However, it should always get enough exercise

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog breed from North America, which has been recognized by the FCI since 1996. The FCI lists the Australian Shepherd in group 1, i.e. among the herding dogs. Australian Shepherds are lively, persistent and agile. In addition, their protective instinct is quite strong.

Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd

The life expectancy of the Australian Shepherd is between 13 and 15 years . He has a semi-long, very dense coat, which makes him insensitive to cold and moisture. His physique is balanced.

The weight of the Australian Shepherd ranges from 16 to 32 kilograms , with females usually ranging from 16 to 25 and males from 25 to 32 kilograms.

The height at the withers is between 46 and 58 centimeters, whereby female Australian Shepherds should not exceed a height of 53 centimeters and male animals should measure at least 51 centimeters, according to the breed standard.

The coat of the Australian Shepherd can have the following basic colors:

– Red (red)

– Black (black)

– Blue-merle (gray base color with marbled black)

– Red-merle (beige or light red base color with marbled red, respectively brown)

These basic colors can be combined with copper and white markings in the Australian Shepherd, making a total of 16 different color combinations possible.

Australian Shepherd character

The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent and attentive dog, which due to its original purpose has a quite pronounced protective instinct. Nevertheless, it is generally not aggressive. Can be trained very well with some consistency.

In addition, the Australian Shepherd is considered a loyal team player who prefers company. The child-loving dog breed is very suitable for families. However, he should always be given enough exercise. Activity to be allowed. Because this promotes the play instinct as well as the intelligence of the Australian Shepherd.

Activities with the Australian Shepherd

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