How to read your cat’s health condition from its nose

How to read the state of health of your cat by its nose "To read something from the tip of someone's nose" – you know this saying for sure. But did you know that this wisdom also applies to cats?? Your cat's nose can tell you a lot about its state of health. What exactly we tell you here.

Here's how to read your cat's health by its nose

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If the nose is blocked or dripping, this can be a sign of various diseases in cats just as it is in humans – but other changes in the cat's nose can also indicate an ailing state of health.

"Generally, veterinarians check your pet's nose for any abnormal appearance or discharge, as well as whether air can flow evenly through both nostrils," explains veterinarian Dr. Meaghan Gilhooly to Martha Stewart Magazine.

Not only sinus or respiratory diseases can indicate the condition of the nose. But also check for other health problems. Every kitty is different -. Their noses can look exactly the same. In general, however, according to veterinarians, cool, slightly moist noses are a good sign. Sometimes even the nose of a healthy cat secretes some discharge – but then it is clear and transparent.

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If your cat is sick, you can tell by the following symptoms:

discolored nasal discharge
sneezing and coughing
Dry, chapped or ulcerated areas
Sores or blisters on the nose
visible ulcers

If you notice one or more of these signs, be sure to have your cat checked out by a vet – they can determine if your cat has a cold and prescribe something to keep it from getting worse. Some of the symptoms may indicate viral infections, injuries, autoimmune diseases or foreign bodies in the nose, for example.

Snuff nose? This could be the cause

If your cat sneezes or coughs and her nose runs at the same time, this is often a sign of a respiratory infection. However, nasal discharge can also indicate another infection or disease. If the discharge is discolored, there is probably a foreign body in the nose, such as a granule or polyps.

What a dry cat nose means

If your cat has a dry nose, you do not have to be alarmed immediately – because even completely healthy kitties can have dry noses sometimes. How dry or moist it is can even change throughout the day. If your cat spends too much time next to a heater, it can dry out its nose a bit, for example.

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However, a dry cat's nose can also indicate fever or dehydration. If your kitty always has a wet nose, and it suddenly becomes dry for more than a day, this is a warning sign. The color also provides information about possible diseases. A pale nose could be a sign of anemia, or anemia.

When should you take your cat to the vet?

Speaking of nose color: As soon as you notice a yellowish tinge, you should immediately go to the vet: Because this can be a symptom of problems to be taken first. The same is true if your cat is having a hard time breathing. Cats do not normally breathe through their mouths, so they should always be able to get enough air through both nostrils.

You know your cat best and know how its nose normally looks and behaves. As soon as you notice any changes, it is best to call the veterinary practice. This can decide on the basis of the symptoms, whether the cat must be examined or you can observe it at home. "If something is discovered early, you save yourself a lot of time and heartache," says veterinarian Dr. John Howe. Therefore, you should rather be on the safe side in case of abnormalities of the nose of your cat.

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