Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

The 12 best humidifiers in comparison – for a better indoor climate – 2022 test and guideYou want to create a better indoor climate in your bedroom or in the children's room
better indoor air, provide for more wellness or a more restful sleep? You have simply had enough of the dry heating air in the cold season? Then a humidifier is just the thing for you. Finally, your indoor air is gradually humidified without the risk of excessive mold growth from too much moisture.

In addition, you even have the option to choose a Air purifier and humidifier in one To decide. Or how about a humidifier with fragrance? As you can see, you are literally spoiled for choice. Therefore, the great humidifier comparison in May 2022 should help you further. This buying guide tells you what's important when you want to get one of these gadgets for your home.

The best 4 humidifiers in a detailed comparison

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

Other practical products for your indoor climate

1. Levoit 300S Ultrasonic Humidifier with Aromatherapy Function

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

You can use the Levoit 300S ultrasonic humidifier in your home in many ways. Whether as a night light, as an air purifier or to provide your skin with more moisture, these challenges are all met by this humidifier. For your safety, the diffuser has been processed naturally free of BPA. You should definitely know these important key data about the device:

– Water tank capacity: 6 liters – Maximum runtime: 55 hours – App control possible – Compatible with Alexa

You can also choose to have this humidifier Use with the essential oils of your choice. Thus, you can give your rooms a pleasant scent. At the same time benefit from the health benefits of these oils. Finally, thanks to the fine mist, you breathe the smallest drops of oil deep into your bronchial tubes through the humid air. You will need the Aromopads for this, three are already included.

If you want to use your humidifier for aromatherapy purposes, you should pay attention to the highest possible quality of the oils used. After all, you will inevitably also inhale these in small quantities.

The dimensions of the large humidifier dimensions amount to 23 by 18 by 34 centimeters. Of course, the device is so quiet that your sleep is not disturbed by it. As soon as there is no more water, your humidifier switches off automatically. The fact that the device is very easy to use is also an advantage for you.

The humidifier is equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can even control it via an app with your smartphone. Even with the Amazon voice assistant Alexa you can operate the device without any problems.

2. AROMATIKA ultrasonic humidifier with colorful LED lighting

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

The AROMATIKA ultrasonic humidifier will be a real eye-catcher in your room colorful LED lighting to a real eye-catcher in your room. Since the capacity of the diffuser is 300 milliliters, this neat device can be used for up to 10 hours at a time. Several LED colors can be set to make the AROMATIKA ultrasonic humidifier glow in the desired color.

The 16.8 by 16.5 centimeters large humidifier is 400 grams in weight. This aroma diffuser works with ultrasonic technology. You can add essential oils to it. The humidity in the respective room such as the bedroom, living room, nursery or office is increased and the fragrance molecules are distributed in the room. This should ensure a pleasant climate. The diffuser is BPA-free and according to the manufacturer also suitable for children and pregnant women.

Of course, you can use the AROMATIKA ultrasonic humidifier optionally with or without light. The Whisper-quiet operation Is equally beneficial for you. Whether you are doing computer work or want to use this humidifier in the bedroom, all this is possible without any problems. Of course, the manufacturer has also thought of an automatic shut-off function.

3. NULAXY MH900 ultrasonic humidifier for up to 4.5 liters of water

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

With its considerable capacity of 4.5 liters the NULAXY MH900 humidifier is also suitable for large rooms. A fan ensures that the spray mist is distributed as desired in the room. The humidifier works

The weight of the visually appealing device is 1.5 kilograms. The dimensions are 22,9 x 19,1 x 33 centimeters. The original scope of delivery of the black and white humidifier includes not only the device itself (model MH900), but also the power plug and the easy-to-understand user manual, which contributes to the high user comfort. Of course, you can also use the device overnight in your bedroom or at work.

This humidifier can not only make the humidity much more comfortable. In fact, your respiratory tract and your skin can benefit equally from the higher humidity.

Provided you maintain your humidifier properly, you can expect this diffuser to last for a very long time. As far as maintenance is concerned, the device makes it easy for you. Because after 72 hours of use, a warning signal sounds, which unmistakably prompts you to clean the humidifier. This alarm cannot be bypassed. This makes sense, because bacteria and other pollutants are deposited, which can only be removed by cleaning.

The main features of this device include the timer function. You can activate it and choose a running time between 1 and 8 hours. Very practical is the automatic. You set the desired humidity level and the device switches itself off as soon as the target value is reached. In the lower part of the humidifier is a small bowl where you can fill essential oils.

4. Levoit ultrasonic humidifier 4.5 l

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

If you are looking for a solidly made humidifier with a large capacity, you will find it in the assortment of the Levoit brand. Thanks to this large volume, the model with a 4.5 l capacity allows the humidifier to be used for up to 40 hours in continuous operation, which allows various advantages in practice.

The ultrasonic technology, which distinguishes this humidifier of the brand Levoit, also guarantees a very quiet operation. Less than 40 dB is reached during operation. A good practical advantage is also the soft night light, so that the operation is also good at night. Of course, a compartment for essential oils is also available, so you can provide pleasant smells in your own four walls.

Very interesting the manufacturer has also solved the operation of this humidifier. This allows you to turn on the device with just the push of a button. A total of three mist levels are also available for selection. If the water tank is empty, the humidifier also switches off automatically to protect the technology.

In addition to the one-touch control and safe auto-shutdown, this device also scores with a practical handle, so you can carry the humidifier from A to B quite easily.

5. The Body Source humidifier with seven LED color settings

humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

The Body Source humidifier is available for you in two different variants with 300 or 165 milliliters capacity. With each of these diffusers, you also have the option of, to choose from seven different LED color settings and therefore use the device optionally also as a night light. The larger humidifier lasts up to 8 hours at a time.

Simply use the timer to set continuous operation or to enjoy one of the following settings: 1, 3 or 6 hours. Even the mist strength can be adjusted from fine to strong individually to your needs and personal preferences. The device works safely and quietly. You can also use the TaoTronics Aroma Diffuser humidifier while you sleep. One automatic shutdown is also included.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer is silent about weight and size. Whether you want to use the device in the living room, bedroom, children's room or bathroom, is entirely up to you. The maximum power of the aroma diffuser amounts to 13 watts. An easy-to-understand instruction manual and a power plug are included in the original package, as well as the aroma diffuser and the water tank.

6. Levoit ultrasonic humidifier

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

A humidifier, with which you can ensure a particularly simple operation, is also available for you from the brand Levoit. In addition, this model is available in different sizes with 4.5, 5.5 as well as with 6 l capacity to choose from.

If you decide on the modern designed Levoit ultrasonic humidifier with a touch screen display, you can not only count on a significantly simplified operation, but also benefit from the practical ultrasonic technology, which offers several advantages compared to commercially available devices from this product category.

For the variant with the 6 l capacity, up to 36 hours in continuous operation can be realized. Here, the mist output is up to 500 ml / h, so that normal-sized rooms can be humidified more effectively.

In addition, three different mist levels are available, so that a faster air humidification can be ensured. This is very important, especially in comparison with standard humidifiers. However, it is also very interesting that the manufacturer includes a humidity sensor. This determines the current humidity for exact control. Shows the corresponding value immediately on the display. This means that further settings can be made to regulate the humidity level individually.

The delivery includes not only three aroma pads, but also the absorption pads, so that the device can be put into operation directly.

7. AMIR ultrasonic humidifier with seven LED color settings

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

Just like its predecessor from the great humidifier comparison as well, the AMIR ultrasonic humidifier has a a capacity of 100 milliliters and seven freely selectable LED color settings. Thus, you can use the humidifier as well as an atmospheric night light if desired. The dimensions of the compact aroma diffuser are 11 by 11 by 19.2 centimeters with a weight of 399 grams.

The timer of the humidifier you can of course regulate individually. You have the possibility to choose between the 3-hour or continuous operation to select. The LED display makes it easy to see which mode the device is currently in.

Also a low-water protection function is of course included. If there is not enough water in the humidifier, the device switches off automatically due to the low water level. Thus, a possible defect can be prevented. The extremely quiet humidifier you can also set so that the mist is only intermittently released into the room air.

While the Noise level to less than 35 decibels the device can run in continuous operation for a maximum of 5 hours. A practical measuring cup is an integral part of the original scope of delivery, along with the easy-to-understand user manual. If you want to use essential oils with this device, you have to buy them separately. By the way, the neat diffuser is made of PP plastic.

8. InnoBeta Waterdrop ultrasonic humidifier for up to 2.4 liters of water

humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

Another particularly well rated humidifier, which is distinguished by some special features, comes from the manufacturer InnoBeta. This model has a total capacity of 2.4 liters and is therefore ideal for rooms with an area of up to 35 square meters.

Thanks to the Running time of 8 hours at maximum setting are also better effects for you, if you want to use this device for example in the bedroom or also in the children's room. Optionally, the InnoBeta Waterdrop ultrasonic humidifier can also be conveniently used as an aroma nozzle. For this purpose, simply use an essential oil of your choice, with which this model can be combined.

But also worth mentioning in this variant of InnoBeta is the table lamp function. The LED lights shine in seven different colors. The device also has a safety shut-off feature. If the water level is low, the device switches off automatically. The steam nozzle rotates, allowing the steam to be released in any direction.

In a good humidifier, you should also make sure that there is an automatic shutdown function when the water tank is empty, otherwise the device can not be used for a long time. This is exactly what you can expect with this variant as well.

9. Philips HU4814/10 humidifier for room sizes up to 44 square meters

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

The innovative Philips HU4814/10 humidifier is a device that can be used even in larger rooms. Because according to the manufacturer, this model is suitable for room sizes of up to 44 square meters. Thanks to the special NanoCloud technology, according to the manufacturer, a particularly hygienic humidification is possible. You can therefore ame that this humidifier emits around 99 percent less bacteria into the room air than a regular ultrasonic humidifier. A silent night mode is just as available as an automatic humidity control with these three levels:

– 40 percent – 50 percent – 60 percent

The integrated hygrometer device ensures that you can precisely control the humidity of the air. Easy to clean is your new Philips HU4814/10 humidifier according to the manufacturer still in addition. Maximum power consumption is 18 watts, so you should be able to use this innovative humidifier extremely energy efficient. The capacity of the water tank is 2 liters.

The manufacturer specifies the maximum operating time with 8 hours at. 4.16 kilograms brings the humidifier with dimensions of 24.9 times 24.9 times 33.9 centimeters on the scale. With a noise level of only 34 decibels, the device can be operated particularly quietly according to the Philips information. White dust and wet spots, of course, you do not have to fear when using this humidifier of the renowned brand Philips.

Thanks to the digital displays According to the manufacturer, a high level of operating comfort is ensured. There you can easily read the current humidity in your room and program the switch-off after 1, 4 or 8 hours. Please remember that you should replace the filter of the device in the sense of the most hygienic operation after 3 months at the latest.

10. ANSIO ultrasonic mist humidifier

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

A chic humidifier, which can really be seen in terms of design, is recommended by the brand ANSIO for you. This device offers a capacity of 2.8 liters, as well as an automatic device for shutdown, which definitely facilitates the use.

Due to the power that the ANSIO ultrasonic mist humidifier ensures for you, this device is well suited for rooms with an area of up to 20 square meters. Furthermore, the built-in ceramic filter is worth mentioning, so the water is filtered well again.

Of course, the amount of mist produced by the ANSIO ultrasonic mist humidifier can also be regulated individually. For this purpose, the device itself has a 360-degree rotatable controller, which can be easily operated.

Optionally, the humidifier can also be used with LED lighting. A total of seven different colors are available for you here. The not is but also so adjustable that a color automatic can be switched on.

So, with this device, you won't make a mistake at all if you presuppose a particularly large tank and like to adjust the steam intensity individually. Some users who have already committed to the humidifier of the brand ANSIO, also praise the always very quiet operation.

11. Medisana ultrasonic room humidifier and air purifier for rooms up to 30 square meters in size

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

Given the capacity of 4.2 liters, the Medisana ultrasonic room humidifier is suitable best for rooms up to 30 square meters in size. The device can be operated not only whisper-quiet, but also distributes up to 230 milliliters of water in the room air per hour. As soon as the water tank is empty, the device switches off automatically of course. The silver-colored humidifier weighs 1.8 kilograms.

Its dimensions are 26.5 by 20 by 33 centimeters. The power consumption is 32 watts. The device was processed high-quality plastic, while the fine mist is generated by ultrasound. This way you can improve your air quality in no time and protect your skin and mucous membranes from drying out, especially in winter. A cleaning brush belongs to the original scope of delivery of the device in terms of the required hygiene standards.

Thanks to the timeless design in silver, this humidifier will certainly fit into your home design. The nebulization intensity can be infinitely adjusted with the device. The flexible and very easy to use also speaks for the energy-saving humidifier for various rooms in your home. Thanks to the cable length of 150 centimeters, you can freely use the device as you wish and need it.

In addition, the manufacturer gives you the following tips for use along the way:

1. Clean the device thoroughly every 3 days if you use your humidifier daily 2. Clean the ultrasonic element particularly thoroughly with the supplied cleaning brush (it is the most sensitive component of the device) 3. To combat limescale residues, you can simply use a mild descaling agent, such as citric acid

12. sparoma CF-2530A ultrasonic humidifier with a nozzle that can be rotated 360 degrees

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

The sparoma CF-2530A ultrasonic humidifier was designed with a
water tank for up to 3.5 liters of water and can therefore be used without problems even in larger rooms. You can also rotate the top nozzle 360 degrees so the unit dispenses its fine mist exactly where you want it. The dimensions of the device are 22.9 by 22 by 25.2 centimeters. The humidifier weighs only 1.47 kilograms with a power consumption of 25 watts.

In addition to the adjustable steam direction also speaks the antibacterial material for this model. Thus, the bacteria output can be significantly reduced via the fine water vapor. You can run the device for a maximum of 30 hours at a time to maintain a humidity of 40 to 60 percent in your rooms.

At the same time, this contributes to the fact that viruses in the air, which could give you an unpleasant cold, for example, hardly have a chance. The voltage range of the modern humidifier is 100 to 240 volts, so you can use the device even internationally.

Why is a room humidifier?

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

A humidifier is the exact opposite of a dehumidifier. Humidifiers provide higher humidity in the room. Mostly, these are humidifiers with ultrasound, which in practice means that the room humidifiers produce cold mist. In contrast to a radiator humidifier, such a humidifier is a compact device into which you put water.

Your ultrasonic humidifier then turns this water into fine water vapor, which the device emits into the room air in the form of mist. The converted amount of water per hour can be depending on the size of the device between 30 and 300 milliliters of water amount. The devices that play a role in the big comparison are all portable humidifiers. Humidifiers are also available as permanently installed central ventilation systems with a connection to a water pipe.

Ultrasonic humidifier – what is it??

Although your humidifier as a vaporizer as well as a humidifier as an evaporator could buy, this does not correspond to the principle of operation of the devices from the large comparison. At this point, you will rather find room humidification devices that you can use as room humidifiers and air scrubbers thanks to their ultrasound technology.

If you want to buy such a humidifier, you should know that an ultrasonic nebulizer does not only Making mist from water can. Rather, other liquids can also be atomized, so that you can also use such a device for aromatherapy purposes. Simply add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to your humidifier.

If you want to use your humidifier for nebulizing oil, you should make sure to clean the device regularly. Finally, the oil settles quite strongly on the device. Also, use only high quality oil that is safe for your respiratory system. After all, you will inhale small drops of oil through the air in the room.

By the way, mechanical vibrations are responsible for the production of the fine mist in such a humidifier. Up to 3 megahertz can amount to these vibrations. The vibrations are then transferred to the liquid, so that the surface of the water is stimulated to form mist. Thus, it is also explained that the nebulizers emit cool mist. After all, the generation of mist does not use any heat at all. Mist fountains often rely on the same principle of operation.

How useful are humidifiers?

There are many reasons to buy a humidifier. This is true even, but not only in winter. Finally, you can noticeably increase the humidity in your rooms with a humidifier. An electric humidifier can thus contribute to the fact that your Mucous membranes do not dry out unpleasantly despite the dry heating air. At this point we can already anticipate that there are more advantages than disadvantages associated with these devices. The best way to convince yourself is to take a look at the following overview:

– Donate moisture to the skin and mucous membranes – The devices provide a more pleasant room climate – Also for artoma therapy purposes – A higher humidity is good against various pathogens in the air – Humidifiers provide more relaxation and well-being – With a humidifier and essential oils specifically against bad odors – Help with sleep disorders – Many humidifiers you can use whisper quiet even at night – Also as a night light to use

– To clean regularly, so that you do not pollute your room air with new pathogens

How healthy are humidifiers?

When answering this question, you should know that humidifiers are only beneficial to your health if you use the Clean the device thoroughly on a regular basis. Otherwise, the supposed benefactors become true germ and fungal havens within weeks. That is why it is so important that you take the following precautions:

1. Change the water in your humidifier regularly 2. Clean the humidifier at least every 3 days, provided you use the device daily 3. It is best to choose a model with a filter, which also acts against bacteria and other pathogens

Humidifier – how to use? Tips for practice.

Whether you want to buy a humidifier for large rooms, a humidifier for a child's room or a humidifier for the office, the best humidifiers can be easy to use. Electric humidifiers such as the models of the brands from the great humidifier comparison, you can usually put into operation as follows:

1. Remove the lid of the device and fill the container with water (at most up to the maximum line) 2. Put the lid back on the humidifier 3. Insert the plug into the socket 4. Press the button for the mist steam (usually there is also a control button for the LED light) 5. Set the desired time setting (usually by pressing the control knob several times) 6. Benefit from a more pleasant indoor climate

Which humidifiers are the best? What matters when you buy.

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

Whether it may be a humidifier for baby, humidifier for radiators (for example, a water tank for radiators) or a humidifier for children for you, good humidifiers unite much. Given the variety of air purifiers and humidifiers on the market, you can read about them below some of the most important criteria in the search for your favorite inform. Thus, you can easily find the humidifier nebulizer that deserves the title of "Best Humidifier".

– The capacity – The material processing – Humidifiers made of ceramics, plastic, wood, metal, etc. – The time settings – different timer levels, maximum length of continuous operation – With or without LED light function (if so: how many color levels can you set) – The color and design – The dimensions – also available as a mini humidifier/travel humidifier for on the go with extra compact dimensions – The weight – Type of humidifier – humidifier with steam/evaporator humidifier or ultrasonic humidifier – The power consumption in watts

An automatic shut-off should be present in your new humidifier in any case. Then, finally, there is a sensor that detects when the water level is too low and then triggers the device to shut down for safety reasons.

In addition, also pay attention to a whisper quiet operation. Most humidifiers are accompanied by a noise emission of 35 decibels or less. That is sufficiently quiet so that you can use your humidifier even in the bedroom and fall asleep and sleep through it undisturbed. Also check what accessories are included in the game.

The following extras are useful, but by no means every automatic humidifier has them to offer you:

– Essential oils – An e-book on aromatherapy – A measuring cup – A cleaning brush – One or more replacement filters

The capacity and the maximum amount of steam that the ultrasonic vaporizer delivers to the room per hour determine the maximum room size for which the device is suitable. Select your favorite among the models from the large humidifier comparison so also suitable for the respective room size.

Which humidifiers are recommended? These brands are available for selection.

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

Whether it is a small humidifier, an automatic humidifier for the bedroom or a humidifier and cleaner in one for you may be, the brand selection is huge. We have therefore listed some of the most important manufacturers for you below:

– Benta humidifiers – Philips – TaoTronics humidifiers – Infinitoo – Honeywell humidifiers – Wenko – Koios humidifiers – Beurer – Clean Air Optima – VICTSING humidifiers – VAVA – Tenswall – Arendo

Is there a humidifier test by Stiftung Warentest??

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

In search of your Humidifier test winner you would certainly like to trust the expert opinion of Stiftung Warentest. Unfortunately, the independent testing institute has not conducted its own humidifier test. However, in the room humidifier test from 2016, the institute referred to the results of a Swiss testing institute. A total of ten devices were put to the test there:

– Five ultrasonic atomizers – Four evaporators – One damper

The evaporators performed the best in this test. Many of the ultrasonic devices, on the other hand, had to take a back seat, as some of them were the purest of germ slingers.

What does the room humidifier test from oko Test say??

Humidifier test comparison 2022 the 12 best humidifiers

In the humidifier test from the month 10/2018 oko Test has also pointed out that a humidifier test winner is not so easy to find, because many of the devices are real bacteria slingshot. If you want to know whether one of the following tested devices according to oko Test has what it takes to be your humidifier test winner, you can buy the test results at this place.

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