Hiking in andorra travel with hauser excursions hauser excursions

AndorraAndorra is a small principality located between France and Spain in the Eastern Pyrenees. The country is ruled by a French. A Spanish cofuerst. You should not underestimate the country because of its surface of 468 km². Andorra is a real paradise for hikers and nature lovers because 90% of the country is undeveloped. Between the numerous valleys rise 65 peaks, all over 2000m. Moreover, Andorra can score with indescribable nature reserves and natural parks. Breathtaking landscapes and views await us here. Historic buildings and churches bear witness to the country's tangible history and culture. Unspoiled nature, exciting history and contemporary culture, as well as a pleasant climate make the country in the Pyrenees a real insider tip for hiking trips.

hiking in andorra travel with hauser excursions hauser excursions

Andorra – Hiking oasis of the Pyrenees

Walking tour with two locations between the borders of Andorra, France and Spain

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Hiking in Andorra with Hauser Excursions

With Hauser Excursions you will experience hiking in Andorra in a small group of like-minded people. We travel mindfully in the rhythm of nature. Step by step we discover Andorra and ourselves. The group is led by an experienced tour guide who builds bridges to the locals and manages the group dynamics with great sensitivity.

Entry requirements Andorra

No visa is required for stays.Citizens of the country Germany need for the entry a valid passport, provisional passport, child passport, identity card or provisional identity card. Passport must still be valid for at least 90 days when leaving the country.

Currency in Andorra

The euro is used as the means of payment. It is advisable to take cash with you. It is possible to withdraw money at the airport and in cities with the EC or credit card (with PIN), but you will also occasionally reach places where no ATM is available or the credit card is not accepted as a means of payment.


The state language is Andorra is Catalan. Since the inhabitants grow up trilingual, Spanish and French are spoken almost everywhere. English is often spoken in many regions, especially in hotels and restaurants.

About Hauser Excursions

As a global hiking and trekking tour operator, we care about our customers and our entire value chain. Since the foundation of Hauser Exkursionen in 1973, sustainability has been an integral part of our mission statement. We are committed to these roots. Our actions are guided by this guiding principle.

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