Humidifier test recommendations 05 22 allesfuerdaheim

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Humidifier test recommendations 05 22 allesfuerdaheim

Last updated: 17. June 2020

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Humidifiers are usually electrical devices that ensure the quality of the air in the room to improve. Especially in winter we heat most very extensively, which sometimes creates very dry air. Even ventilating every now and then additionally dries out the environment. This often leads to an increase in the risk of catching a cold or flu.

With a humidifier you can achieve the optimal humidity, which should be between 40 – 60 percent. However, some points must be considered so that you do not harm your health more than you help it. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about humidifiers and we will answer the most important questions that will help you in your decision to find the right model.

The most important things in a nutshell

– Humidifiers offer a useful way to improve indoor climate and promote health. You can return the dry heating air to the optimal humidity level. – Humidifiers develop their health-promoting effect only with correct use and care. It is important that it is regularly cleaned and decalcified. – There are different types of humidifiers. Before buying, you should make sure to find out the features that are most important to you.

Humidifier test: editors' favorites

The best all-rounder among humidifiers

62.99 EUR

78.00 EUR

60,00 EUR

Latest price updates: Amazon.en (01.05.22, 09:55), Other stores (23.11.21, 1:18 pm)

The Beurer LB 55 is a vaporizer and therefore has a different technology than the humidifier listed above. It heats the water up to the boiling point. A fan distributes the water vapor in the environment. It is particularly suitable for children's rooms and bedrooms, as it does not distribute germs in the air and does not emit odors.

If you value hygienic humidification that also warms the air a bit in the winter, this model is just right for you. Cutbacks have to be made in terms of cost, as the price of this device is over 60 €.

The humidifier with the best price-performance ratio

Another favorite is the Homasy humidifier. It is another ultrasonic nebulizer with built-in aroma oil nozzle that you can fill with essential oils. You can regulate the fog strength with the help of three different levels. If you press and hold the button for three seconds, it automatically switches to sleep mode, a mode with no light and low mist output.

It is also well suited for babies and children's rooms as the noise level is very low. In terms of price, the humidifier can be seen.

The best high-end ultrasonic humidifier

The product presented below is currently not available, which is why we have temporarily replaced it for you with an alternative product with similar characteristics. Report a problem. Thank you!.

The Meaco Deluxe 202 humidifier is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a real high-end device. It is not without reason that museums and art galleries all over the world like to rely on the products made by Meaco. In the case of the Meaco Deluxe 202 humidifier, you get a consistently high quality and beautiful looking device, which also works quite quietly with 35 – 45 dB (depending on the operating mode) and is perfect for rooms up to 65 m².

Also worth mentioning is the integrated HEPA filter, thanks to which this humidifier not only humidifies the air, but also cleans it on top of that. Another plus point is that the water in the tank is sterilized by a UV light, which is also almost unique. In this respect, the product stands out from a multitude of other products on the market. Suitable also for allergy sufferers. Moreover, it is of course also possible to use the Meaco humidifier as an aroma diffuser in combination with a fragrance oil of your choice.

The best digital humidifier for babies

Automatic regulation of the moisture content of the air. Can be precisely adjusted via the digital display Integrated night light with color change (7x colors) Water vapor output can be rotated 360° For rooms with a size of up to 20 m² Optimal function duration (up to 22 hours)

The digital humidifier from Babymoov stands out above all because it automatically regulates the moisture content of the air. It can be easily adjusted via the digital display. In addition, the digital humidifier has an integrated night light with color change, which allows you to set 7 different colors.

In addition, it offers a nebulizer for the use of essential oils. The water vapor outlet can be rotated 360° at the same time. With an optimal operating time of up to 22 hours, healthy air is ensured in the children's room during sleep.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a humidifier

Where to buy a humidifier?

You can basically get the best humidifiers online. The choice is much bigger and you don't have to search for a long time until you find the right model.

On the Internet, you also have the advantage that the humidifiers are rated by other buyers and this serves as an additional help in making a decision.

Thus, you save considerable time and get more valuable information about the products, as there are always experts on the Internet who have already dealt with the humidifier and share their experiences there with customers. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions or ask your own questions there.

Test reports and Youtube videos help additionally to select the suitable air humidifier, in order to buy this then on electronic way. The effort is relatively small. Delivery is usually in the next few days.

Of course, the large selection and the many tests can overwhelm you, so that you no longer know which product is the right one. In this case, you should be aware of which functions are particularly important to you.

What are the advantages of humidifiers? A too dry room air can lead to irritated respiratory tract. Dry out the skin strongly.Allergy sufferers such as people with neurodermatitis suffer all the more in winter.Especially allergy sufferers such as people with neurodermatitis suffer all the more in winter.

Another advantage is that your real wood furniture prefers it when the humidity is higher, otherwise they may even shrink. In parquet flooring, a good room climate can also prevent the formation of joints.

When the cold season starts in autumn, we all turn on our radiators to make ourselves comfortable again at home and create cozy warmth. However, the dry heating air dries the mucous membranes and additionally irritates the nose and skin.

How healthy are humidifiers?

If you follow the previously mentioned tips, a humidifier will not have any negative effects on your health if used correctly. It is important that you clean the device regularly to prevent germ formation and do not use aggressive disinfectants. These, in turn, can cause allergies or even aggravate the discomfort of people with respiratory problems.

If you already have diseases of this kind, you should definitely avoid additional fragrances that are supposed to make the room climate more "pleasant". In the worst case, the use of synthetic fragrances can lead to respiratory failure. Allergies are another consequence that can result from this.

If you consider all the important aspects related to the use of a humidifier, there is nothing standing in the way of the purchase.

In the following video we show you again clearly what influences a humidifier has on the indoor climate and health. This is explained in more detail here using the example of an open-plan office.

What does a humidifier cost?

It depends on the level of your demand how high the cost of a humidifier is. The ceramic vessels that you can hang on the radiators, you get already at a very low price. If you value even air distribution, you should spend a little more money.

You can get hold of the variant for beginners for as little as eight euros. Ultrasonic humidifiers are also inexpensive, but you have to weigh whether you want to accept the disadvantages here.

For some models you have to dig deep into your pocket and spend up to 400 €. You should ask yourself whether the benefits justify the price.

If you choose a humidifier in the middle price segment, you can't really do much wrong. However, you should always pay attention to the functions. Decision: What types of humidifiers are available. Which one is the right one for you?If you want to get a humidifier, there are three alternatives you can choose between:

– Evaporator – vaporizer – atomizer

What distinguishes an evaporator and what are its advantages and disadvantages??

An evaporator has less power than a vaporizer, but is more energy-saving and efficient. It increases the surface of the water with the built-in filter. The water evaporates on the surface of the filter. The room air absorbs the evaporated water. Some models include a fan, which additionally accelerates the delivery to the air.

Another advantage is that no germs are emitted. Evaporators work more "passively", which means that the air absorbs the moisture from the evaporator. If you want to clean the evaporator, you only need to change the water and disinfect the containers. For this purpose, even an everyday dishwashing detergent is sufficient.

The devices with integrated UV radiation avoid increased exposure to germs, but still need to be cleaned regularly. The type of evaporator is best suited for people who only occasionally use a humidifier and want to save costs.

For a low power consumption, however, you get only a moderate performance.

What distinguishes an evaporator and what are its advantages and disadvantages??

As the name suggests, the "vaporizer" works with heated air, which is vaporized and released into the environment. Due to the high temperature, no germs can form during this process. The air in the room is healthier with this type of humidifier, which is an important aspect especially for allergy and asthma sufferers. The power of the devices is relatively high, which in turn suggests that the energy consumption is much higher.

Another disadvantage is that the heated water vapor can be rather unpleasant in summer, as it additionally increases the temperature in the room.

All in all, as with any model, there are advantages and disadvantages and you should decide for yourself which functions you particularly value. If you don't want to clean your humidifier that often, you can't really go wrong with a vaporizer.

What distinguishes a nebulizer and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

An atomizer emits water mist into the air with the help of ultrasound. The built-in prere nozzles distribute the mist in the air. Thus increase the humidity in the room. The atomizer consumes less energy than an evaporator, because the air does not need to be heated to the boiling point.

humidifier test recommendations 05 22 allesfuerdaheim

The vaporizer is more suitable for the cooler months, while you can use the atomizer mainly in summer. Due to the cold water mist you get a pleasant feeling of fresh and cool air on the skin.

Another disadvantage is that the nozzles often become clogged, so that the mist can no longer escape. It is best to use distilled or decalcified water for the vaporizer in order to maintain proper functioning of the nozzles in the long term.

This device is recommended only to people who do not have respiratory diseases. On the other hand, the atomizer requires little energy. Is therefore somewhat cheaper to purchase.

In short, the three different types can be described as follows:

Criteria for purchase and evaluation of humidifiers

Power consumption

If you want to buy a humidifier, you should basically pay attention to how much electricity the device consumes. Especially if you want to use it frequently, it does not help to be blinded by the low purchase price.

Evaporators usually consume less electricity than vaporizers, although again there are big differences among them. An important role is played by the performance. Be sure to note what power you need. Lower power levels are often sufficient for small rooms.

Important key figures are above all:

– The amount of air evaporated in an hour – The amount of air mass humidified per hour – The ratio between room size and effectiveness of the device

Most humidifiers consume between 30 and 300 watts. If you extrapolate this value to a running time of 24 hours, the operating cost is approx. 0,20 € to 1,95 € per day. You can find out the exact specifications of the device in the instructions for use under the technical specifications.

Compare the different devices carefully and see if it might make more sense to invest a little more in the purchase to save money in the long run. Then you not only do something good for the environment, but you can also use your humidifier a little longer with a clear conscience.

Place of use

Humidifiers can improve the air in the room. Especially in bedrooms or children's rooms, it can help people with asthma or allergies to improve their health. If it's very warm in the summer and you can't sleep well at night, some humidifiers can lower the temperature slightly.

In winter, especially in the living room, they ensure to humidify the dry heating air, so that your skin and especially your mucous membranes do not dry out.


Most humidifiers currently work with electricity and ultrasound. This makes them effective and power saving. During operation, the water generates vibrations. The vibrations create fine water droplets that produce a cool mist.

Even large rooms can provide the ultrasonic nebulizer with moisture. In that case, your device should have a larger water tank.


If you want to clean the air in your home, but you do not want to disturb the aesthetics of your room, a design humidifier is a good recommendation. The top water fill design means that you can easily fill the water into the top of the unit. Many devices convince with a simple, white design that fits into any room.

Some humidifiers are made of wood if you prefer a more rustic and natural design. The appearance has continued to improve due to the large supply, so everyone can find the right model for them.

Trivia: Interesting facts about humidifiers

How often should the humidifier be cleaned??

If you want to enjoy a functional humidifier for a long time, there are some things you need to consider. How often should I clean a humidifier?? We would like to discuss this ie in more detail below.

As a rule, you should clean a humidifier once a month. Remove the filter. Rinse it under cold water. You can find out from the instructions how often you need to replace the filter. Next, remove the water reservoir and rinse it out. If lime has formed, you can add a descaler. Basically, before each cleaning, the power plug must be disconnected from the power supply.

Regularly rinse the water tank with fresh water to prevent germs and bacteria from forming. Please do not use aggressive disinfectants, as they will be released back into the air and harm your health.

Where should the humidifier be placed??

After you have bought a humidifier, you need to decide where to place it. Here it is important to see which place makes the most sense. Never place it on top of an electrical appliance. This can cause an electric shock if water gets into the device. It is best to keep the humidifier at a sufficient distance from other electrical devices.

If you put the humidifier on the floor, you should be aware that the tiles can become slippery due to the wetness. You should not place the unit on a wooden floor, as moisture can damage the wood.

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