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Our guiding principle "Your health – our goal!" we have chosen very deliberately. Health is based on many facets – that's why we develop various success factors together with you.

Our employees stand for a comprehensive teamwork on all levels. Our work is based on the most current rehabilitation medical knowledge. Nursing knowledge.

The road to rehab

We support patients and guests in all aspects of their stay with us: in the application process, follow-up treatment, rehabilitation, the right to choose and wish, and much more.


The opinion of our patients, guests and visitors is important to us: We welcome praise and are open to criticism. Through entries in our guestbook we can further optimize our services.

News& Appointments

Through lectures and at other events, our doctors or guest lecturers provide information on various health aspects. As a rule we ask for registration.


We offer attractive positions in various areas: These include z. B. Offers for doctors, in nursing professions, as an employee in the kitchen or also for a voluntary social year.

Award as top rehabilitation clinic in Germany

Homepage winkelwaldklinik nordrach

Homepage winkelwaldklinik nordrach

Homepage winkelwaldklinik nordrach

The high quality of our therapies and treatments, as well as the special know-how of our staff, have been for the first time in 2017 recognized in an intensive study by FOCUS GESUNDHEIT in cooperation with the independent research institute Munich Inquire Media (MINQ): The Winkelwaldklinik is one of Germany's top rehab clinics in the field of oncology.

The clinics were evaluated by MINQ according to various criteria, including the range of services, quality and service performance. After recommendations from specialists in private practice, head physicians of clinics, patient groups and self-help associations as well as evaluations of social service employees in hospitals, we received 5.075 suggestions considered, in the research pool came 1.130 facilities of all sponsors in the specialties of oncology, orthopedics, mental illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, neurology and addictive diseases.

In addition to the recommendations of the experts, the clinics themselves were asked via a mailing about their offers in therapeutic care, about structural and process quality, the personnel situation as well as about hygiene measures, patient safety and special services. As a result, 304 rehab facilities received a total of 374 certificates.

The Winkelwaldklinik team is proud of the coveted award. At the same time, we see the vote by FOCUS GESUNDHEIT and MINQ as an incentive to continue our work in the interest of our patients with the usual high standard in the coming years.

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