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Additionally there is again the possibility to do the test in the AIDS-Hilfe. Every first Tuesday of the month between 16:00 and 18:00 and every second and fourth Wednesday of the month between 18:00 and 20:00 you can with an appointment the test
free of charge do at home. Just click on the link.

or here on the page

Who does not want to go to the family doctor or health office, can simply look in with us! Comes by. Find out your status.

How to make an appointment? Either click in the calendar on one of our three dates in the month. Choose a time or call us: 0203 / 66 66 33.

Every first Tuesday of the month

Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month

Here in the video you learn how to use the HIV self test.


The HIV self-test is available from us for 17€ to be picked up during normal business hours

What is an HIV self-test?

An HIV self-test (also: HIV home test) is an HIV test that can easily be done by yourself, for example at home. This involves taking some blood from the fingertip. Given into a test apparatus. The HIV self-test shows the result after 10 minutes. Like other common test methods, the self-test does not detect HIV directly, but antibodies against the virus.

Attention: The antibodies are formed only after some time. The test can therefore only 12 weeks after a possible HIV transmission can be safely ruled out that it has occurred. The result "HIV-negative" is therefore only reliable after twelve weeks. An existing HIV-infection can often be proved earlier.

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