Instant credit in 24 hours on your account monetos

Your car suddenly gives up the ghost? Your refrigerator is suddenly junk? So you need urgently coal? Everything comes at once but on your account is just low tide? Don't get stressed! We have the solution for you: A
Instant credit with the Ofina loan from Fidor Bank. This means fast money at mega fair conditions. And the best: you get the credit approval in a few minutes and have money within 24 hours on your account. This is exactly what you need? Then you get all the information you need to get started here. What requirements do you have to meet to get the instant credit? How do you get really cheap interest? In which installments you pay back the credit? We tell you!

Your benefits at MONETOS

– With MONETOS you can find a suitable instant loan, immediately online! – Credit found? Perfect. Then get it right away, because everything is up and running fully digital from – Within 24 hrs. on your account! – You have more questions? Then get in touch with us. On the number 0800 2233002, 7 days a week and from 8-20 o'clock a personal advisor will answer all your questions.

This is how your instant loan comparison works at Monetos

The instant loan makes sense when you need money fast. Once you have signed the contract, you will usually receive your money in your account within 24 hours. If you compare this with the hustle and bustle and the paperwork at the savings bank around the corner, you can speak with a clear conscience of "instant"!

❗ Make the comparison ❗

In principle, the instant loan is a classic installment loan, which is repaid in monthly installments and interest on the loan. Unlike the installment loan you get it but only through direct banks. Which means that you can only buy it online, as it is not offered in stores. This is exactly what you want? Get an easy and fast loan, best from your sofa? Then stay tuned and do the credit comparison on MONETOS for free and without

➡️ In 3 steps to an express loan

Compare loans from 22 banks

With us you can compare loans from all major banks. Simply specify the amount, term and purpose. You enter a few data about yourself. Get a tailor-made offer.

With the Ofina credit of the Fidor Bank you have your credit super fast at your disposal.

Important info

Don't worry that the loan request will not match your affect SCHUFA score could. With your credit request via MONETOS, a so-called "condition request" is made to the SCHUFA, which transmits various credit characteristics to check the creditworthiness. However, it is not to get rid of a negative SCHUFA entry. So everything remains the same.

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Tomorrow CASH on the account!

Do the account lookup! 🤓

So that the loan application can be done completely online, there is the Kontoblick. The bank would like to have in advance, of course, an overview of your financial situation, such as your salary statements. So that you can save the way to the bank or post office and everything can happen quickly, it offers you a one-time look at your account. The only thing you need is a current account with online banking.

For the account view, you only have to log into your online banking once quickly so that the bank can see your account statements. The bank takes all the information it needs to get an overview of your finances and your payment history. Pay your bills on time? How high is your income? How much you spend? If everything looks good, nothing stands in the way of the loan.

Instant credit in 24 hours on your account monetos


Instant credit in 24 hours on your account monetos

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