Healthcare seo success with medical content on the web

Search engine optimization (SEO) is particularly important in healthcare. Current figures provide proof of this: in 2019, the proportion of German citizens who researched health-related information on the Internet was 66 percent – twice as high as in 2006*.

At DOCTOR HUB Online Marketing, we help medical practices, hospitals, rehab and care facilities strategically improve their search engine visibility. Compared with other sectors, there are some special rules to be observed here.

Which contents play a role for Healthcare SEO

When users search online for medical content, they are particularly dependent on reputable and reliable sources with a proven good reputation. The search behavior can be roughly divided into two blocks.

– The first area is Search for specific services, such as osteopathy, physical therapy, dental treatment or even cosmetic surgery. These are often with a local connection searched (z.B. "Osteopathy Munich). That is why the so-called Local SEO eminently important, especially for physicians and practices in private practice. – The second block is the Search for health-related information. This includes topics such as the risks and side effects of medications, identifying characteristics for certain diseases or background knowledge about therapies and forms of treatment. Google applies special quality standards here.

The E-A-T formula as a quality benchmark

We help our clients to address the right users via online search. In doing so, we plan and design online content in a way that takes into account all the criteria for healthcare search engine optimization. Google subsumes this claim under the formula E-A-T. Behind the abbreviation are the terms "Expertise", "Authority" and "Trust".

As part of our daily practice, we have gained the necessary experience to be able to design content with high E-A-T. Local search engine optimization for individual service areas depends on different contexts than optimization for frequently searched topics in the healthcare sector.

Depending on whether we as an agency are structuring large blocks of topics for SEO, or whether we are helping individual practices gain more local visibility, we apply different strategies. What is important to us here is the partnership. Long-term cooperation at eye level with our customers.

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