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Infrared gets under the skinThe human skin consists of the layers epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. Each skin layer has different reflection, transmission and scattering properties depending on the wavelength.

Infrared radiation can be divided into the following three ranges according to wavelength:

– short-wave resp. Infrared A radiation – medium wavelength resp. Infrared B-radiation – long-wave respectively. Infrared C radiation

All three radiation ranges provide soothing warmth to the body.

The b-intense infrared technology achieves exactly that by using all three radiation areas, optimally coordinated with each other, through the full-spectrum radiator and also pampering your senses with scents or light additionally.

The absolute heat advantage

Infrared radiation is the part of sunlight that we do not see with our eyes, but which we perceive as warmth. The positive influence of infrared radiation on health makes infrared cabins especially popular.

Regular applications in a b-intense® infrared cabin can cause the following:

– have a calming and regenerating effect – stimulate blood circulation – reduce tension – relieve cramps – alleviate pain – have a positive effect on asthma or high blood prere – increase well-being – improve resistance – have a health-promoting effect – stimulate metabolism – support weight loss


Like a short vacation with long-term effect.

As a further development of the popular red light lamp, the b-intense deep heat infrared technology offers the full infrared spectrum (A, B and C radiation). For the relaxing, health-promoting warming of the body from the inside out provides the b-intense infrared radiator with full spectrum lamp. This causes an optimal radiation distribution, which is specially adapted to the human skin and penetrates up to 5 mm deep into the skin.

The heat is absorbed in a larger volume in the lowest layer of the skin, creating a diffuse and pleasant heating of the whole body. This special and rapid heat penetration through the skin occurs after a very short time in a b-intense infrared cabin and all the proven positive effects of this full-spectrum effect on health set in and also provide pleasant relaxation.


In addition to the healthy infrared effect, the b-intense® infrared radiator offers the user a modern, reduced design inside the cabin. With this innovative radiator it is possible for the first time to bring real elegance into the cabin – away from grids, rails, screws and unsightly support constructions.

And the very special plus of the design is the bonding of the filter glass with the radiator housing, whereby the radiator as the heart and source of effect in the cabin is 100% hygienic and clean and remains so. Dirt, dust and impurities have no possibility to get inside the radiator. The surface is smooth. Can be wiped off as often as desired.

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