Healthy brownies with espresso i made myself

Healthy Brownies with Espresso[Advertisement] With this recipe, we have one more for you in the "Healthy Soulfood" category. Chocolatey, moist and fudgy – these healthy brownies taste fantastic! The recipe is vegan, free of household sugar and flour-free, and thus naturally gluten-free as well. Kidney beans and espresso from the Martermuhle coffee factory provide the perfect consistency!

Healthy brownies with espresso i made myself Healthy brownies with espresso I made myself

The Martermuhle coffee roasting plant

The roastery Martermuhle was founded 10 years ago by Peter and Ralf, who turned their hobby 'coffee' into a profession. It is located in a lovingly restored old farmhouse in Abling, near Munich, and just a bike ride away from our home. We are always very happy when we can support small, regional companies. :)

For the brownies, we use the “Cioccolato” variety, which is perfect for our recipe with a subtle chocolate & nut note:

Coffee from Martermill

At Martermuhle there are about 40 different types of coffee and espresso, half of them in organic quality. The coffee roastery is even a Demeter partner. Meets one of the strictest German organic standards. All varieties are roasted very gently, so they are low in acidity, but still have a full aroma.

Sustainability also plays a major role in packaging: the coffee bags are made of recyclable plastic from the region and contain no aluminum!

You can order the coffee from the Martermuhle in the online store or in many supermarkets in Bavaria (where exactly you can find here). You want to see live how coffee is roasted? Then take a look at the best right on the spot and convince yourself! In the cafe you can enjoy one of the coffee specialties with a piece of cake right away. The atmosphere at the Martermuhle is so great that we really recommend a trip there!

I made healthy brownies with espresso myself Healthy brownies with espresso I made myself

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