I am already with you in the energy field what fascinates the germans so much about esotericism

"I'm already with you in the energy field" : What fascinates Germans so much about esotericismThey resist pandemic measures, pact with extremists, cash in billions. What drives the esoteric scene? A report.

– Sebastian Leber

09.10. Tuesday afternoon, Andrea Partisch sits in the Berlin recording studio. Takes the next caller. Waltraud's turn. She says she would like to have "the energy booster". "You'll get that one," Partisch replies. In her left hand, the medium holds a shiny wand, with which she circles in the air, directly above the small pyramid that stands in front of her on the tabletop. Partisch says: "I am already with you in the energy field."

Then Andrea Partisch diagnoses a problem with Waltraud: the caller's energy is "very much programmed to flow away", so it doesn't stay in Waltraud for long. This has, also this knows Partisch momentarily, "with a lack program from the ancestor row paternal to do". But no fear, here Partisch will counteract now. She circles the pyramid once again with her staff and says: "The power and the strength is being activated for you right now."

The property you live on is drawing a lot of energy from you right now

Thus Partisch makes that in the minute tact, on this Tuesday in the recording studio of the television station Astro.TV, in an office building on the edge of an industrial area near the Jungfernheide S-Bahn station. With each new caller Andrea Partisch directly recognizes the problem. Sometimes she supposedly senses "many foreign energies in the energy field" of the person seeking help, which she then dissolves within seconds, sometimes she claims: "The property on which you live is drawing a lot of energy from you."

She knows all this because she is clairvoyant and clairsentient, according to her own statements, and thus can read at will in foreign energy fields and knows "what is going on there at the moment". Almost all callers are female. In between Andrea Partisch gives a spectator still "a blue protection around your aura", cleans a "mental field" and has for her audience generally an urgent advice: "Take yourself seriously in your neediness!"

I am already with you in the energy field what fascinates the Germans so much in esotericism

If Andrea Partisch is to be believed, her energy work is a "very exclusive and high quality" or "negative" work. Finally, she handles the "energy of the Pleiades", this is a "very particularly fine, highly frequented, with which it is possible to work energetically very quickly". She is very grateful to have this gift and to be able to make people happy this way.

Elements of esotericism have arrived in the middle of society

The energy of the Pleiades is a real unique selling point in a flourishing, widely ramified multimillion-dollar industry. In Germany alone, fortune tellers and astrologers, diviners and dream interpreters, shamans and energeticists turn over an estimated 20 to 25 billion euros every year.

Exact numbers do not exist, since neither a professional association nor unions nor training occupations exist. About nine percent of German non-fiction books sold are on the subjects of spirituality and esotericism. In the form of yoga courses and mindfulness workshops, incense sticks and dream catchers, esoteric contents have long since arrived in the middle of society, are no longer considered exotic, but part of modern life in Germany.

In the year of the Corona crisis, esotericism has nevertheless come increasingly into the focus of public attention – and has irritated some people. Because, of all things, during the much-noticed protests against the pandemic measures, a conspicuously large number of esotericists took to the streets and had no inhibitions about demonstrating alongside right-wing extremists and Reichsburger (citizens of the Reich). How is this possible for people who are primarily concerned about their mental well-being and inner peace?? And must everyone who is interested in the supernatural now distance himself from the anti-democrats who wanted to storm the Reichstag building at the end of August??

Who rips off? Who means well?

The criticism that esotericism has had to contend with in Germany so far has been different. Firstly, none of the effects promised by her gurus and hoped for by their followers can be proven scientifically. And secondly: In the industry cavort row by row Geschaftemacher and Scharlatane, also such, which have no inhibitions to drive gullible assistance-looking for into the ruin. And it is hard to distinguish the rip-off artists and impostors from those who really mean well with their clients.

Andrea Partisch, the offerer of the qualitatively high-quality Plejaden energy, is medium, spiritual Coach and transformation coach according to own data. She is said to have possessed psychic abilities since birth, which she wants to use for the benefit of mankind. You can get advice from Partisch – apart from their TV appearances – by phone. That costs 3.99 euros per minute.

"Aura Chakra Cleaner Pro" – 120 euros

She also runs an online store where she sells products like the "Aura Chakra Cleaner Pro," a palm-sized piece of glass with seven pink spheres on it. Andrea Partisch claims that she has "specially energized" this item, which is why it can realign energy fields. The "Aura Chakra Cleaner Pro" costs 120 euros. Why can she, of all people, offer Pleiades energy. Why is her advice so expensive? On request Andrea Partisch writes, she is ready for an interview with the Tagesspiegel. A day later she contacts you again and tells you she has changed her mind. After consultation with her marketing agency, they came to the conclusion that an article "does not fit into our concept at the moment".

Diagnoses from astrologers

The Astro channel.TV, which gives a stage to people like Partisch, but also dream interpreters, karma astrologers, commuters and pet psychics, is owned by the Berlin-based company Adviqo. That operates 14 other esoteric brands and online portals, including the platform Questico, on which then the expensive telephone consultation can be booked with the esotericists, who have previously demonstrated their skills on Astro.Have touted TV. The business model has been massively criticized by consumer advocates, among other things because medical diagnoses have been made on the station at times ("You're in for a hip replacement in the next two years").

Adviqo's creative director initially agrees to an interview with the Tagesspiegel on several occasions. She has the questions sent to her in advance. Then she writes that an interview is not possible due to time constraints.

The club of the "initiated

The knowledge that only initiates have – that means esotericism in the literal sense of the word. Esoterics are those who know, exoterics know nothing.

Esotericism is often associated with being unaffected by civilization. Close to nature. Without technology. Simply. Down to earth. This is a guiding principle of esoteric thinking, often found on the pages of printed books. The magnum opus of one of the most important French critics of the rationality of the West in the 20. The title of a nineteenth-century book – his name was Rene Guenon – was "The crisis of the modern world". First published in 1927. A new edition is to be released once again at the end of October 2020; there is apparently a noticeable demand for it. A few years before Rene Guenon, namely in 1917, Oswald Spengler had published his work "The Decline of the Occident".

I am already with you in the energy field what fascinates the Germans so at esoterik

Hundreds of people celebrate a church service on the shore of Lake Constance. © Felix Kastle/dpa, Editing: Tagesspiegel

Rene Guenon belongs to the most important thinkers of a direction, which wanted to oppose the rational thinking with a religiously underlaid thinking, inspired by the great religions of Asia. British historian Mark Sedgwick describes him as a mastermind of "traditionalism" in his standard work "Against the Modern World – The Secret Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century".

Longing for the spiritual elite

Traditionalism is a spiritual doctrine that is not based on reason alone. Sedgwick gives Guenons conception of the salvation of the west as follows: It requires a new metaphysical and spiritual elite, trained in eastern knowledge systems – still another element of many esoteric directions: the wisdom of the east. The new elite, Guenon says, should introduce the West to a restoration of traditional culture.

Civilization, the society designed according to the rules of reason, with its rights, regulations, constraints and duties: This is the target of esoteric thought and, by extension, esoteric models of life. Civilization with its possibilities – and with the emptiness of its functionality, the mechanics of its institutions, the coldness of law, the pragmatism of politics. Esotericism, on the other hand, puts its allegedly higher meaning – even if only initiates, members of an elite, recognize it.

The conflict of science, politics and religion

For the religious scholar Daniel Cyranka from the University of Halle-Wittenberg, the development, the boom of esotericism shows a dispute about the power of interpretation in our present. This dispute started about 150 to 200 years ago, in the time of the political, economic and scientific revolutions after 1789 – such as in the German Vormarz and in other European countries. At that time, says Cyranka, it was about a conflict between politics, science and religion – and about truth: about true religion, true science in the field of tension between materialism, natural philosophy, but also mesmerism and occult and spiritualistic currents.

Cyranka's research is based on concepts: There is a significance to Karl Marx writing in 1848 that "a spectre" is haunting Europe. At the same time, she says, movements have emerged that seek contact with the other, invisible world in "seances". According to Cyranka, socialist movements also converge with themes such as spiritualism and occultism.

Distancing himself from a world that does not suit you

"New names stand for new situations, constellations and developments," says Daniel Cyranka. This also applies to the present. For him, esotericism today is a search movement, a search for truth, orientation, and self-empowerment at a time when the state is suddenly regulating much more than it has done for a long time.

Esotericism is the dissociation from a world in which a lot of things do not suit you. Those who claim cosmic consciousness, higher knowledge or alternative paths to knowledge define themselves by a "higher than" or "better than," says Cyranka. This is often associated with the devaluation of science, open society and its culture of debate, and the rejection of social consensus or communal religion.

Then Cyranka says the beautiful sentence in the telephone conversation: "Democracy is not available. Democracy is an endeavor." And effort is something other than the proclamation of esoteric knowledge.

A 72-year-old predicted Corona – or did she?

A core competence of esotericists is to be able to look into the future. Some do this by interpreting the stars, laying cards or putting themselves in trance states. Andrea Partisch, the woman with the Pleiades energies, also claims that she knows about what is coming if she only checks her energy fields thoroughly. Many have the confidence to predict the course of world history and publish their forecasts for the following year each December. Shouldn't they have known in advance about something as serious as the coronavirus??

Yes, I foresaw the virus, says Amberg psychic Annatala Natalia Geiger-Jordtveit. She also has proof, she writes to the Tagesspiegel, and is ready for a telephone interview. As proof, the 72-year-old sends a forecast about imminent volcanic eruptions, changes in world politics and the danger of terrorist attacks, in which these two sentences can actually be found: "A dangerous disease will spread through a virus from Africa. Thanks to new vaccines, however, this is quickly combated."

I am already with you in the energy field what fascinates the Germans so at esoterik

Clairvoyant Annatala Geiger-Jordtveit predicts the future. However, extremely vague and often incorrect. © Oberpfalz TV/Screenshot tsp, Editing: Tagesspiegel

The prediction, it turns out, was from December 2016, however, so it was meant to anticipate what would happen in 2017. In subsequent years, Geiger-Jordtveit did not predict a virus again. For the wrong time indication there is a plausible explanation, says the clairvoyant on the telephone. The visions she receives are not time-stamped, so there may be occasional temporary deviations: "Time is not an ie."The fact that she also predicted a virus from Africa instead of Asia is also unproblematic: "You never know exactly where it will come from. It can come from anywhere."She still considers Africa as the actual origin conceivable.

The list of failures is remarkable

In order to look into the future, Annatala Natalia Geiger-Jordtveit says she first puts herself into a trance. How to do this, she learned during a one-week stay in Croatia. She has been a clairvoyant for 45 years. On the phone she says that she has already foreseen other remarkable things besides Corona. If you look at the archives of their forecasts, the list of their failures is especially remarkable.

For 2010, Annatala Natalia Geiger-Jordtveit explicitly predicted that Germany would not be the soccer world champion. For 2012, she knew that Vladimir Putin would no longer be elected, that Caroline of Monaco would get divorced, and that the deutschmark would return. In 2016, Hillary Clinton will probably become U.S. president ("She will bring some good changes for America"). The clairvoyant even wrongly predicted Angelique Kerber's stay at the top of the tennis world rankings.

Never before has a surprising event been correctly predicted

Geiger-Jordtveit is no exception, but practically the prototype of a clairvoyant, says the Mainz mathematician Michael Kunkel on the phone. On behalf of the Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences (GwUP), he has been documenting the forecasts of fortune tellers, clairvoyants and astrologers for 18 years, in order to check them for their truth content at the end of the year. The results are sobering. "Never before has a surprising event, which was therefore not to be expected and which has not yet occurred in this way, been correctly predicted," says Kunkel. No one in the world had predicted a pandemic on the scale of the corona crisis either.

People claim they can move objects with their mind

This is how it is generally in esotericism. As soon as an attempt is made to measure the effect statistically, the results are devastating. Every year at the University of Wurzburg, the GwUP offers tests for people who claim to be psychically gifted. Those who can prove their abilities under scientific conditions receive 10.000 euros. There came mind readers, diviners and fortune tellers, even people who claimed to be able to move objects with their mind power or even float through the air themselves.

I am already with you in the energy field what fascinates the Germans so at esoterik

Scientifically proven: This man can hold a hammer the wrong way. © Sebastian Leber, Editing: Tagesspiegel

No one ever received the money. The person in charge of the test series says that the real superpower of the candidates is always revealed after the tests: namely, when they find creative explanations for their failure.

Sometimes the stars were unfavorable, sometimes lack of sleep was to blame, or a secret power wanted to prevent victory. Only one candidate has shown insight in all these years. After his failure, the man admitted that he might not have supernatural abilities after all. But the insight did not last long. A few days later he contacted me again and said he had changed his mind. A higher spiritual power had allowed him to continue using his psychic talents.

The esoteric scene also knows about the impostors

The fact that there are many impostors and rip-off artists in the industry is also evident within the esoteric scene – and is increasingly seen as a problem, since it is precisely the trust of customers that is important, given the scientific unverifiability of any benefits. However, it is disputed who all belongs to the rip-off artists, where fraud begins and where distancing is necessary.

In Nidda, Hesse, the Dachverband Geistiges Heilen e.V. its seat. An association of healers and esotericists who want to distance themselves from dubious providers. The association has developed a code of ethics. Whoever wants to belong to the circle of the fair healers must follow rules when laying on hands, praying or performing shamanic rituals. For example: "I never promise healing or even relief."

Never do I promise healing or even relief.

Or also: "I expressly ask my clients not to place their hope in me alone." And, of course, "clients must not be deceived, manipulated, or subtly influenced, for example, by unsolicited thank-you letters or newspaper articles presented or handed to them."This weekend, the association had actually planned its annual congress, there were to be lectures on "Therapeutic Telepathy" and "Spiritual Healing in Animals", as well as an introduction to the "still little known bee shamanism". Critics say: The efforts of the association are honorable – but do not change the fact that also the offers of respectable spiritual healers have no scientifically provable medical use beyond the placebo effect.

I am already with you in the energy field what fascinates the Germans so at esoterik

A demonstrator holds flowers in front of police officers during a protest against the Corona measures in front of the Russian embassy. © Christoph Soeder/dpa, Editing: Tagesspiegel

Books are an essential medium in esotericism. Whereby one should grant their authors – from Eliphas Levi via Alan Kardec to Rudolf Steiner – that they believed in what they brought to paper and to the lecture. The volumes of the Russian author Vladimir Megre sell millions of copies. His novel character Anastasia, heroine of the ten-volume book series, is allegedly the ambassador of an ancient people, she possesses psychic abilities such as telepathy and teleportation. Allegedly, the author met Anastasia in 1994 "in a remote taiga clearing". Above all, however, Anastasia is the leading figure of a movement in which even the constitutional protectors are now interested.

The believers of Anastasia

If you think it's the harmless crankery of a Russian author with highly developed business acumen, take a look at the "Anastasia movement" that is now underway in Germany – the emphasis is on "land". The series had an effect. In this country there are Anastasia believers.

Their followers settle in the countryside and practice agriculture, preferably organic. The settlers like to wear a flowing full beard and talk down what their farm has to do with "Anastasia," at least when they are approached by representatives of public broadcasters. This shows a report of the "Bayrischer Rundfunk" about the movement of 2018.

Targeted by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

The movement has also come to the attention of the constitutional protectors in Germany. The constitutional protectors of Baden-Wurttemberg wrote in response to a question about the "evaluation of the state government" on the Anastasia movement: It is "a right-wing esoteric, nature-religious movement, whose ideological orientation includes racist, volkisch and anti-Semitic aspects.". The constitutional protectors did not know to what extent this ideology "is lived in practice". But they mentioned two "family country seats" – the ideological nuclei of the movement – near Landshut and near Lorrach. And they knew about "connections" of the Anastasia people to Reich citizens and self-governors.

You can quickly get to Berlin, where at the end of August, during a demonstration that turned out to be bigger than expected, strange people with tinfoil on their heads, old hippies and squat men with short hair and black-white-red flags turned the streets into the scene of a "cross-front". Are esotericists therefore right-wing extremists who do not know it? Are esotericists pushing the agenda of the right-wingers, the Reichsburger, the state haters – all those who have made the Corona pandemic the vehicle for their criticism of the regulatory state power with its penchant for ever new regulations??

31 Esoteric fairs

Esotericism is as complex as it is dazzling in Germany. Germania is present, the pacifism of Far Eastern spirituality as well. On the Internet page "Asatru" – conceptually obviously oriented to the Germanic gods, the Asen – one reads under the photo of a small table, in the middle of the forest under trees: "As a friend of the simple and archaic forms this is a Stallar, thus a small Altartischchen for the easy along-pulling in the backpack meant on roving tours by the forest or Blot hikes ('Blot' means sacrifice). There are so many sublime moments in many a glade flooded with forest light, which invite you to take a short break and celebrate this in a framed form."

Forest walkers with their own altar have something as esoteric as aging hippies who danced singing in the street at the demonstration in late August. The (commercial) website "Messeninfo" writes (the data probably comes from the time before the Corona pandemic): From 3687 fairs 31 are esoteric fairs.

Top topic: Energetic cleansing

In German-speaking countries, they bear titles such as "Spirituality and Healing", "Happiness", "Lebenskraft" or "NaturEinKlang" (NatureInsound). Lectures are offered as well as coaching, life coaching, talismans and wellness products. The "Spectrum of Spirituality" fair, to be held in Siegen in May 2021, advertises events on healing sessions, mediumistic sessions, afterlife contacts, card reading, aura reading, aura cleansing, water shiatsu, singing bowl massages, Fogo Sagrado – which is a shamanic technique to dissolve blockages. Other topics in Siegen: spiritual life counseling, energetic cleansing, massages, reading shamrock cards. And astrological consultations.

According to a study by a large insurance company, 23 percent of those surveyed believe that the stars influence our lives. Social psychologist Pia Lamberty cites this figure as an indication of how widespread "magical thinking" is. Lamberty researches at the University of Mainz how "prejudice structures" work, also politically. Conspiracy theories are prejudice structures; they belong at least to some directions of esotericism, such as the Anastasia movement.

Reichsburger and electrosmog

The "connection" between esoteric movements and right-wing Reichsburger, which has now been shown publicly, did not surprise Pia Lamberty. You go to the health food store, flip through an esoteric magazine and come across an ad from the right-wing Kopp publishing company, she says. He is currently promoting the new publications "Caution dictatorship – How democracy is being dismantled and a totalitarian state is being built up in Germany" and "5G". Electrosmog and Glyphosate – How to eliminate the silent killers of mankind".

Conspiracy beliefs have "taken a leap" since 2012, Lamberty says. This is shown, for example, by the authoritarianism study of the University of Leipzig. In 2012, for example, about 21 percent of respondents were convinced of conspiracy theories, in 2016 it was 32 percent, in 2019 it was one third. Between the belief in a conspiracy and esoteric beliefs there is a "correlation on a quantitative level," she says – that is, a direct relationship. The starting point is a feeling of loss of control. This could be the loss of a job, the search for a meaning in life – or a pandemic like Corona.

Few can control many

How this works is shown in a study that can be found on the Internet at "Infoticker Passau. The Internet side wants on "right-wing activities in. To draw attention to "Passau. In June Infoticker published a long text with many photos about the "Passau Corona Rebels. An exciting dossier. It shows how a few, well connected and communicative people can control a movement – as already with Pegida in Dresden.

Infoticker people identified as organizers of various rallies and the movement "For Freedom" a business couple, a neo-Nazi and a businesswoman from the "power food" scene. Does not one have to think there of the Veganer rebel, Mochtegern Federal Chancellor and becoming resistance fighter, the citizens of Berlin Corona rebel Attila Hildmann?

Fight against water veins

In any case, the businessman couple earns its money with: Esotericism. She organizes courses in "Theta Healing" and promises: "Here you will learn how to work with your subconscious in a simple way and how to find and change everything that still burdens or blocks you in any way in your life!" He sells "sleep systems" based on beds made of Swiss pine wood. The company's offer also includes "complete interference suppression of the sleeping room by means of a specially developed process". It "neutralizes" electrical radiation as well as "geomagnetic fields, grids, radioactive and cosmic rays, and water veins".

In the Esoterik some things come together, which do not fit together actually. Some has to do with business, some with faith, some with politics. The Passau Corona rebels organized demonstrations in May and June – as documented by Infoticker – on a weekly basis, mostly attended by a few hundred people. Breaches of hygiene rules occurred, which are confessional in such demonstrations.

Proximity of rights and rebels

The combination of closeness to esotericism and – right-wing – political rebelliousness can be found in many places and in the most different variations. One cannot conclude from this the size of the scene, something like a corona rebel movement. But you can see, as with Pegida: a few can set a lot in motion.

I am already with you in the energy field what fascinates the Germans so at esoterik

Aranka claims to believe that she can read the future in maps. © Thilo Ruckeis, Editing: Tagesspiegel

A phenomenon of our time. We live in a sequence of crises. At the end of the noughties the financial crisis – at that time the chancellor coined the word that the rescue of the banks and the gigantic euro rescue umbrella were without alternative. A little later the refugee crisis. The climate crisis. Then the corona pandemic. In between the dispute about how to deal with Greece, the development of the EU, the distribution of refugees to the West and East, today the dispute about how to deal with the autocrat Putin, the Bosphorus Sultan Erdogan, the psychologically difficult Trump, the power-politically highly demanding Xi Jinping.

Dystopias are booming, in books as well as computer games. Politics has become crisis management, difficult to see through and judge for most. Especially since orientation in. From politics is not easy. Politics in a non-ideological time, a time of pragmatists, at least in Western Europe with its consolidated democracies – people look elsewhere for the sense of commitment and interest.

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Constitutionalists are still sifting through photos from the demo that made the strange alliance of right-wingers and esotericists so abundantly clear in late August. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution states that the number of those who combine esotericism and right-wing orientation is "manageable".

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