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You want to protect yourself against Covid-19 vaccination let?

Use our online appointment reservation and secure a suitable appointment for yourself.

– Acute consultation hour

– Prescription phone

For acute diseases we offer patients who GP care are, every noon an acute consultation.

Coronavirus: In case of acute respiratory diseases we expect a previous telephone contact on 04102 7797061.

Testing for coronavirus: According to the guidelines of the RKI, tests are only carried out in case of indication.

For straightforward prescription or referral requests, our prescription phone:

What to do in case of positive rapid test for corona?

We treat patients with diseases!

If you have a positive test result or have contact with patients who have tested positive or have questions about quarantine or isolation, please contact the appropriate health department.

We cannot and will not answer the multitude of inquiries on these topics, as time does not allow us to do so anymore.

We do not perform testing by PCR on behalf of the offices or at the request of the patient ! If you suspect a corona infection, you can present yourself at the test center Trittau without an appointment.

If you have an illness that causes discomfort (sore throat, cough, fever) and you need medical treatment, you are welcome to seek treatment during our acute consultation hours by appointment. Whether a smear test is then taken for a corona infection is solely at the doctor's discretion !

For more information:

Positive rapid test or suspected corona infection or red warning APP:

Biontec vaccination

the deliveries of the individual quantities of vaccine promised to us should be made on Monday as scheduled, d. h. we can carry out all vaccinations for which you have registered in the next week!

However, according to the current data, we consider a change of the vaccine during the booster vaccination to be sensible, as this means a stronger immune response and thus better protection against infection.

If you are registered for a vaccination with Biontec as a booster , a change to a vaccination with Moderna without reapplication possible!

Please continue to refrain from inquiries about vaccinations or questions about vaccination over the phone! We also have to take care of patients. Need capacities for this!

Enrollment for corona vaccination or influenza vaccination

In the future, registration for corona vaccination and influenza vaccination will be done through our online appointment system.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Appointments are released 6 weeks in advance! If no dates are currently available, we advise to check again in a few days if new dates are.

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