Healthy conscious living

Health healthy conscious livingHow I dealt with cancer and healed myself with the help of conflict resolution, natural healing and conscious nutrition. My vision is to free our population from diseases like cancer.

Health healthy conscious living

My cancer cure

My name is Jassin Rosstem. I got my first diagnosis at the age of 17. At that time I have radiation therapy. Maintain operations. After the first disease, after about two years of rest, the cancer came back even more aggressively. After the fifth cycle of chemo therapy and two surgeries, I stopped and started researching because I was very unwell due to the side effects. I would rather die than go on like this. I am grateful for my decision, because today I am allowed to help people understand health on a daily basis. Cancer-free may be self-evident, but it is only possible with your own responsibility. Let me advise you personally and we will bring you back to your center, to your origin. We first address the psyche and then use the variety of natural remedies for your holistic health.

– Your Health with me in a few days increase
– You deserve to stay or become healthy

Your way to self-healing

How everyone could become healthy

– To free you from fears& so that yours Health unstoppable increase increase
– How to perceive change in a few days – Using the psyche to make you nest even faster – Using nature in your favor to build an unstoppable immune system. – Thousands motivated and accompanied – experience development after only a few days

Field reports

Jassin had presented himself 2 years ago at a congress and it was clear to me, here is LIFE reporting authentically about a possible healing path for cancer. Chief Physician Clinic in LIFE

Hello dear ones, I have read Jassin's book with enthusiasm and I am really fascinated. I already knew some of the methods described to fight cancer, but such an authentic testimonial has confirmed everything again. Nah, it's just great, period! Who believes that a cancer verdict must be the end, should definitely read Jassin's book. Jassin is an honest. Authentic person. I am very grateful to have met him. Thanks to his inspirations, I started to change my diet and directly noticed incredible changes in my life. My energy level has reached a completely new point. Jassin's knowledge is very valuable and I am glad that he has decided to share this knowledge with the world. I can only recommend it to anyone who is currently in a bind when it comes to the topic, health. Jassin's events, seminars and coaching sessions speak for themselves and I am absolutely convinced that you are in good hands with him. Thank you very much for your work! With kind regards Isa

Healthy conscious living

I am very impressed with Yassin. From sick pummelchen the complete life converted to top fit health guide, he is the best example of how to take responsibility for their own health itself. Greetings from

Jassin Rosstem is intoxicating, everyone can immediately start to follow his insights and try everything himself: consciously live vegan, leave out industrial sugar, drink pure water, treat the organism only with natural remedies. You can immediately start to follow his insights and try everything yourself. Kind regards Dr. Thomas Hohn

For Yassin food means life. Own experiences mean much more than recommendations of official nutrition societies. How to use the lessons of his own past. Revealing the nutrient knowledge to others. I appreciate him as a friend and scientist who only recommends what he himself has tested.

Greetings Dr. med. Arman Edalatpour

Jassin is an incredibly warm-hearted person with a lot of positive energy and joy of life. He has made the best out of his experiences and his illness and has taken this experience as an opportunity to change his life and also to enrich the lives of other people. Jassin coaches holistically. Illuminates many different aspects of the disease. His approach is therefore very versatile and in my opinion can help very many people in very different situations and with different disease patterns.

Health healthy conscious living

Both the conversation and the very pleasant textual exchange with Yassin helped me a lot to understand my problems better. He showed me new perspectives, through which I recognized connections, which I was not aware of before. Furthermore, Jassin was able to give me some new tips with which I can support my self-healing even better. The most important thing for me was our dialogue about my psychological blocks. He was able to give me very good food for thought to solve these problems. I am very grateful to him and can only recommend everyone to get in touch with him in order to benefit from his experience through a conversation. Greetings Daniel

Health healthy conscious living

I would like to express my absolute recommendation for Jassin on this way. He is incredibly empathetic and takes a lot of time for questions and conversations. He has a profound knowledge and lives his vocation from the heart, which makes his work so successful. You can feel his gratitude and he provides very specific and loving guidance. I personally had an ie with vegan food, because I always had the feeling there are no delicious dishes and I had to eat this and that. Through his advice and his own enthusiasm he has given me fun in vegan cooking. I am very grateful that Jassin passes on his success and can only wish everyone to be accompanied by him on his way. I work as a relaxation therapist and spiritual life coach according to the “Neustart professional” concept and fully agree with the approach that no illness just suddenly appears. Body, mind and soul want to be in harmony with each other and be healed. Thank you Yassin for your work and being

When the doctor told us the diagnosis of cancer, I didn't really notice much anymore. He talked about the need for immediate treatment, chemotherapy. My mom just took me in her arms. I was just happy to have them with me. I really thought it couldn't get any worse now. But shortly after my diagnosis, I got the news that my family had been in a car accident on the way to see me. They told me that no one survived this accident. My mom, my dad, my brother. All three were suddenly gone. I was suddenly completely alone. Right after my diagnosis I already “lost” one person. My friend, who I thought would always be there and that I could do anything with him. I wanted to talk to him after my diagnosis, tell him everything. I did not expect his reaction to the diagnosis at all. I was hoping for support from him, but he didn't want to deal with a sick girlfriend and just left. How could I live without my family?. I was in the middle of this horrible chemo. My whole life just seemed to fall apart completely. The doctors just talked at me. I didn't really know what to do anymore. It took me a long time to be able to think more clearly again. I somehow did not want this chemotherapy anymore. I started to look for alternatives to chemotherapy on the internet and at some point I came across a video of Yassin and simply wrote to him asking for help. In retrospect I can say that Jassin is the best thing that could have happened to me. I am really very grateful to him for everything. He is a very special guy. Wonderful person! I have talked a lot with Jassin. If the soul is well, I can also get well. There was really something that had been bothering me for a long time, even though I wasn't aware of it myself, because I thought that I had come to terms with it as far as possible. I was raped a few years ago. Now I understand that I just had to finish with it and forgive too. Jassin gave me many tips and always encouraged me to never give up. I don't regret a single day that I stopped the chemo.


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