Infrared cabins from whirlpool center effect and advantages

Since time immemorial, cultures of all ages have used the positive effect of heat on the organism. People instinctively feel better in a warm environment and literally flee from the cold. The heat not only provides physical well-being, but also has a positive effect on the mind and general well-being. Heat source penetrates more or less deeply under the skin, depending on the wavelength. Can thus fulfill its effect in the whole body.

Regular use can:

Strengthen the immune system
boost the metabolism
improve blood circulation
help in the treatment of skin diseases
strongly support weight loss

The effect of infrared cabins is comparable to light cardio training/ endurance sports. In doing so, you'll have the benefit of relaxing muscles instead of creating more tension. At the same time you can have a pleasant conversation. Enjoy the infrared heat together. Compared to a sauna, the IR radiation is only converted into heat on the skin and does not heat the entire air. This creates a comforting warmth that is easier on the body than the high temperatures and humidity of conventional saunas.

The health of the human body is significantly increased by heat. It is first of all secondary, whether one uses an infrared cabin, or sauna. It is important to use it regularly. If one pays attention to a few things, even health problems can be counteracted. For example, a cold can be effectively – It is important to go regularly over a long period of time in the sauna or infrared cabin, not to expose themselves to heat for too long and to pay attention to cooling, for example, by cold showers between sessions. Then you can do with little effort and incidentally his health with a heat treatment something really good. Nevertheless, much does not always help much and who exaggerates it with the time in the cabin, for which it can be harmful under circumstances. In order to use the pleasant effect optimally, one should always keep to the temporal defaults of the manufacturers.

Lose weight with infrared

Some studies show that weight loss with the help of IR-A is quite possible. But don't expect the pounds to fall off all by themselves. The body's heat path in the IR cabin only mobilizes deeper layers of fat, which are not normally addressed during weight loss. That means: apart from the regular Saunieren in the cab is sport, general physical activity and a balanced diet considerably for successes with the weight loss.

However, it is always important not to lose too much fluid while taking a sauna. Often the strong liquid loss leads falsely to euphoria with users of the infrared warmth cabin. When you sweat, you lose about half a liter of fluid for every 30 minutes of sweating. This is in the long term however health-damaging, since apart from the water also salts are sweated out, which the body urgently needs. So drink a lot before and after the sessions and make sure you have an adequate salt intake. If this works, you can lose weight quickly and healthily and soon look forward to new sizes of clothes.

The different infrared radiations explained:

Infrared is not equal to infrared. The term describes a range of electric magnetic voltage, which includes visible cunning and UV. The more short-wave the infrared radiation, the more energy-rich and warming this can work.

The person benefits from the heat, which helps the entire body to relax and also achieves said effects. Infrared radiation-A penetrates deep under the skin. Heats tie from the inside. This high penetration depth has a positive influence on the mind and loosens muscle tensions. IR-A is a particularly short-wave radiation with low temperatures, which is used in the best infrared cabins. We recommend cabins with IR-A emitters to enjoy sufficient deep heat, so that the cabin works effectively and healthily with minimum expenditure of time.

IR-A radiation has been used by medicine for a long time, so a profound experience could be had. infrared A is used in various therapies, z.B. Used in the treatment of warts.

IR-B radiation:

Medium-wave infrared B-waves, which produce pleasant heat and warm the body in the outermost layers. It has a calming effect. Produced by full spectrum infrared radiators. Infrared C affects the whole body. Comes closest to the warmth of a Finnish sauna. Positive effects of IR-C radiation are the strengthening of the immune system (protection against e.g. colds). colds) and healing effect on the skin when used correctly. Class C infrared rays produce the highest temperatures, but only act on the surface of the skin. In this way the body can be stimulated to sweat effectively and to the full extent, as in a classical sauna.

woodena SanaSense infrared cabins

The body benefits on many levels from a regular visit to the infrared heat cabin. In order for you to feel comfortable and enjoy sweating at the temperatures of up to 73 degrees, woodena uses high-quality woods that release essential oils that contribute to the effect on health. In addition, a combination of full-spectrum infrared radiators. Mica-carbon radiant panels. So you can enjoy the full effect of infrared radiators on your body and enjoy all the benefits. Simply take off your clothes and enjoy a luxurious heat treatment on the ergonomically shaped backrests.

Woodena SanaSense 3 offers plenty of room for relaxation:

This infrared cabin can accommodate up to three people, who can simultaneously benefit from the numerous positive effects of infrared rays. Full-spectrum emitters bring your body up to temperature to deep tie layers and mica-carbon surface emitters provide comfortable, high temperatures. Experience the amazing effect on your blood circulation and immune system now, and lose weight with ease at the same time.

Hemlock wood, or cedar, provides a pleasant feeling on the skin and supports the effect of infrared radiation. Just like in a sauna, you can sweat together with your loved ones. To experience the unique effect of infrared. With the right settings, it can also be used by children and seniors who cannot tolerate intense heat.

Colored light with the help of LED emitters and digital controls for the correct temperature are standard and belong to each woodena SanaSense infrared cabin.


Infrared cabins can have a strengthening effect on your health in many ways. So they hold some health benefits. Health effects. It is a well-studied treatment option for some diseases. Can even help you lose weight if used correctly. Particularly important are the different types of infrared radiation, whose effects vary greatly. In contrast to conventional saunas, this option of relaxation is less stressful for the organism and is therefore also recommended for seniors and children. Further advantages are the fast heat development. The possibility of adding an armoatherapy to the sessions.

Are you interested in the difference between classic saunas and infrared heat cabins? Do you want to know which is the healthy option for your needs?? Read here about this topic. At Whirlpool Center we offer cabins. Different types of conventional saunas.

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