High blood pressure these foods affected people should avoid at all costs

High blood prere can have serious consequences for health. Diet is often a decisive factor. Which foods are taboo for high blood prere.

Kassel – Many people in Germany have high blood prere. There are many causes of the disease. However, an unhealthy lifestyle is often associated with it, i.e. too little exercise, obesity, high alcohol consumption and also poor nutrition. People affected should therefore avoid certain foods.

About 20 to 30 million Germans have high blood prere – that's almost every third person. Hypertension, as high blood prere is called in technical jargon, does not only affect older people. More and more young adults and even children and adolescents suffer from it, according to the German Hypertension League (DHL). High blood prere is dangerous because it can have serious consequences for health. Thus, it is considered one of the most dangerous risk factors for strokes, heart attacks and many other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

High blood prere: Affected persons should avoid these foods

Many people diagnosed with high blood prere take medication. But also the correct nutrition and a healthy life-style prevent the heart cycle illness and affect it positively. According to a study the consumption of fermented milk products with blood high prere patients could achieve an improvement. These include yogurt, cheese and quark. However, there are also foods that should be eliminated from the diet of people with high blood prere.

As with many things in life, quantity plays a key role here – and so it does with salt. It is important for the blood circulation, but too much should not be taken. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends about one level teaspoon per day (6 grams). Who eats too much salt in the long run, can damage its health substantially. High salt consumption drives up blood prere – especially in salt-sensitive people. If the food is too bland for you, you can spice up the dish with fresh herbs instead of salt.

High blood prere: What to watch out for with alcohol, coffee and tea

Alcohol also increases blood prere. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily maximum of 24 grams of alcohol per day for men, i.e. two small glasses of beer (0.6 liters). The recommended daily allowance of pure alcohol for women is even only twelve grams. Anyone who drinks more than 30 grams of alcohol a day has twice the risk of high blood prere than someone who does not drink alcohol, according to a text published by the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance fund.

Foods that can contribute to elevated blood prere:

– Salt – Alcohol – Coffee or tea – Sugar – Meat – Ready-made products and snacks

Coffee and tea can also increase blood prere – but only in the short term. People who drink coffee regularly experience less of an increase in blood prere than those who rarely drink the stimulant. "Who drinks only rarely coffee, with which the blood prere can up to 20 mmHg in the height shoot up , explains Kardiologe Heribert bridge opposite the pharmacy Umschau. Because there are strong differences depending on the person and consumption, the expert advises to measure blood prere after coffee. "Then you get a feel for how you react to it."

Which foods are taboo for high blood prere and which help

Meat at every meal: Here, too, people with high blood prere should pay attention to what goes on their plates. Instead of sausage and Schnitzel rather more fish eat, because that has healthy Omega-3-Fettsauren. Good is also lean cold cuts, chicken meat and turkey meat. Bad, however, are red meat or pork but also processed meat products.

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