Information films media women’s self-help cancer

Information films of the FSHWomen's Self-Help Cancer has made films on various topics with affected people. You can watch the clips here:

information films media women's self-help cancer

Breast cancer – What now?

The 16-minute film presents two women who – each in her own way – have found a new way to approach their lives with the diagnosis and illness: To take courage, to develop perspectives, but also to admit fear and to deal with it.

Or read our orientation guide on the topic: Orientation guide "Breast cancer – What now??

Information films media women's self-help cancer

Relatives of people with cancer

In the 15-minute film, two relatives of people with cancer tell how their lives have changed. In addition, the film features interviews with ten other relatives, a married couple, and a psychology graduate.

Information films media women's self-help cancer

Women with cancer and their children

The 14-minute film features two mothers with the disease who talk about how they involve their children in their lives with cancer.

You can watch the film online here.

Or read our guide on the subject: "Women with cancer and their children" leaflet?

Information films media women's self-help cancer

Breast cancer – living with metastases

In the twelve-minute film two women are introduced, who found their personal way to live well with metastases after breast cancer.

You can order the film from us using the form above or watch it online here.

Or read our brochure on the topic: Living with metastases

DVD "Singing is life"

In its 13-minute film, the DVD presents people with cancer who have set out to find and strengthen their own (singing) voice. Beyond that the DVD publishes in its bonus part detailed interviews of concerning, member, musicians, therapists and physicians and offers many suggestions for spontaneous going through.

The DVD cannot be ordered through this website. If you are interested, please contact the office of the North Rhine-Westphalia branch of the FSH: by mail: kontakt-nrw (at) frauenselbsthilfe.en or by telephone: Mo. – Fri.: 8:30 -12:30 by phone: 0211 – 34 17 09

Concept and realization of the DVDs: medienburo Essen, Christine Kostrzewa on behalf of the Frauenenselbsthilfe Krebs (Women's Self-Help Cancer). Copyright: The films are protected by copyright.

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