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Healthy weight loss – 10 tips for natural weight loss
How to lose weight in a healthy way? If you would like to lose a few pounds – and in a healthy and long-term way – then you have come to the right place. Everyone of us has or knows these phases, in which one eats too much sweet stuff and moves at the same time much too little. Our body is simply supplied with more energy than it actually needs – and it converts this into body fat. The result is actually unwanted weight gain. How to lose the excess kilos now? In any case, a crash diet is not the right solution, as it can have serious consequences for our organism.

In this article, I would like to give you 10 valuable tips that will help you lose weight much more easily and healthily! Without counting calories, without sacrificing – quite simply, through a healthy measure!

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10 tips to lose weight healthily in the long term

An important principle of healthy weight loss is to be aware at all times of the causes of your own excess weight. Wrong diet, uncontrolled "bingeing", lack of physical activity, stress… usually it's a combination of all these things. An early childhood diet from the parental home can also be the cause. The fact is: just as for a more sustainable life is also a change in your own everyday life necessary, to lose weight in a healthy way.

Now I would like to give you some useful tips on the way, so that the healthy weight loss also works successfully!


The basis for losing weight in a natural way is the way we eat. If you want to lose weight, you should pay special attention to Vegetables, Legumes, Rice, Noodles and Fruit – So put high fiber, high nutrient, high satiety foods – to go. Cook fresh, low fat, high protein, high fiber – and cook yourself!

The usual fatty and sweet snacks, such as potato chips, cakes, chocolate bars or even cheese, sausage and chips, should be removed from the menu and only be the absolute exception. Losing weight is always a fight against your own habits. But if you really want to reach your goal (your desired weight), then you can do it.

Tip: In a large part of the ready-made products in the supermarket sugar is added. I have done a sugar free challenge. Consciously abstain from such products for one month. Feel free to check out the linked post to see what happened!

2. Plan consciously more everyday movement

Getting enough exercise is another key to losing weight at a healthy rate and turning fat into muscle. So consciously plan everyday exercise for yourself!
10.000 steps a day should basically be. You can z.B. measure yourself with an app. 30 minutes of exercise are the absolute minimum – for that you should drop everything else if you want to stay healthy in the long run. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride your bike to work – and do everyday things yourself instead of getting technical help.

And spending more time outside in nature will also lower your stress levels, so you'll have fewer cravings for sweets or other calorie bombs.

3. Strictly adhere to shopping list

A decisive tip for healthy weight loss is, Never go shopping hungry! Never ever! Because otherwise all the sweet things that have put your apparently too high weight on your ribs will suddenly end up in your shopping basket. Stay strong and stick to your shopping list. The easier it will be for you, yourself not to be seduced by your habits or advertising tricks.

4. Get rid of problematic habits

When do you reach for sweets? And what "activities" are keeping you from exercising? In the end, it's the answers to these questions that will help you identify culprits and create solutions. For example, grab the chip bag when you're bored or stressed out? Super! Then find a new activity (for example, learn a new language or go plogging) to compensate!

Whatever you feel like doing, do it if it will help you reach your desired weight.

Tip: We humans find it extremely difficult to break out of our habits. In the linked article, you can learn even more about how long-term change works with a high degree of certainty from a psychological point of view.

5. Balancing mineral salts

Our body needs minerals, which are absorbed through food and ensure that we feel fit and healthy. But sometimes the body can absorb the minerals but not use them optimally. The result: the mineral balance gets out of whack. According to Dr. Schubler* is a particularly gentle method the mineral salt therapy with Schubler salts.

6. Eat regularly and SLOWLY

You know that cravings are your worst enemy? Then eat simply regularly. Never skip a meal! This routine automatically ensures that such "munchies" become quite unlikely. And if you need a snack, just cut yourself an apple!

Eat but not only regularly, but also basically slower. What this should bring? Your feeling of fullness often only sets in after 20 minutes₁ – time in which you like to eat more than is necessary. This also makes it so hard to stop when you are actually already full.

Tip: Maybe Intermittent Fasting is also something for you! Your day is divided into two phases: an eating phase and a fasting phase.

7. Vegan diet

The high proportion of
whole grain products, Legumes as well as Vegetables and Fruit makes the plant-based, vegan diet so helpful in losing weight! In addition animal ingredients in many sweets, such as gelatine or whole milk powder, which you can avoid for health, ethical and also ecological reasons (see why live vegan?) can bypass.

Good to know: Veganism and the plant-based diet are not the same thing! While "plantbased" is a way of eating, veganism is a philosophy of life against animal cruelty and the exploitation of animals for food, entertainment, experimentation, clothing, and other everyday human necessities. You can read more about this under "Difference between vegan and plant-based".


Losing weight without sports and exercise is not much fun and not very healthy – let's face it! to put on sports shoes. To go out? Especially in winter? Then just do sports at home! I work out almost exclusively myself
with my own body weight. Freeletics, yoga… these sports are ideal for dropping a few pounds and providing a good balance to the stressful daily routine. You do not need more than a mat for this!

Tip: Feel free to check out the sports category of the sustainability store. There you will find environmentally friendly sports equipment for your workout! How about, for example, push-up grips made of wood?

9. Get enough sleep

You want to lose weight naturally? Then you should be for a healthy. Ensure sufficient sleep! Especially the
Sleep duration and the Sleep intensity are important for weight loss success. A healthy sleep inhibits for example the stress hormone cortisol and the "ravenous hunger hormone" ghrelin. And it promotes the production of the satiety hormone leptin.₂

In the article "Tips for better sleep" you will learn how you can implement this basis for healthy weight loss incredibly easy!

10. Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking plenty of water is an important foundation for a successful workout and a quick recovery of your muscles. Already without sport the German society for nutrition recommends to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily. With sport it is in the end even 2 to 2.5 liters.₃

However, avoid sugary drinks such as lemonade or energy drinks! Spice up your water with a sprig of mint or a lemon, or make yourself a tea.

Not yet motivated enough to lose weight? Under motivational quotes, I've compiled a whole list of sayings for you that will push your motivation immeasurably!

Healthy weight loss? No problem! Losing weight is also possible without crash diets. Making a daily visit to the gym possible. I hope that I could show you this with these tips and help you to let excess pounds fall in a natural, healthy way!

I would like to give you one last piece of advice: don't constantly stand on the scales and count your calories. The training success often shows up only a few days later, so that you would only demotivate yourself unnecessarily. Prefer to compare a before and after photo after 2 to 3 months in similar lighting conditions. This is fun!

Do you have questions or more tips for healthy weight loss? Then write me gladly a comment!

PS.You now know how to lose weight in a healthy way. You might also be interested in how you can easily quit smoking! For that, feel free to check out the linked article.

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Healthy weight loss 10 tips to lose weight careelite

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