How to escape the sniffles 5 sauna tips

How to avoid the sniffles: 5 sauna tipsIn the sauna it is hot, comfortable and relaxing. Especially in winter, many people are drawn to the sauna because they want to strengthen their immune system. But what should be considered when sweating in the sauna. Clothes off. Into the sauna? Not so fast, because you should know a few rules for the sauna beforehand. The basic equipment for the sauna consists of two towels, bathrobe, slippers and soap. Important: bathing slippers must be worn to protect against athlete's foot. Those who visit a public sauna can usually rent the basic equipment for visiting the sauna.

No time prere in the sauna

Important rule for the sauna: time prere has no place here. You should allow up to three hours! Note that the last meal should be two hours ago, so that the circulation is not strained too much. Those who have previously strained their circulation through sports or other exertions should not go to the sauna until their pulse rate has normalized. If you are frozen through, you should warm up before going to the sauna. A warm shower or foot bath can be helpful.

Avoid garlic before visiting the sauna

Small extra tip. Sweating intensifies the smell of onion and garlic in the sauna, which can be extremely unpleasant for other visitors to the sauna. Since the heat is greatest on the upper benches in the sauna, you should start at the bottom so that the organism can slowly get used to the high temperatures in the sauna. It is ideal to lie flat so that the body is heated evenly. The first passage in the sauna should be up to twelve minutes, the second maximum 15 minutes, as well as a possible third passage.

Resting after a sauna

Basic rule for sauna: short and hot is better than lukewarm and long. To avoid circulatory problems, sit down for up to two minutes just before leaving the sauna. And then take a cold shower to stabilize your circulation and strengthen your immune system. If you have an infusion, the heat in the sauna is additionally heated, which increases the strain. Therefore perceive a fresh infusion in the sauna at the end of the visit.

Take care of the skin after the sauna

Relax and recover between sauna sessions. Allow the body at least 15 minutes of rest. If you want to purify, you should not drink during the sauna, but only after the last sauna session. When you have sweated enough in the sauna, take a shower and moisturize the skin so that it does not dry out. Afterwards, steadily replenish the fluid balance, preferably with water, and eat light food. You should refrain from sports and other physical exertion after the sauna if possible. The body needs rest. If you regularly go to the sauna, have sniffles& Co. no chance.

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