Infrared cabin pregnancy what to consider

Infrared cabin& Pregnancy: What to bear in mind!

The infrared sauna invites you to relax with soothing heat. Their effect is based on the name-giving rays, which come from the infrared (IR) range of the light spectrum. If these meet the skin, warmth is released there – a sauna effect occurs. Compared to other types of saunas, the infrared cabin gets less hot, so a sauna session is less stressful on the body. You can even go to the infrared cabin when pregnant, provided you follow the sauna rules we have compiled for you on infrared cabin and pregnancy.

The infrared cabin creates a warm, dry sauna climate. Compared to the Finnish sauna with its hot-dry climate or the steam bath with its hot-humid climate, the temperatures in the infrared sauna are noticeably milder. Between 35 and 50 degrees Celsius (° C) they are usually. This way the IR sauna climate puts less strain on your circulation than the two types of sauna mentioned above. And that's why both young and old sauna-goers find a visit to an infrared sauna to be rather well tolerated. Look around gladly in our Onlineshop, there we offer a large selection to you at Infrarotsaunen!

Our Tip: To the good compatibility further advantages of an infrared cab come, for example that it can be set up easily and owing to its compact building also almost everywhere and needs only a household-usual plug socket for the power supply. We explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of an infrared cabin in our article: "Infrared cabin advantages&" disadvantages: Everything at a glance".

The mild temperatures in the infrared cabin may also be enjoyed by pregnant women. How the infrared cabin affects pregnant women, we now explain:

Infrared cabin: Pregnant sweating

The effect of infrared sauna on pregnant women can be considered in terms of radiation and heat:

This is how the infrared rays affect pregnant women

IR rays can be divided into short-wave IR-A rays, medium-wave IR-B rays and long-wave IR-C rays depending on their wavelength. Infrared cabins work with one of these types of radiation or combine several of them.

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According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), depending on the wavelength, IR-A radiation penetrates into deeper skin layers with a share of about two-thirds (65 percent), parts of which also penetrate into the lowest skin layer (subcutis), while IR-B and IR-C rays are already completely absorbed in the uppermost skin layer, the cornea (also called stratum corneum). This means that the IR radiation does not penetrate under the skin into deeper regions of the body. The uterus of a pregnant woman with the growing child inside is therefore not reached by the infrared rays and therefore not affected.

For his meta-study on the effects of infrared cabins, the author Richard Beever, a medical doctor, also evaluated studies according to which there was no risk for pregnant women or nursing mothers when properly visiting an infrared sauna.

This is how the heat of the infrared cabin works during pregnancy

The gynecologist Dr. med. Vincenzo Bluni points out in the context of its pregnancy consultation in on-line portal approximately around the baby in an answer to the question of a reader, whether it may pregnant into an infrared cabin, that in the infrared cabin of its knowledge the same recommendations would apply, as for each other form of the Sauna, even if some Wellnessanbieter and manufacturers for pure precautionary reasons from the use in the pregnancy would advise away.

German Sauna Association e.V. pregnant women are allowed to use the sauna, including the infrared sauna, as long as they follow certain rules of conduct (see our sauna rules below)!). The chairman of the German Sauna Association, Prof. Dr. med. Eberhard Conradi, emphasizes that alternating sauna heat and cooling would stimulate the blood circulation. This prevents problems such as varicose veins and thrombosis, which can occur as the child grows in the womb and the prere on the veins increases.

In addition, the warmth of the sauna has a relaxing effect on the extraordinarily stressed muscles in the pelvic area of pregnant women. This in turn makes the upcoming birth easier and shorter, says the sauna association with reference to researchers from Finland.

Water retention in the ties (so-called edema) can be reduced or prevented by sauna heat. Joint and back pain, which pregnant women often complain of, is also said to be alleviated by regular visits to the sauna.

Birgit Laue, a midwife and author, reports that sauna heat also helps pregnant women with skin problems. For more detailed information on the effect of the sauna on health. Well-being of pregnant women, we recommend our magazine article "Pregnant in the sauna? 12 rules for sauna during pregnancy".

Infrared cabin – pregnancy determines number of sauna visits and sauna sessions

Your body performs at its best during pregnancy: Therefore, do not put it under unnecessary stress! Experience shows that one sauna visit per week with two comparatively short sauna sessions of five to ten minutes is sufficient during pregnancy to feel positive sauna effects.

Sauna rules for pregnant women in the infrared cabin

It already sounded: Basic sauna rules for pregnant women also apply in the infrared sauna. In addition count:

1. Pregnant in the infrared cabin? Please only experienced sauna users!
You have never visited a sauna before? Then your first sauna visit should also not take place if you are pregnant. The strain on the body could be too high.

2. Only healthy into the infrared sauna!
A sauna visit demands a lot from the body. You should only expose yourself to extra stress if you and your unborn child are healthy and the pregnancy is harmless. Talk to your doctor before visiting the infrared sauna. Get the green light for it! If you suffer from kidney diseases, high blood prere, gestosis and/or have pronounced varicose veins, you should definitely refrain from visiting the sauna during your pregnancy. Women who have a so-called high-risk pregnancy certified in their maternity record should also avoid the sauna.

3. Do not go into the infrared cabin during early pregnancy!
Dr. Heinz Leipold from the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Perinatology Center Klinikum am Worthersee in Klagenfurt advises on the wellness blog against visiting the sauna in early pregnancy (1. The German sauna association, which has been in existence since the second trimester, does not recommend sauna use, as there is still a high risk of malformations in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, because the embryo develops very quickly and is particularly susceptible to external influences.

4. In the pregnancy only gently sauna!
The body temperature of the pregnant woman should not rise above 39 °C. According to Dr. According to Leipold, this could lead to the baby's oxygen supply being impaired. In case of overheating and consequently sweating, more blood flows in the vessels under the skin to cool down the body. Therefore, less blood and therefore less oxygen reaches the internal organs and the brain. Gentle sauna types are to be preferred, for example the sanarium, the caldarium and the infrared cabin. Start the latter necessarily with low intensity!

Our tip: In our magazine article "Sauna types: An overview of all sauna types for the home", we introduce you to all common sauna types.

5. Pregnant women sauna better sitting!
Choose lower places in the infrared cabin, where the heat is lowest. To prevent nausea in the infrared sauna, it is better to sit than lie flat on your back at the end of pregnancy.

6. Pregnant women sauna safer with sauna companion!
It is best to visit the sauna with a companion: if you feel nauseous in the infrared cabin, your companion can help you or get you help.

7. Do not go to the infrared sauna with preterm labor!
You are in premature labor? Then you must not go to the infrared cabin, because the heat promotes labor pains.

8. After the infrared sauna: Pregnant not in the cold plunge pool!
After your sauna session, refrain from cooling off in the cold plunge pool. More gentle is a cool shower, where you use the hose to shower first the legs, then the arms and then the torso, first the back, last the abdomen.

9. Pregnancy& Infrared cabin – drink a lot is a must!
Even if you find it increasingly difficult as your pregnancy progresses, because the baby is pressing on your bladder: make sure you drink enough before and after visiting the infrared cabin to compensate for the loss of fluids caused by pregnant sweating in the infrared cabin.

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