Information on coronavirus landeshauptstadt schwerin

With the reduction of Corona measures to a few basic protective measures, the Schwerin health department is also returning to regular operations on weekdays and discontinuing its on-call services on weekends. Current infection figures are reported by the health department to the state health department only from Monday to Friday. "After more than two years, given the months of extreme stress and the now manageable situation, it is time to return to regular working hours. The weekend services were secured by the public health department with large personnel commitment. I would like to thank all employees for this," said Mayor Rico Badenschier, explaining the decision of the municipal Corona crisis team.

Those infected with the Corona virus now receive the laboratory results with the results of the PCR test first on weekends. These are at the same time valid as isolation notices of the health department and inform about behavior in case of Corona infection, especially the necessity of a domestic segregation according to §5 Corona LVO. In addition, the health department continues to send a text message or e-mail when contact information is available, but with the return to regular service hours not ehr on weekends, but only from Mondays again.

The municipal Corona service will also be discontinued on 1. May 2022, the city's Corona hotline at 545-3333, where there have been few calls recently, will also be discontinued.

With the expiry of the Corona hotspot regulations and the entry into force of the new Corona state ordinance applies when entering the town hall since 28. April 2022 no more mask obligation. Employees are also no longer required to wear masks at the city building. However, wearing masks is still recommended, especially where the minimum distance cannot be safely maintained. Separate regulations apply in the health department, fire department and rescue service.

Laboratory result counts as isolation certificate

Persons infected with the Corona virus have been receiving since 1. April 2022 from the Schwerin health department, no more separate isolation notices will be ied. You will be informed about the detected infection with the laboratory result of the PCR test. If the contact details are available, additionally informed by SMS or e-mail message.

The laboratory notices with the proof of a positive PCR result then contain an additional information text from the health department. It includes behavioral instructions in the event of Corona infection, in particular the need for domestic segregation in accordance with §5 Corona LVO.

With the positive PCR result, affected persons can then also obtain the convalescent detection (z.B. in a pharmacy). It is also valid as an isolation notice for submission to the employer. This simplification of workflow is being implemented throughout Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Affected individuals can request lab results directly from the lab. As a rule, the laboratory has an online service for this purpose. The findings are sent digitally. The infected person can print out this document or show it by cell phone if needed. For further questions, please call the Corona hotline at 0385 545-3333.

Vaccination center Schwerin offers in the Schlosspark-Center 2. Booster vaccination on

For people over 70 years of age, the Standing Commission on Vaccination recommends a second booster vaccination after 3 months to maintain immune protection. The vaccination center Schwerin offers these in addition to the house-. Specialists at the Schlossparkcenter location. Please note: The location in the sports and congress hall has been closed, there is no vaccination possibility there anymore.

Possible are vaccinations without prior appointment always at the appointment-free opening hours on Wednesdays and Fridays between 12 to 18 clock possible. Alternatively, appointments can still be booked until the end of April via the state's hotline at 0385 20271115.

Open vaccination campaigns

Vaccine: Moderna (mRNA vaccine) + BionTech (mRNA vaccine) + Novavax

Vaccine: Moderna (mRNA vaccine) + BionTech (mRNA vaccine) + Novavax

Important information

Rules for quarantine and isolation

Information on coronavirus state capital schwerin

The state capital has extended its general order on contact person management until 24.05.22 extended.

The general decree applies to all persons who have been informed that they have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for the Corona virus. It regulates how these close contacts must behave. For infected persons, on the other hand, the Corona state regulation applies (§1a, para. 8). They will still receive an individual notice from the health department to order home isolation.

– A 10-day quarantine applies to close contacts. Quarantine ends without testing. – Boosters do not have to go into quarantine. – Freshly double vaccinated, vaccinated recovered and freshly recovered also do not have to be quarantined. Fresh is always a vaccination or recovery, if it is not longer than three months ago. – A shortening of the quarantine to 7 days is possible by PCR or rapid test. – Exceptions are infections in schools and daycare centers, which are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Leaflets for infected persons and contact persons

Contact address for those vaccinated at the vaccination center

Information on coronavirus state capital schwerin

For citizens vaccinated at the vaccination center who have questions about their vaccination record, the city administration has set up a central e-mail address. Under [email protected], they can contact the Schwerin Vaccination Center, stating their name, date of birth, date of vaccinations, and vaccine. An administrative fee of €15 will be charged for a duplicate of a vaccination certificate if the original has been lost. For those who do not have the ability to send an email, the city's Corona Hotline at 0385 545-3333 is available for these inquiries.

Further information about corona

Current regulations

A certificate of recovery from the local health department is no longer required for the iance of a digital certificate of recovery. This is pointed out by the health department of the state capital.

All persons who had a positive PCR test result and have received the isolation letter from the health department can use this letter to contact a pharmacy. Via a nationwide digital portal, pharmacies create a certificate of recovery according to EU regulation. The health department points out that the certificate of recovery will not be ied until from day 28 valid after the positive PCR test.

Those who have recovered must show their ID card (or another valid ID document with a photo) and proof of a positive PCR test (z.B. by means of a medical or official certificate), which must not date back more than 180 days, to bring to the pharmacy.

Corona hotspot regulations expire on 27. April throughout Mecklenburg from. Only the basic protective measures permitted under the Infection Protection Act will then also apply in Schwerin. This also takes into account the decision of the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Greifswald on Friday.

After by the OVG judgement already since the weekend in many mechanisms and/or. with many offers no more mask and test obligations are omitted from 28. April also the other mask and test obligations. These include mandatory testing for the unvaccinated when arriving at hotels, the 2G-plus regulation in discos and clubs, and mandatory masking in cinemas, theaters and museums.

After the expiry of the hotspot regulations, from 28. April but as basic protective measures:

– the mask obligation in public transport – the mask obligation for visitors in hospitals, medical practices and care facilities (if vulnerable groups are at risk) – 3G testing obligations u.a. for visitors to hospitals and fully or partially hospitalized facilities. Semi-inpatient care facilities

However, it is still recommended to continue wearing mask protection in indoor areas and especially where distances are not maintained and vulnerable groups are present.

Based on the state parliament resolutions of 24. March, the state government passed a new Corona state ordinance, which came into effect on 1. April replaces the previous regulation with the transitional arrangements.

The following protective measures are to be maintained to avert danger:

– The mask requirement in (public) indoor areas, combined with the urgent recommendation to wear a mask also in outdoor areas whenever the distance requirement cannot be met; – The distance requirement of at least 1.5 meters, or alternatively, in the case of seating, the guarantee of the so-called checkerboard pattern; – The continuation of the 3-G rule in accordance with the transitional regulations (alternatively, the possibility of the 2-G option model, in which case mask or distance can be waived); – The continuation of the 2-G+ rule in clubs and discotheques in accordance with the transitional regulations; – The maintenance of the obligation to maintain hygiene concepts in accordance with the transitional regulations.

Information about coronavirus state capital Schwerin

The Test center at Helios Kliniken Schwerin, Wismarsche Strabe 397, is open from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. PCR tests ordered by the public health department are offered. Private PCR tests as well as rapid tests. The test center can be reached by phone at 0385 520-6444 during opening hours. On holidays 24.12-26.12. and 31.12-01.01. has established the smear center at the Helios Kliniken Schwerin, Wismarsche Str. 393-397, 19055 Schwerin open from 10:00- 18:00 hrs.

For PCR testing on behalf of the Public Health Service, the second Helios Test Center at Berliner Platz 4 in the building of the former post office. In addition to PCR tests, the center also offers the free citizen rapid tests. Open Mon. – Fr. 10.00 – 14.00 o'clock. On 24.12. and 31.12. closed.

For the PCR tests commissioned by the Public Health Service, the health department has Lowenapotheke at the train station, Grunthalplatz 10 has commissioned another provider to establish an easily accessible and low-threshold offer in addition to the test center at the Helios Clinics. The new offer is intended primarily for contacts who would like to shorten their quarantine by undergoing a free test on the 5.

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