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Hepatitis viruses are dangerous. How and when a disease affects after infection, explains the video.

Experts are currently observing an unusually high number of hepatitis cases in children. How to recognize the disease? The symptoms in children.

Berlin. Recently, an unusually high number of hepatitis cases in children give reason for concern. In Great Britain, 74 boys and girls had contracted hepatitis between the beginning of the year and mid-April, in some cases even leading to acute liver failure, according to the European Community Health Centre (ECDC). Most of them were between two and five years old. Now even the first death case has been announced.

The ECDC also announced that also in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and in the U.S. state of Alabama, suspected cases of hepatitis have been identified.

There is no explanation yet for the high prevalence of the disease in children. The question arises: What is the expression Hepatitis in children?

Hepatitis: Different forms of the viral disease

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. There are different types of hepatitis. The modes of transmission and forms of disease of Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E differ.

The hepatitis viruses A and E are mainly transmitted by ingestion from contaminated food and water transmitted. In contrast, hepatitis viruses B, C and D are mainly transmitted through blood, other bodily fluids or sexual contact.

Depending on the form of hepatitis, the disease can cause both acutely as well as chronic proceed. The forms B. C run chronically.

Hepatitis: The most common symptoms in children

All variants of hepatitis have similar Symptoms on. The most common abnormalities are:

– Upper abdominal pain – feeling of prere and fullness – loss of appetite – flu-like symptoms – fever – nausea – vomiting – fatigue – fatigue – jaundice – itching – skin inflammation

Hepatitis: How to prevent infection

Vaccinations are only available against hepatitis forms A and B. As an alternative to immunization against the individual viruses, there are also Combination vaccination against variants A and B.

Common precautions and hygiene measures also protect against hepatitis infection. A strict hygiene can also prevent infection with the virus. As for the route of infection through food, it is recommended to cook meat well and wash food well.

Not only children can be infected with hepatitis. For adults, additional preventive measures apply with regard to hepatitis. Since variants B, C and D can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse, adults should receive a preventive vaccination Condom use and get tested regularly.

Healing and therapy of hepatitis

If one is ill with hepatitis, the therapy depends on the form of hepatitis and the degree of severity. However, the acute disease usually heals from alone. Medications can be prescribed to counteract accompanying symptoms such as nausea.

It is important to be careful during the healing process Drugs that are harmful to the liver to do without. For adults it is therefore also advisable to abstain from alcohol.

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