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Heart failure: symptoms at a glanceClimbing stairs or carrying heavy shopping bags: If your dog can't breathe during everyday movements, this is often the first sign of heart failure. As the disease progresses, these symptoms become more pronounced as the heart becomes increasingly damaged over the years. Learn here, at which harbingers you should become attentive.

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Having to gasp for air even during short walks is a first sign of cardiac insufficiency. The signs of heart failure can vary in their nature. Symptoms vary from patient to patient. Possible symptoms include:

– shortness of breath – lack of drive – rapid onset of exhaustion – water retention (e.g. in the mouth) – lack of oxygen.B. in the legs) – loss of appetite – dizziness

At the beginning, heart failure often does not show any noticeable signs. Gradually, the disease manifests itself by a loss of breath even during everyday activities such as climbing stairs or taking a brisk walk. In the course occurs the Shortness of breath more and more frequently to.

Another characteristic symptom of heart failure are water retention, so-called edema – especially on the backs of the feet, ankles and shins. They are caused by a backlog of blood in front of the heart. This increases prere in the veins, which ultimately forces fluid into the surrounding tie. Consequently, socks can constrict and leave marks that remain visible for a long time after they are taken off. Shoes are suddenly too tight. The weight on the scales also increases.


Independently interpret the first signs

In connection with the so-called cardiac asthma, also asthma cardiale, are also rattling breathing noises and Cough as a sign of cardiac muscle weakness.

Be sure to take potential signs of heart failure seriously. Heart failure is not a normal sign of aging – with timely treatment, the efficiency of the muscle can be preserved to a large extent. Take symptoms seriously. Discuss these immediately with your doctor.

Advanced heart failure also manifests itself at rest and especially in flat lying positions through shortness of breath. Sufferers usually sleep better if they raise the headboard of the bed slightly.

Since the signs of heart problems can be varied, we have compiled a detailed list of possible symptoms for you. Feel free to take this with you to your next doctor's appointment!

Symptoms of heart failure: difference between women and men

Women often suffer from diastolic Heart failure. 1 In this form of cardiac insufficiency, the heart's pumping function is normal – however, the left ventricle is less able to expand and therefore cannot fill with blood as well. There is a backlog of blood. This may Water retention, for example, in the feet and legs, may result in. If edema forms in the lungs, patients complain of Shortness of breath.

In men, on the other hand, doctors increasingly diagnose systolic heart failure. 2 It is associated with a reduced pumping action. Diastolic heart failure is more difficult to treat with medication than systolic heart failure.


The symptoms of heart failure depend, among other things, on whether the affected person is a woman or a man.

Overall, the symptoms of heart failure include shortness of breath, fatigue or Cardiac arrhythmias in women usually less pronounced than in men with heart problems. 3 Consequently, women go to the doctor later, so treatment often begins after the disease has progressed for some time. 4

Researchers have also found a link between menopause and the risk of Cardiovascular disease to suffering from heart failure. 5 The reason for this is that estrogens, i.e. female hormones, have vasodilatory properties. If the body produces fewer estrogens in the course of menopause, this also changes the blood flow. The earlier the onset of menopause in women, the higher the likelihood of developing heart failure. 6

With regard to the Causes a Heart failure other gender-specific differences become apparent. In women, this leads to Diabetes for example, is more likely to lead to coronary heart disease (CHD) than in men. 7 CHD, in turn, is often a causative factor in the development of heart failure.

In the video, a medical assistant in the field of heart failure explains, among other things, what signs to look out for and what is involved in daily self-monitoring.

Heart failure: signs& Co.

The symptoms of heart failure are varied. We explain what you should pay attention to.

Types of heart failure: Do the symptoms differ??

The signs of myocardial insufficiency can also be partially assigned to the types of the disease. In the right heart failure it comes above all to Water retention. If the left side of the heart affected, stands Shortness of breath in the foreground.

Other symptoms that occur with heart failure of the left side of the heart include the following

Irrespective of whether it is left or right heart failure, those affected also usually feel exhausted, less efficient and often suffer from Dizziness. These heart failure symptoms of the right and left hemisphere of the heart can also occur in combination – because it is not uncommon for both sides of the heart muscle to be affected in advanced heart muscle weakness.

In chronic cardiomyopathy, the first signs are usually not very noticeable. However, if the heart failure progresses, the symptoms intensify.

The situation is different in the acute form of the disease. Here the symptoms are immediate very severely pronounced: The affected person suffers from Shortness of breath as well as Cough and its breath may be affected by bubbling sounds be accompanied. The Heartbeat is accelerates, the patients are conspicuous pale and cold sweat breaks out. This is an emergency that requires medical treatment as soon as possible.

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