Herniated disc causes symptoms treatment 2

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What types of herniated discs are there? What are the causes. Symptoms from? And how can you treat them?

Your spine consists of many vertebrae stacked on top of each other. They are cushioned in the interstices by fibrocartilage. The so-called intervertebral discs protect the bones by absorbing shocks from everyday life. If signs of wear and tear appear, this can lead to pain. Many people report complaints that radiate into the legs and cause numbness.

01. What is a herniated disc?

Herniated disc causes symptoms treatment 2

In order to understand how a herniated disc can occur, we first need to look at how an intervertebral disc is structured: intervertebral discs connect the individual vertebral bodies of the spine. They consist of an outer fibrous ring. A jelly-like nucleus. Their task: to absorb shocks. Allow movement of the spine in all directions.

Herniated disc causes symptoms treatment 2

“In most cases, the discs are not the root of the herniated disc, but muscle fascia hardening.”

“Contrary to the unfortunately widespread opinion, in the vast majority of cases it is not the intervertebral discs that are at the root of the problem, but painful muscle-fascia hardening. In these cases, with the right therapeutic support. Very good results can be achieved with special exercises at home. This should be preferred over a usually questionable disc surgery.” Dr. Torsten Pfitzer, holistic pain therapist and health coach

04. What can help you with a herniated disc

Many people report that doctors often reach for the knife too quickly. Here, conservative and targeted treatment can reduce a herniated disc and eliminate the pain. And usually much more effectively. More sustainable than surgery.

What is important in the treatment? Personal commitment and time. If you want to become pain-free, you need above all motivation and patience. But we can reare you: After three months, the majority of patients are out of the woods.

It is important not to remain inactive for too long, even if it is unpleasant. You should ideally continue with your everyday movements. Are your acute pains so severe that you almost can't stand it anymore? If so, medication to relax the muscles or heat therapy may help at first. In this case, consult your doctor.

Many doctors recommend what's known as step positioning:

Herniated disc causes symptoms treatment 2

Herniated disc causes symptoms treatment 2

05. Here's how you can prevent a herniated disc

If you want lasting improvement, you need to change your behavior. Finally, you want to eliminate the causes that led to your herniated disc.

Here's what you can do to prevent a herniated disc in the long run:

Learn back-friendly behaviors: Make sure your back is straight when sitting, standing and walking. Do not sit too much. Take regular exercise breaks. Always lift heavy objects from your legs and not from the small of your back. And carry heavy loads as close to the body as possible.

Exercise is the best medicine for back pain: Intervertebral discs do not contain blood vessels. They absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding tie. However, they are only sufficiently "nourished" if you move appropriately. Our sports tips: Yoga, Pilates, walking and swimming. But do not overdo it!

Loosen tension with fascia training: If you address adhesions in your myofascial system, you can balance tension imbalances. Strong muscles along your spine. Strong abdominal muscles take the strain off your discs. They act like a natural orthosis that stabilizes your spine. Important: Do not train your muscles further into shortening.

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