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So farewell! Stop, one more! Think what happened, do not go out, think about dad!"

So she spoke and escaped. – But Made junior sneaked behind; and that was bad! For already a colorful woodpecker came and devoured the little bland maggot without mercy. Too bad!

Behind the bark of a tree the maggot calls for the child .

The polyglot cat

The cat sits in front of the mouse hole, into which the mouse recently crawled, and thinks: "I won't wait long, I'll catch the mouse!"

The mouse, however, speaks in the burrow: "I may be small, but I am clever! I won't move from here, I'll stay inside!"

Suddenly she hears – instead of "meow" – a loud audible "woof-woof" and laughs: "The poor cat, the dog, hatse!

But now she must hurry, instead of sitting in front of my hole!" But unfortunately – well, you can already guess – that was a mistake on their part.

Because when the mouse steps in front of the hole – it was only a very small step – it is carried away by the power of the cat's paw! – –

After that the cat washes its paw and speaks with its own note: "How useful it is now and then to know a foreign language. "

Why the lemons turned sour

I really have to emphasize this: In the past, lemons were as sweet as rock candy (I don't know exactly when this was).

Until once they said: "We lemons, we want to be as big as melons! Also we find the yellow abominable, we want to be red or bluish!"

God heard the complaints upstairs and said, "Nothing can come of it! You must stay like this! I am sorry!" Then the lemons became sour.

Short poems by Heinz Erhardt

What would be an apple without sine, What would be skins without slime? What would be a life without a mine, What would be poems without rhyme?? What would the E be without the -ellipse, What would change without -lich?? What would a collar be without ties, and what would I be without you??

Once upon a time a colorful thing called a butterfly. He flew like all butterflies quite carefree for his age. He sipped here – he sipped there and when he was full, he flew away.

Flew to the hyacinths and didn't look behind. So it came that this butterfly was astonished when he was caught.

A wet horn and a dry horn walked through the desert. Then the dry horn stumbled, and the wet horn said: "See?!"

If a rock falls from your heart, it falls on your foot promptly! That's the way of the world; a sorrow goes, a sorrow comes.

I told my best jokes, the audience only smiled slightly pained. But I caused merriment without measure or aim when I fell off my bicycle.

Heinz Erhardt

Heinz Erhardt was a German actor, cabaret artist, writer, composer and film producer. He is one of the greatest German comedians of all time.

Born on 20.02.1909 in Riga, Latvia Died on 05.06.1979 in Hamburg

After a turbulent childhood in Riga, the 17-year-old Erhardt begins a traineeship at a music store in Leipzig – at the request of his grandfather. At the same time, however, he studies piano and composition at the Leipzig Conservatory with much greater passion.

Soon he has his first performances as a solo entertainer – with funny stories, poems and songs, to which he accompanies himself on the piano. For years he shuttles back and forth between the music store and the stage. He makes a name for himself and receives engagements at the theater.

With the outbreak of the Second World War, Heinz Erhardt does his military service at the front from 1941 onwards. After that, he made a new start in Hamburg and hosted the entertainment program "So was Dummes" in 1946 on the radio. With the comedy "I'd rather be rich, but happy" he finally achieves his breakthrough at the Hamburg theater.

Heinz Erhardt launched his cinema career ten years later with his starring role in "The Tired Theodore. He will appear in a total of 39 films in the next 15 years.

Heinz Erhardt also works as a writer and writes his witty rhymes and sketches – his first book "Noch'n Gedicht" (Another Poem) was published in 1963. His books and volumes of poetry all become bestsellers.

A sudden stroke in 1971 ends the career of the humorist. At his 70th birthday. On his 60th birthday, Heinz Erhardt is awarded the Great German Cross of Merit in 1971. Am 5.

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