of your attention.

Necessary school diploma

For this demanding training occupation, you should ideally have a university entrance qualification. Even with a secondary school diploma you still have good chances, but it looks bad if you only have a secondary school diploma.

TIP: Make sure you submit a proper application, because as a healthcare clerk you often have to keep track of everything despite the paper jungle. If your application looks like a mess from the start, the personnel managers will put your portfolio away immediately!

Duration of training

The training usually takes three years, but can be shortened to two or two and a half years if the trainee and trainer first submit an application and it can be expected that the trainee can also achieve the training goal within the shortened time. So it depends on good grades! If they allow it, you can even bring forward the final exam. You already have an apprenticeship in your pocket? Then this can also favor a shortening.

TIP: However, you do not have the right to shorten your training period!

Training allowance

The apprenticeship pay is also impressive! In the first year of your apprenticeship, you can learn about ca. 700 euros, in the second year about 800 euros and in the last year about 900 euros! Your starting salary could be about. 1800 euros gross lie. The numbers can of course vary greatly depending on the company. TIP: You are a determined person. Don't want to settle for just an apprenticeship? After your training, you can continue your education through numerous further education programs-. Aim for further training opportunities. You have a university entrance qualification? Then you could consider studying, for example, health economics or health and social management. If, however, you are not prepared to spend another three years in school, you could consider further training to become a specialist in social and health care management, as this training usually only takes 18 months. It always depends on whether you want to do the training full or part time. If you decide to do it part-time, it will of course take a little longer.

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