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What does a sustainable-healthy life look like in times when over 90% of the country suffers from various pain conditions, metabolic disorders and stress diseases??

One thing is clear: It's not done with the classic food pyramid, a little physio and exercise now and then.

"Happy [is,] who unites health, satisfaction and education in itself."

Enlightened, healthy and happy – these 12 experts look beyond the plate, question, analyze and inspire.

Urgeschmack: Eat naturally – live healthy

Do you eat vegan, paleo, lowcarb or highprotein?? Or are you rather the Detoxer?

Self-optimization is the new craze – from nutritionism to neuro-enhancers. All nonsense from my current point of view and Felix of Urgeschmack sees it the same way. For good reasons.

Because long healthy, efficient, happy and ecological goes better without extreme: namely in balance!

Of course, this does not mean that these diets are complete nonsense. Mostly the "followers" eat much healthier than the majority of the people. But very often these methods are not considered all-embracing and even worse: they often stress unconsciously. Stress, however, is the biggest inhibitor in nutrient absorption. If you are not stressed, just stick to it and see it as inspiration of a different way of thinking :-)

In addition, Felix informs you, for example, about anti-nutrients such as lectins, about intestinal health and why our modern, industrial diet makes you sick (and how you can easily eat healthy).

Incredibly informative, wonderfully direct and simply an added value for one's own eating behavior. – simply more lasting live

"Yes, we could do something against climate change now, but if we then found out in 50 years that all the scientists were wrong after all and that there is no global warming at all, then we would have made sure, for no reason at all, that even in the cities you can breathe the air again, that the rivers are no longer toxic, that cars neither make a noise nor stink, and that we are no longer dependent on dictators and their oil reserves. We would already be annoyed."

It doesn't matter if you believe in climate change or not. Fact is: We are destroying our own habitat and our health and push the sole responsibility to "those up there". But changes usually come from below.

The ideas portal and online magazine Utopia provides suggestions for a more sustainable everyday life. The tips and instructions are thereby mostly not only a profit for the own health (because less chemistry), but save also still money.

The topics range from homemade household products, minimalism to edible plants from nature as well as product and service guides.

And if you spend less money, you have to work less and have more time for yourself!

MyMONK: Inner peace and realized dreams

Be better, be faster, be ruthless; what counts is … Yes, does money, status and success really count for so much more than one's own mental health and social interaction??

We live in a materialistic prosperity, but with it the number of stress diseases is also growing. Fast-paced elbow society takes its toll.

The former elite student Tim Schlenzig asked himself why we do all this to ourselves and what the benefits are. In his blog MyMONK, he questions the modern world and provides profound answers to problems we all face.

With Far Eastern wisdom, scientific knowledge and a pinch of self-irony you will find inner peace and self-realization with MyMONK.

His texts are simply a blessing for the soul and can change your thoughts for good.

Ergotopia: Happy, healthy, productive

"Diseases do not attack man like a bolt from the blue, but are the consequences of continued mistakes against nature."

Already in the word "prosperity illnesses" the cause of most illnesses is found. Material prosperity and the meritocracy have drastically changed our lives.

Where our ancestors walked up to 30 kilometers a day, the average office worker barely makes it over two kilometers.

The modern lifestyle with its lack of exercise, stress and unhealthy diet ultimately leads to widespread diseases such as back pain.

How diseases of affluence actually arise and how you can defeat them and alleviate pain, you will learn from us.

Mady Morrison: Yoga – Fitness – Lifestyle

Unfortunately, our technological and digital achievements achieve the opposite of what they promise – they make everyday life even more hectic. It is all the more crucial to relax deeply on a regular basis so as not to succumb to burnout in a few years' time.

With Mady Morrison you escape the stressful everyday life with relaxing yoga sessions. I especially like this morning routine:

Strong&FlexTV: The secret of sustainable flexibility

We adults often admire the babies and toddlers, how agile they are. They are not particularly mobile, but we particularly immobile.

Of course, the blame lies with the enormous lack of movement and the one-sided motion sequences in most professions.

Let's just think about the typical office job. Eight hours and more one sits and has its arms in a monotonous attitude. The consequence are muscular imbalances, stuck together fasciae and shortened ligaments (and of course the resulting pain).

Strong&FlexTV shows you in an entertaining and relaxed way what the exact causes are and how you can become mobile like a yogi again despite modern everyday life.

BONUSClick here to download the free 5-minute desk workout!

Healthy Habits: Healthy Habits for a Happy Life

What it takes to live a happy and healthy life? Am I highly sensitive? How to learn to be more composed? Why stresses me so much?

Healthy Habits provides answers to these and other existential questions. Jasmin and Patrick help you with healthy habits, a look into your deep inner self and socially critical questions to a healthier and happier life.

Frugalists: Living Richer Despite Frugality

Oliver from has firmly resolved to retire at the latest with 40. Thereby he does not strive to become extremely successful or to win the lottery. His idea is different.

Most students and trainees get by on very little money. And yet most are very content. However, as soon as the first job comes along and more money is available, the lifestyle suddenly changes as well. New, material desires like a fat TV, the fanciest car and a huge house are to be had. And who fulfills all this, must clearly toil until the end of his life (mostly for others).

But why not simply continue to live as you did during your training?? What was wrong with living frugally and not throwing your money after every advertisement??

Oliver does just that. He lives minimalistically and solves problems creatively. Instead of buying everything new, he gets things used or makes them himself. The result: Around 70% of his income can be put aside. And that is incredibly fun, as I can say from my own experience.

Because frugality has nothing at all to do with renunciation. It is simply an attitude towards life. Just ask yourself with every thing: "Does this really make me happier in the long run and does it bring an added value for me and my everyday life??"If so: Can you buy it used or make it yourself??

If you want to say goodbye to the standard life model and also retire before 70, you will find great inspirations and instructions.

SIMPLY CONSCIOUS: live minimalistically and sustainably

Is your everyday life full of appointments and tasks?? If you find it difficult to relax; if the ballast of your life crushes you and deprives you of sleep?

Simply arrive, get out, relax and live consciously again. Christof on simply conscious helps you.

With his texts he shows you a way to a mindful and conscious life.

Forget the everyday prere and everything that pulls you down for a moment. Open yourself for a life in self-determination and freedom. Go out into nature and learn to feel yourself again.

enorm magazine: The future starts with you

Man destroys his environment and relationships, exploits countries and animals and stuffs himself with unhealthy food and pills.

You think that you as a small man (or small woman) can't make a difference anyway? Rather "the ones up there" should change something?

I also see it that way! BUT you can very well change something. Because the future starts with you!

Not only negative things can spread, but also positive things.

The enorm magazine informs you about all the positive and important things in the world. Instead of demotivating negative headlines, you will find inspiring stories, green startups, moving moments, petitions and events worth supporting, enlightening reports and everything that makes the world a little bit better and broadens your horizon.

Gerald Huther: brain researcher and learning expert

Enthusiasm – According to Germany's best-known brain researcher, this is the motor for successful learning and a happy life.

Because if you are enthusiastic about something, you learn without any prere from outside and you even have fun doing it.

But just as children are already trained and forced to learn with rewards and punishments in school, so it goes on in education and later in professional life.

The consequence: Most people don't even know what brings them joy and see life to a large extent as the fulfillment of duties. Teachers, professors and bosses also largely believe that you have to motivate people to learn or work by praising and reprimanding them.

But that is exactly the pity. Because if you observe children closely, you will notice that they are constantly on the move, have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, want to try things out, do things themselves and discover things. The reason: You are incredibly enthusiastic.

How you too can bring enthusiasm, success, joy, happiness and satisfaction back into your life, you will learn in the captivating lectures of the renowned scientist:

Richard David Precht: What does a sustainable society look like??

Richard David Precht is probably the best known German philosopher. In his books and lectures he illuminates topics such as climate change, education, love, digitalization and many others from a holistic point of view and gives answers, suggestions and proposals for solutions that make sense.

He shines with remarkable background knowledge and brilliant rhetoric, which makes even one-hour lectures exciting.

Conclusion: Who knows much, must believe less

A sustainable, healthy and fulfilling life does not happen overnight. Consider it rather as a way, on which you constantly learn to it. Be open to new things, but don't run after every hype. Read inspiring articles or watch lectures and videos every day. Stay inquisitive and enthusiastic about life.

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