How to reduce cell phone radiation exposure your precautions

How to lower cell phone radiation exposureAlthough it's not certain whether radiation from cell phones is harmful, experts advise reducing exposure.

High-frequency electromagnetic fields are effective during data transmission

What kind of radiation is actually involved? Smartphones use high-frequency electromagnetic fields to send and receive speech and data. The smartphone user does not feel anything directly, but he absorbs energy, the so-called specific absorption rate (SAR ). This value must be. Tablets are indicated. According to the BfS, the recommended maximum is two watts per kilogram of body weight.

SAR values can be found in the operating instructions

The values can be found in the operating instructions and on a database of the Federal Office, which is regularly updated and available online.

According to the study, the value for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ model is 0.29 W/kg at the ear and 1.35 at 0.5 cm on the body. Apple's iPhone X is 0.92 at the ear, 0.95 on the body. Huawei's P20Pro is 0.73 at the ear and 1.22 on the body, according to the list.

"This is also due to the device design," explains Lauer. "The larger screens increase the distance between the antenna, which is often installed in the lower part of the housing, and the measuring probe, causing the measured SAR value to drop."

Tips on how to reduce radiation

But how can mobile phone radiation be reduced? Manufacturers of special covers or jackets advertise to protect people from radiation. "Such accessories cause the smartphone to increase its transmission power in order to maintain the connection," counters Bernd Theiss, head of testing at "connect" magazine. "Then it sends all the more radiation toward the user."

Radiation exposure can also be reduced by using a landline phone instead of a smartphone as often as possible. In operation, the antenna should be as far away from the head as possible. A headset is recommended for this.

When not in use, smartphone should not be worn on body. Here the "connect" expert agrees: "Each doubling of the distance reduces the remaining radiation to one quarter."Therefore, the nightstand next to the pillow is not a good place if the device remains ready to receive.

Protect children from radiation

The smartphone boom is not bypassing children either. The Federal Office advises protecting young children from high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. If possible, the WLAN network should be used and mobile data should be switched off as often as possible.

Radiation, about the consequences of which for young and old hardly any institution makes conclusive statements, is thus reduced. Better safe than sorry.

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