Husband of eu vaccine commissioner kyriakides under suspicion of corruption the first panorama meldunge

Stella Kyriakides was appointed to lead the Special Task Force on the Corona Pandemic in March 2020.

According to Panorama, EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides is under prere following a Court of Auditors report in her native Cyprus. Her husband Kyiriakos Kyriakides subsequently received several loans worth millions from a state bank, although according to the report he could not provide sufficient collateral for them. According to Cypriot media reports, there is an accusation of taking advantage. Did the husband receive advantages from his wife's political position?

Bank had to be saved by tax money

The lender was the second largest bank in Cyprus, the Cyprus Cooperative Bank, which had to be rescued several times by taxpayers' money and whose owner is the Cypriot state. As the bank repeatedly got into difficulties, the Court of Auditors investigated which transactions were "Politically exposed persons", so-called PEP, have made with the bank. Stella Kyriakides (as so-called PEP 8) appears in the report in four transactions involving her husband. The business amounts to about four million euros.

Lending to husband is considered "very problematic" according to Court of Auditors report is regarded as not having had sufficient collateral. Neither by income nor by other possessions the credits had been secured, according to the report. In addition, according to the report, the rationale for the loan decision was not recorded.

"Everyone can form his own picture"

Cypriot Court of Auditors President Odysseas Michaelides told Panorama: "We are there to provide the facts, not to make political assessments. Every citizen can make up his own mind whether such deals are legitimate or not."

In her transparency statement to the EU Parliament, Kyriakides had actually stated that her husband was a busy businessman. According to her "declaration of financial interests" he is a "director" at nine different companies or Chairman Employed, but has no assets.

The Maralo company, for which her husband received the disputed loan, does not appear by name in her current declaration of January 2021, although her husband is also listed there as a director, according to an extract from the register Acts. "Why the company does not appear is to be clarified in view of the current events", demands the green European parliamentarian Sven Giegold. However, the report also lists an unnamed company in which her husband holds shares, possibly referring to Marolo.

Giegold now expects openness and transparency from the EU Commissioner: "Especially in view of the hardships of the Corona crisis, we need full clarification, and she must say whether she had any influence on the deals."

Stella Kyriakides: "No personal involvement"

In a written statement to Panorama, Stella Kyriakides says she had "no personal involvement in the ie"." In a written statement, the husband Kyiriakos Kyriakidis states that the businesses he is involved in have always been based on regulatory guidelines.

EU: Passports for money
Research on passport trading has caused a scandal in Cyprus: politicians resign, passport trading is stopped. Now the EU is considering measures against the country.

The Court of Audit in Cyprus is considered one of the most important independent authorities in the fight against corruption in Cyprus. In the past year, he had been instrumental in exposing corruption in connection with so-called "golden visas" and passport sales.

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