How to get rid of rats obi rodent control

Nobody wants rats in the house or garden. We show you how to drive away rats and effectively prevent a further infestation.

– Driving out rats: Recognize infestation – house rat or Norway rat? Rats transmit diseases. Do damage to the house. Supplies. Leaving feces. It is best to get rid of rats as soon as possible, before they become a nuisance. You have to recognize the signs of an infestation at an early stage. The longer you wait, the more rodents will spread: The females bring
every month up to 20 young to the world.

gnaw marks and fresh excrement are clear signs of the unwanted inhabitants. Also the smell of ammonia is not a good sign. If you follow the tracks, you will usually find one Rat nest. Dark corners, little used rooms, attics and cellars are the preferred retreats for rats. Control them regularly.

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Domestic rat or Norway rat?

House rats are on the list of endangered species. You must therefore not kill them.

The House rat, sometimes called roof rat or ship rat, is one of over 65 known species of rats. You can recognize them by their small and slender burrow. It has large ears, a long tail and a pointed snout. The house rat is on the verge of extinction and is trapped on the Red list of endangered species led. For this reason you must not kill house rats – from the house, however, already expel.

The second species of rat that occasionally causes trouble in Germany is the Norway rat or sewer rat. It differs from the domestic rat, among other things, by its gray-brown back fur. The abdominal fur is light gray to white in color. Its tail is slightly shorter than its body. The rodent owes the name sewer rat to its way of life near water or sewage systems.

Dangers from rats

Rats are potential carriers of dangerous diseases. The Norway rat is a particular health hazard: possible diseases it can cause include rabies, tuberculosis, hepatitis, spotted fever and amoebic dysentery. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent a rat infestation and expel the pests.

At the latest when you discover rats in your house, you should get rid of them all Relocate food in tightly sealed cans or jars. Wash the previous containers with hot water before opening them.

Store your food in tightly closed containers to prevent rats. Keep them out of reach of the animals.

How to drive away rats effectively

If only a few rats have infested your house, you can usually get rid of them yourself without any major problems. A Exterminators you need only with a larger infestation.

If you want to drive the animals away live traps the right choice. Captured rats are taken to a distant place, where they are released. If you are too close to your house, the rat will quickly find its way back.

The disadvantage of live traps is that rats recognize and avoid them after some time. exterminators use the traps for control after a successful operation. If a rodent gets trapped, the pest controller will have to take another action against the animals.

You can also fight rats with Snap traps, if it is not a protected species of rat. However, these only help against smaller rat families or single animals. The trap has a tensionable metal shackle that snaps shut on contact. The hanger quickly breaks the animal. Painless the neck. However, conspecifics may also become accustomed to this type of trap and subsequently avoid it.

Against single animals helps for example also Rat poison. This you may however under no circumstances use against one of the endangered rat species. In groups rats quickly learn what is unhealthy for them. Therefore, always place poisoned baits in new places. It is also useful to change the type of poison from time to time. As a private user you are allowed to use poisons with the active substances Chlorphacinone, Coumatetralyl and Warfarin respectively sodium warfarin Buy.

Hint: In no case make your own poison baits or water traps. They violate the animal protection law, which makes you liable to prosecution.

Seek advice from an exterminator instead if you have a heavy rat infestation. This one can recommend you suitable traps and poisons. Make sure, however, that the expert is actually harmless means used.

Catching rats in live traps is costly, but the most humane way to get rid of the rodents.

Here's how to prevent a rat infestation

Proper prevention is important so that you don't have to fight rats in the first place. Dispose Food scraps exclusively in Waste and never in the sink or toilet. Because in the sewer system the remains serve as a good food source for rats. This is especially true for First floor apartments: There toilets are well accessible to the pests through the sewage pipe.

Backwater valves prevent rats from entering the house through the toilet. They are usually installed as standard in new buildings. In old buildings, you may need to retrofit them.

The best way to dispose of most food scraps is in the organic waste garbage can, Garden waste lands directly on a well Mixed compost. Meat scraps, on the other hand, must be disposed of in residual waste. Also regularly clears sheds. Cellar up – so you discover possible rat nests immediately.

Your Basement you ventilate best briefly, but thoroughly. So rats have less time to get into the house. Alternatively you can Grids on the outside of basement windows to keep the rodents out. The light wells should have a cover grate with narrow meshes.

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