Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

Particularly in winter, the air in many apartments and houses is unpleasantly dry because the heating is constantly on and the air dries out. Remedy humidifiers that provide a more comfortable and healthier climate in the room. Current models are available in attractive designs and can often be used in combination with essential oils, which conjure up a pleasant scent in the room in addition to healthier air.

Our humidifier comparison informs about 12 current devices and highlights aspects such as performance, volume of the water tank or processing. The guidebook explains in detail the different types of humidifiers, discusses advantages and disadvantages, and names the most important criteria for purchasing a humidifier. Furthermore, details are explained how exactly the air in the devices evaporates or nebulizes. If you are looking for compact and competent answers to frequently asked questions on the subject of humidifiers, the FAQ section is just right for you. Last but not least, here is a look at current humidifier tests and test winners from Stiftung Warentest and oko-Test.

12 humidifiers with automatic switch-off in a big comparison

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best humidifiers in comparison


129,94€ Check price 123,99€ Check price 123,99€

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

With air sensor

67,98€ Check price Check price 109,99€

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

Ceramic filter

51,78€ 45,77€ 57,48€ 49,99€ 49,99€ 50,85€ 51,99€ 52,99€

360-degree design

131,60€ Check price 104,99€ Check price 129,99€ 129,99€

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

Large rooms

Check price Check price 89,99€

USB connection

22,99€ Check price Check price Check price

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best humidifiers in comparison

Voice control

59,99€ check price check price 81,30€

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best humidifiers in comparison

Air scrubber

227,90€ 200,89€ 229,99€ 161,47€ 178,99€ 200,90€ 202,90€ 202,90€

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

LED light

57,21€ check price 68,56€ check price

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison


50,99€ 38,94€ check price 33,99€ 35,97€ 41,97€ 46,95€ 60,58€

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

With ionizers

39,85€ Check price 27,95€ Check price

For aroma oils

39,00€ Check price 39,00€ 44,95€ 44,99€ 49,99€

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Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best humidifiers in comparison

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best humidifiers in comparison

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

1. Philips HU4814/10 humidifier for up to 40 square meters

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The Philips HU4814/10 humidifier has an integrated water tank with a capacity of 2 liters. It is also available as a 4-liter variant upon request. Its 360-degree design ensures that humidified air is evenly distributed throughout the room and doesn't drip onto the floor or desk, according to the Dutch manufacturer. The device is suitable for rooms with a maximum size of 40 square meters. Humidity is automatically controlled at three levels – 40, 50 and 60 percent. Another advantage of the humidifier is the integrated night mode, which is said to work very quietly.

Unique NanoCloud antibacterial technology: The Philips HU4814/10 humidifier is equipped with the manufacturer's own NanoCloud ultrasonic technology. Said to emit 99 percent fewer bacteria than classic ultrasonic units. Ensure hygienic air humidification.

With the help of an integrated display can be selected between the different modes. The humidifier has a convenient timer function and automatically turns off when the set time has elapsed. There is an option to set the timer for one, 4 or 8 hours. The device has a maximum humidification output of 275 milliliters per hour, but according to the manufacturer, it has no air purification function. It measures 25 x 25 x 34 centimeters and is available in two versions, with or without a replacement filter.

What should the humidity level be in my home? Humidity in living spaces should be at least 40 percent. For children's and babies' rooms, manufacturers like Philips recommend a humidity level of 50 to 60 percent. In the bathroom, the ideal humidity is between 50 and 70 percent.

– Available in two colors – Comparatively high humidification output – Optionally available with 4-liter water tank – Optionally available with replacement filter – Features NanoCloud technology

– Comparatively heavy – No remote control available

2. Elechomes EC5501 humidifier with rotating steam nozzles

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

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The Elechomes EC5501 humidifier is a classic ultrasonic humidifier that can produce a cool mist for humidity or a warm mist on cold winter days, according to the manufacturer. It comes with a 6-liter water tank, has two 360-degree rotating steam nozzles and is suitable for rooms between 40 and 70 square meters, according to the manufacturer. One full tank is said to be enough for up to 60 hours of continuous operation. A convenient sleep mode disables the LED display and lowers the noise emission to 34 decibels to help with sleep problems.

With intelligent humidity sensor technology: According to the manufacturer, the Elechomes EC5501 humidifier has an advanced humidity sensor that is able to detect the humidity in the room and control the appropriate amount of humidification. Once the desired humidity is reached, it switches off automatically and only switches on again when the humidity drops again.

According to the manufacturer, the humidifier can be controlled either via an LED touch display or with a remote control. Adjustable are, for example, the level. The temperature of the mist. It has a timer from one to 12 hours and a maximum humidity output of 550 milliliters per hour in warm 300 milliliters per hour in cool mist. According to Elechomes, essential oils can be tipped into a provided flap to give the room a soothing scent. For this purpose, two aroma pads are already included in the scope of delivery.

How ultrasonic technology works? Humidifiers use ultrasonic technology to create a fine mist of water. For this purpose, the ultrasonic generator produces sounds with a very high frequency, which affect the water, but can not be heard by humans or animals. The frequency causes millions of vibrations that turn the liquid water into fine mist droplets.

– Water tank 6 liters – Very high humidification capacity – For large rooms up to 70 square meters – Warm and cold mist – One tank filling lasts for 60 hours – Remote control included – Humidity sensor technology

The Elechomes EC5501 humidifier measures 29.5 x 19.5 x 28 centimeters (length/width/height) and weighs 3.29 kilograms.

No, a filter for the water is not included, according to the manufacturer, but is available as an accessory.

3. Beurer LB 37 humidifier with night mode

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

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The Philips 2000 Series HU2716/10 humidifier is designed in white and rose gold colors. It runs on mains power. Suitable for rooms with a maximum size of 32 square meters. Its humidification rate is up to 200 milliliters per hour. When using the device, there is the option to set one of three humidity levels. The choice is a humidity of 40 percent, 50 percent and 60 percent.

The model is equipped with a digital sensor. It detects the humidity level every 3 seconds and switches the humidifier on or off if necessary. In addition, the Philips humidifier has a timer function and a digital display on which the current humidity is readable. Other features of the HU2716/10 model from Philips include:

Quiet mode: In addition to the automatic mode, the device is equipped with a sleep mode. According to the manufacturer, it operates at a lower volume in the mode.
360-degree design: The design is said to ensure even distribution of humidified air within the room. According to the manufacturer, this prevents wet spots on surfaces.
NanoCloud technology: Thanks to the technology, the spread of bacteria – compared to ultrasonic technology – should be significantly lower.

Does a humidifier prevent colds? Yes, a humidifier can help to prevent colds from occurring so quickly. This is because the risk of catching a cold increases significantly when the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth are dry. If a cold has broken out, a humidifier does not make you healthy again, but it prevents the development and favors the course of the disease.

– With sleep mode – With three humidity levels – With NanoCloud technology – Available in two colors – Sensor measures and displays humidity every 3 seconds

– Cannot be used with aroma oils – No remote control available

The Philips 2000 Series HU2716/10 humidifier is 22 centimeters long, 22 centimeters wide and 35 centimeters high. Its weight is 2.56 kilograms.

5. Levoit LV600HH humidifier for rooms up to 70 square meters

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

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Levoit LV600HH humidifier works with ultrasonic technology and has a capacity of 6 liters. It offers three mist levels and, according to the manufacturer, humidifies indoor air up to 25 percent faster than versions that produce only a cool mist. The device has a built-in humidity sensor that shows the current humidity in real time on the display. With a mist output of up to 500 milliliters per hour, the humidifier is suitable for rooms between 40 and 70 square meters.

Automatic shut-off function: According to the manufacturer, the Levoit LV600HH humidifier switches off automatically when the tank is empty. Thus, a continuous operation. A possible damage excluded.

The device from our comparison can be controlled directly on the housing or with greater ease of use via remote control. The humidifier reaches a maximum volume of 32 decibels during operation. The aroma compartment has three aroma pads. The switch-on time can be preselected up to 12 hours via the timer function.

The humidifier made of ABS plastic has the CE and the RoHS mark of conformity. With the CE mark, a manufacturer declares that there is proof of conformity in accordance with EU Regulation 765/2008 – it is, in a sense, the technical passport of a product that a company affixes on its own responsibility. RoHS refers to a directive that restricts the use of hazardous substances in electrical equipment. The test mark is equivalent to a seal of quality.

– For large rooms up to 70 square meters – Remote control included – Water tank 6 liters – Available in two colors – With integrated humidity sensor – High mist output

The humidity of the Levoit LV600HH humidifier can be set to a value between 40 and 80 percent.

6. SmartDevil Snow Mountain humidifier with USB power supply

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

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The Beurer LW 230 humidifier is capable of humidifying the room air by means of cold evaporation. It is suitable for rooms up to 40 square meters and has a 7.5-liter water tank. Furthermore, the device has a water level sensor and switches off automatically as soon as the tank is empty. The dimensions of the humidifier are: 30 centimeters wide, 30 centimeters long and 34 centimeters high. The weight is 5.5 kilograms.

Purification of the air in the room: When using the LW 230, the air is humidified and purified at the same time. According to the manufacturer, the model uses water to remove pollen, house dust, pet hair and odors from indoor air. The cleaning power is sufficient for a maximum of 20 square meters of rooms.

The humidifier from Beurer is available in two colors: black and white. It has a blue LC display. Is provided with three fan speeds. Its other features include:

Water level indicator: The water level indicator provides information about how much water is in the tank.
Silver ion pads: Included with the Beurer air washer are two silver ion pads. Designed to prevent algae, bacteria or fungi from forming in the water. Due to the pads, according to the manufacturer, it is not necessary to pour chemical liquids into the tank.
Aromatherapy: It is possible to fill water-soluble aroma oils into the water tank and in this way scent the room.

What are the alternatives to humidifiers? Higher humidity can be achieved by placing houseplants in the air. With a leaf area of 6 square meters, a plant evaporates between one and 2 liters of water daily. Plants that lend themselves to humidification include bromeliad, dragon tree, green lily, philodendron, or true aloe vera. Alternatively, the principle of an evaporator can be mimicked with a damp towel over the heater or a bowl of water on the windowsill.

– Available in two colors – 7.25 liter water tank – Suitable for humidification and air purification – With water level indicator – Can be used with aromatic oils if requ.

– Comparatively large and heavy

The volume depends on the selected level. On the first stage, the noise level is 30.2 decibels. It is 44.7 decibels on the third stage.

9. InnoBeta Waterdrop humidifier with automatic shut-off feature

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

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The InnoBeta Waterdrop humidifier is designed for humidification of smaller rooms of up to 35 square meters. The water tank holds 2.4 liters. The maximum usage time is 12 hours. The device can glow in seven colors. Another extra: the aroma diffuser function can be combined with an essential oil.

Nozzle that can be rotated 360 degrees: The InnoBeta Waterdrop humidifier is equipped with a nozzle that can be rotated 360 degrees, which is said to allow mist to be emitted in any direction.

The humidifier switches off automatically when the water level in the tank is too low. This is important in order not to damage the device in the long term. The noise level is 35 decibels. The 20-watt diffuser weighs 1.3 kilograms and measures 21 x 21 x 30 centimeters. It works with ultrasonic technology and can be used for bedrooms, children's rooms and offices, among others.

Where to place a humidifier in the room? The humidifier should have sufficient distance from furniture, home decorations, wallpaper and other objects in the room. A minimum distance of one meter is useful so that the equipment and objects do not get wet or dirty. When placed in the center of the room, the damp spray can distribute very well in the room.

– Water tank 2.4 liters – 360 degree rotatable nozzle – With LED light – Suitable for aroma oils

– Continuous operation maximum up to 12 hours – No remote control available

10. Medisana 60065 humidifier – energy saving and low noise

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

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The Arendo 302603 humidifier is a diffuser with ultrasonic technology with a water tank capacity of 3.5 liters. The manufacturer specifies the suitable room size as up to 40 square meters. The humidifier is said to be suitable for living room, study, hotel room, bathroom or office space. It operates at a temperature between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius and a maximum noise level of 35 decibels. The device is equipped with signal LEDs. Shall glow red when switched off automatically. Blue illuminated LEDs indicate the operation of the humidifier.

Odor neutralization through ionization: The Arendo 302603 humidifier has an ionization function, which can be switched on for normal room humidification. With the ionizers, a low current flow is passed through the air between two electrodes inside the device via a very thin wire. The process produces negative ions, i.e. non-charged. Neutral or positively charged molecules become negatively charged. The negative ions bind to the positively charged dust and dirt particles in the air, forming larger units called clusters that are much easier to be captured by the air purifier's filter. Disadvantage: Ionization causes the formation of the greenhouse gas ozone, which leads to irritation of the respiratory tract.

Owners should not have to struggle with the typical problem of lime precipitation when operating at the highest level. According to the manufacturer, this is ensured by an adjustable nozzle that allows you to set the angle of the jet. The water vapor flows evenly in all directions. The humidifier is equipped with a cable with a length of 1.5 meters and has a weight of 1.75 kilograms. It measures 35 x 30 x 14 centimeters. Has an automatic shut-off function when the water tank is empty.

How to measure the humidity? The best way to measure the humidity in your own rooms is to use a hygrometer. If you find that the humidity is permanently too low with the device, you should resort to a humidifier. The hygrometer subsequently helps in the operation of the humidifier to avoid too high humidity – as a result of which, among other things, mold can develop in the apartment.

– Water tank 3.5 liters – Slim design – With ionization function

– No timer available – No remote control available

Yes, instructions in German, French, Spanish and Italian are included with the device.

The Arendo 302603 humidifier is powered by a standard 220 to 240 volt electrical outlet.

12. promed AL-1300 WS Humidifier for Aroma Oils

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

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The promed AL-1300 WS humidifier is an aroma diffuser. Accordingly, there is the possibility of using the device together with aromatic oils. The promed humidifier is operated via the mains current. The model is 22.4 centimeters high and 15.8 centimeters wide. It has a wooden look. Weighs 440 grams. According to the manufacturer, the aroma diffuser works quietly. Can be used in medium to large rooms. It is supposed to be able to create a fine mist and distribute the fragrance throughout the room.

The device is provided with a 1.3 liter water tank. As soon as the tank is empty, the humidifier switches off independently. It can be operated with the help of two buttons. A button allows you to set the nebulization mode. The choice is a weaker. A stronger mist. The other button is used to turn on the light with automatic color change. The light glows alternately in seven different colors.

What is a HEPA filter? The abbreviation HEPA comes from the English language. Stands for High Efficient Particulate Air Filter. It is a special HEPA filter that allows air to pass through, but stops suspended particles with a size of one micrometer or larger. In addition to dust particles, a HEPA filter traps bacteria, viruses, mite eggs, pollen and smoke particles. Most HEPA filters on the market are made of fiberglass filter pads.

– Suitable for aroma oils – With LED light – Lightweight – Ultra quiet technology – Energy saving

– Only 1.3 liters water tank capacity – No timer available – Continuous operation up to a maximum of 14 hours

No, this is not possible. There is only the option to turn off the light or set the automatic color change.

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best humidifiers in comparison

What is a humidifier?

While a dehumidifier removes moisture from the room air, a humidifier provides the exact opposite, namely a higher humidity in the room. The devices are called room humidifiers, air scrubbers, steam humidifiers or air humidifiers by the manufacturers. They are devices that enrich the room air with moisture by releasing a fine, moist spray into the environment. There are two types of humidifiers:

1. Electric humidifiers with a water tank in different sizes 2. Room humidifier with a fixed connection to the water pipe

The room humidifiers can often be combined with a central ventilation system. The more familiar type of humidifiers are the electrical devices that require only a normal power outlet for startup. Most portable humidifiers have water tanks ranging in size from a few milliliters to several liters. Depending on the manufacturer's specifications, they can be used for different room sizes.

When is a humidifier useful?

Many people struggle with dry or tired eyes, sleep poorly, or suffer frequent headaches. In addition to many other reasons that can lead to these symptoms, indoor air that is too dry can also be the cause of these complaints. In winter, when the heating is at its highest level, the indoor climate is very dry. As a rule, the climate in this heating period is too dry, after all, the heat from the heating can dry out the air. Common consequences are:

– Tension due to dry skin – Dry and often irritated mucous membranes of the nose and eyes – Dust flying around, carrying germs with it

The problems are unpleasant, but can be combated with a humidifier. But what is an optimal indoor climate? Should it not be different in different rooms? The statement is correct, but an optimal room climate is assessed differently by each person. One likes it a little more humid, the other prefers drier air. The following table gives a good estimate of what a good indoor climate with a room humidifier should look like:

If the air in the room is too dry, furniture, musical instruments or wooden floors can also be damaged. Humidifiers are often used even in the medical and care sectors. They are used there to humidify the air breathed so that the mucous membranes of artificially ventilated patients do not suffer damage from too much dryness. Air purifiers can also lower the risk of infections with virus filters. How else can I increase the humidity of the air?
Who wants to do without the purchase of a humidifier, has other possibilities, in order to increase the air humidity in areas. The simplest method is to place a houseplant. With a leaf area of 6 square meters, a plant evaporates on average between one and 2 liters of water per day. Many plants not only humidify the air in the room, but also purify it. There are some plants that are particularly suitable for use as room humidifiers:

– Philodendron – Green lily – Dragon tree – Bromeliad – True aloe vera – Cyprus grass

as well as other plants. If you are not a plant lover, you can mimic the evaporation principle with a damp towel over the heater or a bowl of water on the window sill. The advantage of a humidifier including a hygrometer is that the desired humidity can be controlled specifically. This is not possible with the alternative methods mentioned above.

Overview of different types of humidifiers

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

In a humidifier, manufacturers distinguish between three types, which differ in terms of their technology – atomizing, evaporating or vaporizing. The three terms bring clarity to the confusion that many manufacturers cause among prospective buyers with sometimes unclear designations. Atomizing is also known as ultrasonic technology by many suppliers. We present all types of humidifiers in the following paragraphs:

1. Evaporators evaporate water passively. Do not actively spray it into the environment. These types of humidifiers operate in an energy-saving and efficient manner, but can normally humidify less air than evaporators. In an evaporator air. Water by means of rotating discs constantly mixed. This virtually washes the surrounding air, which is why such products are more commonly found under the name air scrubbers. Overhumidification of the room is impossible with an evaporator. They are passive humidifiers, which can usually be attached to the heating of the room.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of air washers:

– Low power consumption – No risk of overhumidification – Without aerosols – Work efficiently

– Low strength – Room temperature is lowered – Water stands for a long time – Wet towel over the heater has similar effect

2. The vaporizer

An evaporator works as follows: A heating element heats small amounts of water over a long period of time, causing the vaporizer to regularly emit a warm water vapor. The advantage is that heating prevents germs from forming in the water, and the steam is much more hygienic and healthy than other methods of humidification. Evaporators usually have a strong power, thus consume more electricity than other atomizers or air washers, in addition, they are expensive compared to other types.

In addition, the water vapor is warm, which warms in winter, but does not provide cooling in summer. An evaporator often uses an electric heating element that functions like a regular electric stove top.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of vaporizers:

– High output – Kills germs – Can be used with distilled water – Does not drop in temperature

– High power consumption – Expensive compared to other types – Intensive cleaning requ.

3. Humidifiers with ultrasonic technology – Atomizers

Many households opt for an ultrasonic unit when looking for a humidifier. The technology allows water to be nebulized into small water droplets, creating a cool vapor with the water molecules. Some devices have a heating function, which can produce a warm spray despite the ultrasound technology. Since the water is finely atomized, the devices are also known as atomizers. On almost all models the strength of the mist can be adjusted individually. They have a low energy consumption. Are easy to operate.

The only but relevant problem: ultrasonic vaporizers without heating function do not heat the water, which does not kill germs. Users must clean the unit regularly to avoid blowing countless viruses and a high concentration of bacteria into the air. Alternatives are built-in filters or special coatings that kill or filter out bacteria, respectively.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic humidifiers:

– Low power consumption – Inexpensive – Controllable mist as a method – Humidifies quickly and widely

– May over-humidify – Temperature is lowered – Without heating function or alternative, no protection against germs and bacteria

Important purchase criteria for a humidifier

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

Depending on what requirements a user has for a humidifier, different models are recommended. They differ in terms of volume, room size to be humidified or maximum run time. Below is a brief overview of the most important purchase criteria:

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

Room size: Evaporators have the largest depth of all humidifiers, at about 40 centimeters. The space is needed to accommodate the boiling unit in the housing. Ultrasonic devices usually manage with a construction depth half as large. The size of the device in itself does not say anything about the size of the room for which a model is suitable. The corresponding information can usually be found on the package or in the operating instructions of a humidifier. It is usually expressed in square meters, in rare cases in cubic meters: most devices cover rooms between 20 and 40 square meters – aming normal ceiling height. Atomizers usually have the largest room coverage.
The water tank: Every humidifier has a water tank to humidify the room air – no matter what technology is used. The larger the tank, the longer a room can be supplied with mist under normal circumstances. On the other hand, more time is needed to refill the water tank. Cleaning a larger tank sometimes turns out to be more difficult than with a small model.
Performance: If the size and water tank volume of the selected humidifier fit, buyers should think about the performance of the device. Manufacturers specify a value for this in the unit milliliters per hour. The higher this value, the more air can be humidified in this period of time. Here it depends on which room at what time the humidifier is to be used and how dry the air is there.
Power consumption: Almost all humidifiers on the market have a sensor that switches the device off as soon as the water is completely consumed. This keeps the power consumption low. Evaporators get by with little energy. Atomizers need more power, but are more energy efficient than vaporizers and therefore lie in the middle in terms of power consumption. The ultrasonic function consumes less energy than the permanent heating of the water. Humidifiers with ultrasonic function usually consume less than 50 watts. Sometimes there are devices with a consumption of only 2 watts.
Volume: Humidifiers are initially quiet when first started up. This says little or nothing about how loud or quiet the devices work in continuous operation. Even small, monotonous noises can deprive people of sleep at night. Therefore, if you want to use a humidifier in the bedroom, you should look for a maximum noise emission of 40 decibels, preferably less.
Automatic shut-off function: Many humidifiers have an automatic shut-off function. When the desired room humidity or low water level is reached, the unit automatically shuts off. This ensures greater safety during use. Prevents damage.
Remote control: Some models have a separate remote control that can be used to turn the device on and off, select the intensity or set the timer. It is a nice extra feature that does not affect the performance of the humidifier. Operation by switch-on or rotary knob is only slightly more complicated.
LED lights: Numerous humidifiers have their own lighting device. In most cases, LEDs are built in. The LED lights shine continuously, can be switched off as desired, and either pulsate in a single color or have a color-changing function. Many users find the color-changing function pleasant, even though experts still disagree about the influence of the different colors on the human psyche.
Aroma additives: Some humidifiers are suitable for adding aromas to increase the feel-good factor. Suitable essential oils can also have health benefits. Allergy sufferers should be careful. Because one or the other fragrance experience can lead to unpleasant side effects in allergy sufferers can.

Special feature: a humidifier with hygrostat
Technically sophisticated models are able to analyze the air in the living room and regulate the humidification output according to the user's wishes. A so-called hygrostat, also known as a humidity meter, is used to measure the relative humidity, or RH, in enclosed spaces. It is determined with the help of an element of plastic fabric bands: If the percentage of humidity in the room increases, the fibers absorb moisture. This results in a measurable change in length. Some humidifiers are coupled with a hygrostat and will only operate when the humidity drops below a certain level.

What is the difference between a hygrostat and a hygrometer?? The term hygrometer is often used as a synonym to the hygrostat, but they are two different technical devices. A hygrometer is an instrument for measuring the humidity of the air. Inside it there is a humidity sensor that measures and names the relative humidity of the air. A hygrostat also has a sensor, but also acts as a switch. Therefore, a hygrostat is primarily found in devices such as humidifiers or dehumidifiers, in which it works as an automatically regulating system.

People feel comfortable when the humidity in a room is between 40 and 60 percent. With the exception of evaporators, all humidifiers can cause over-humidification of the air if a humidistat does not shut them down in time. Too humid room air can lead to health restrictions: People feel uncomfortable and start sweating. In addition, humid air over a long period of time leads to mold growth, as it is known from basements or attics. Molds are considered pathogens and can cause, among other things, allergies and asthma. So, special care should be taken, especially for people who are already asthmatics.

What are the dangers of humidification?

When using a humidifier, buyers always face two dangers:

– The distribution of germs in the room – The overhumidification of the room

As early as 2016, Stiftung Warentest reported that atomizers spread many germs coming from the water tank. Therefore, regular cleaning of the device is necessary. Evaporators are a safer solution from this point of view.

Unpleasant – legionella: Legionella are bacteria that multiply rapidly in water at around 20 degrees Celsius. Only a temperature of more than 60 degrees Celsius kills them off. They are usually harmless when drunk, but when inhaled they cause the so-called Legionnaires' disease in humans.

To eliminate the risk of overhumidifying a room, measuring the humidity with measuring devices is a mandatory part of using humidifiers. Because in case of permanent overhumidification, too much water accumulates on the walls and the windows. They inevitably start to mold.

Where to place a humidifier?

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

The most important criterion when looking for a suitable location for the humidifier is safety: if there are small children or animals in the household, it is essential to ensure that they cannot reach the device. Evaporators are particularly dangerous because they heat the water to the boiling point, i.e. they make it boil. There is a risk of scalding with hot steam and heated water in the water tank. In addition, a horizontal surface is necessary so that the humidifier can neither slip nor tip over.

In order for the humidified air to reach all areas of the room evenly, most manufacturers advise placing it in the middle of a room. Mostly, however, the device is then in the way. A dining table or a bedside table next to the bed is more suitable. In case of emergency, a shelf can be considered. When placing the device, it is necessary to keep enough distance from books and electrical appliances, otherwise the spray mist can damage them. Manufacturers recommend a minimum distance of one meter from all sensitive objects and from the head of the bed.

Select location with high air circulation: It is advisable to choose a location with higher air circulation, for example, near a window or radiator. Often the polluted air is sucked in at the back of the device. Ied again at the front. Therefore, corners of rooms should be avoided as an installation location. Positioning between furniture is not advisable, as it may obstruct the intake and output air flow.

Overview of known manufacturers and brands

Some of the most well-known manufacturers and brands of humidifiers include:

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about humidifiers

Which is the best humidifier?

humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

A blanket answer to the question is not possible, as it depends on the buyer's requirements for the humidifier. While some models are only enough for the size of a small bathroom, other devices are suitable for use in offices. Therefore, it is important that buyers are clear about what their requirements are for the product before purchasing a humidifier.

Where can I buy a humidifier??

A humidifier can be purchased in a local store – an electrical store or a supermarket during theme weeks – or on the Internet. Buying in a local store offers several advantages: Buyers benefit from personal advice and can estimate the dimensions and weight of the product themselves. For this, the selection of products at an online retailer is significantly larger. There models can be compared at a glance. There is access to numerous reviews from other customers. In addition, buyers can complete the entire purchase process at any time of the day-. Do it at night from the comfort of your sofa at home.

What do humidifiers cost?

The cost of a humidifier depends on the design, the capacity of the water tank and the scope of functions. An evaporator can be purchased for as little as a single-digit to low double-digit amount. Atomizers with ultrasonic technology are available for a low to mid double digit sum. For a humidifier that works on the evaporator principle, buyers usually pay a low double-digit sum.

How to clean my humidifier?

Whether the humidifier is used in the bedroom or in the office, it should be cleaned at least once a month. For this purpose, a mixture of water and vinegar essence is added to the water tank and the humidifier is switched on regularly. This is how to fight against bacteria, germs and limescale. If the device has a filter, it should be regularly replaced with a new filter or cleaned under running water, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

How humidifiers and air purifiers differ?
An air purifier uses multiple filters to filter various pollutants from the air. A humidifier is able to do this only to a small extent. Pollutants that an air purifier can filter include:

– feces of mites – animal hair – fine and house dust – mold spores – cigarette smoke

What oils can I use with a humidifier?
It is a good idea to use water-soluble oils so that the oil ends up in the spray mist and does not stick to the humidifier's water tank. The oils should be of high quality and without synthetic substances that are harmful to health. For example, peppermint, eucalyptus or citrus oils are ideal for use with an aroma diffuser. One to two drops of oil per 100 milliliters of water is usually sufficient.

If desired, different oils can be combined with each other. There are numerous books and blogs on the Internet that deal with the topic of aromatherapy. Should users have an allergic reaction to the use of the oils, the application must be interrupted immediately. The following symptoms may indicate that the oils are not tolerated:

– Headache – Coughing – Circulatory problems

Is there a test result of a humidifier test by the Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organization)?

Humidifier test 2022 the 12 best room humidifiers in comparison

Stiftung Warentest last took an in-depth look at humidifiers in 2016. The complete humidifier test including test winner is available behind a paywall at this link.

In it the consumer organization refers to a test of the Swiss consumer magazine “K-Tipp”, which took five ultrasonic atomizers, four evaporators and one vaporizer under the microscope. In this respect, the testers in the humidifier test emphasized the effective operation of the evaporators, while many of the cheap ultrasonic atomizers were described as real “germ-spreaders”. When buying a room air humidifier should basically. Regardless of all other criteria, be sure to use a good filter.

Has oko-Test conducted a humidifier test?

oko-Test has not yet carried out its own humidifier test and has not selected a test winner. In recent years, the consumer magazine has focused on sustainability, the environment and ecology. Since the topic of humidifiers does not coincide with any of these categories, there are no further explanatory articles or tests related to humidifiers or room humidifiers here.


The decibel is a ratio or unit of loudness. It is a tenth of a bel. The unit was named after the inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

A hygrostat is used to control the relative humidity in rooms. The humidity measuring element of the sensor consists of plastic fabric strips with hygroscopic properties.

LED light sources, or LEDs for short, are electrical light sources that use light-emitting diodes to generate light. They are among the energy-saving light sources.

Milliliters per hour is the unit for the volume flow rate. It indicates how much volume of a liquid is transported through a specified cross-section per period of time.

A timer function provides time sequences that switch outputs or serve as input variables of functions. The timing of a timer function is started by the trigger input regardless of the time of day. The releasing call manufacturer trig.

Watt is the international unit for power. It has the unit symbol W. Was named after the Scottish scientist James Watt.


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