International seo seo guide let do

More reach through international SEOWill you with your product or your services the international market reach? Then the topic International SEO is relevant for you! With a well-adapted SEO strategy, you will succeed in going beyond your current target market.

In order to use the huge potential to conquer the foreign market, you should work out a well-structured plan. In this article we will show you what you should pay attention to and how you can successful international SEO can operate!

What is search engine optimization?

In digital marketing, search engine optimization is gaining in importance and has become a key factor in the last few years most effective and efficient online marketing tool developed. If you have a professional approach to SEO, you will increase your visibility and success enormously.

Search engines like Google are used by numerous users to find websites on specific topics. Google& Co. draw on a large index of web pages. Collecting information of their content with the help of automated programs. use a large index of websites and collect information about their content with the help of automated programs. Each search engine uses a specific algorithm to evaluate the quality and added value of web pages. These ratings are used to define the position and page of the search engine results pages (SERPs) on which your website will appear. The algorithms can be extremely complicated. Each search engine keeps it well under wraps for a reason. The optimization of a website for search engines therefore refers to a multitude of actions and requirements that all have the same goal: a very good ranking in the search results. Inclusion in the index and ranking position have become absolutely critical to the success and failure of businesses. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing now account for 85% of all search traffic.

International seo seo guide let make

How SEO works?

SEO is a collection of actions aimed at improving the organic search positions in the major search engines for specific keywords. It consists of on-site-. Off-site optimization measures. SEO is a process that you have to follow continuously. Your pages. In the analysis. Execution of measures support you z.B. In the analysis and execution of measures support you z.B. Programs like Google Search Console.


A keyword is a Search term, which consists of one or more words entered by a user in a search engine. Then it is listed websites that Google& Co. as suitable and qualitatively high-quality to the search terms evaluated. For you, this means that it is absolutely necessary to develop a good content marketing strategy for your content and to target the right keywords.

international seo seo guide let do

On-site optimization

On-site optimization includes Measures, carried out on the website to be optimized, so that it is considered by Google& Co. can be easily indexed. You should consider the following factors:

– which User-friendliness of the website
– the code structure, the directory structure and the file structure – the URL structure – the Keyword density
– W3C compliance

Off-site optimization

Off-site optimization includes factors that are performed outside the optimized website. This is a whole series of measures, such as

– the creation of incoming Linking from relevant third party sites and portals, – entries in directories Third party, – dissemination of content through social media channels and forums.

Link building is one of the most important factors of offpage measures. Through the links you increase Relevance and reputation your site. Put your focus on high quality links. It is true that links are not positive from every website.

What is international SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about improving the visibility of a website and its content on Google& Co. International SEO aims to increase the organic traffic to your website from the different countries (multiregional SEO) and/or promote languages and ensure a strong search presence (multilingual SEO). International SEO allows a search engine to find out,

– which nations your company wants to address. – Which languages you use to attract customers from different countries and languages.

Google& Co. are designed to tailor search results to the user's preferred language and location. International SEO works by informing a search engine that your website contains content that is appropriate for people in a particular country – or for users searching for similar products or services in a particular language. The Language and country specific targeting is the essential aspect of international search engine optimization that you should definitely focus on.

Hreflang tags, specified URL structures and other localization signals are used in international SEO to tailor content to users around the world.

Another challenge is that your existing SEO strategies may not be transferable to other regions and in some situations may even harm your brand's performance.

international seo seo guide let do

How important is international SEO? Through international SEO, you can make your website. make your content more popular on the worldwide markets. This way you can expand and strengthen your customer base.

International SEO is a fantastic approach to expand the reach of your business. It has the potential to give you a big advantage over your competitors. By optimizing the content of your website for different countries, you have the opportunity to generate even more customers. This can give you a competitive advantage over competitors who do not realize this potential and do not adapt their content to the cultural specificities of different countries.

International SEO will help you to find your companies in new target markets to place. The improved global user experience will help your company to establish itself as a multinational company. The higher number of customers visiting your website will subsequently increase your revenue as well.

What makes an effective international SEO strategy? Now are cultural. Language skills needed. An international strategy can only be effective if it is adapted to the different countries and languages cultural and linguistic realities is adapted to the countries and regions. Because what works in one region may be completely ineffective in another.

It is not enough for the content of your website to simply translate the information into another language. Instead, intercultural translation must now be applied. You should always translate customer questions in the respective cultural context and in the native language. Of course, it's also important that customers see everything in their own currency and can use it to complete the buying process.

Adapting a web page or several web pages to the respective local requirements can feel like a mammoth task. However, with the right planning and technical support, localization can be easily integrated into your global expansion strategy. This can help you to.B. Support the use of a translation management system (TMS). Such systems are designed to support your translation management through intelligent automation and integrates with your current technical system.

Successful international SEO step by step

In the following sections, we will provide you with some tips for international SEO, in order to reach the needs of your target audience to understand and anticipate. This is critical to developing a solid international search engine optimization strategy. Follow the steps below before writing and publishing your content for international SEO:

1. Define your target market

No two international SEO strategies are the same, as your strategy will be largely determined by your company's goals and target market.

Do you sell similar products or services to different language target groups abroad? Then you should apply a so-called language-based segmentation strategy. Optimize your website content to be coherent in all languages relevant to your business.

If you sell different products or services in different countries, or use different brand names or tools such as social media in different languages, you need to target each country separately. You then need country-specific websites, each with their own international SEO measures and top-level domains.

international seo seo guide let do

2. Understand your target market

Think about which consumers are interested in your product or service and what is relevant to them before you start your international SEO campaign. Analyze the Search behavior. How does your target group usually find the services. The products Conduct an extensive keyword research for this purpose. Only then will you know which groups to target and how to target.

3. Check your competition

Investigate the performance of your potential competitors in terms of SEO and Content Marketing. International SEO can help you find new prospects, especially if your competitors' content is not optimized for specific markets or languages.

4. Create your strategy step by step

With the market data obtained, as well as your competitors' data, you can create international SEO strategies that target a specific demographic.

Use the SEO Google Analytics tool, to understand where your current visitors are coming from. You may find that you already have a lot of traffic in a particular national market. If this is the case, you should first optimize your website for that country. Also, of course, your company's global strategy should determine which international target market and language is prioritized.

international seo seo guide let do

5. If you use code TOP level domains?

Choose your domains carefully if you want to develop websites for different target countries. The domain strategy is important. The country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is a Domain name, which is used to specify the domain for a particular nation or geographic location. Each nation has a specific domain name or. a domain authority, the or. which is usually identified by the ccTLD domain (country code top level domain). Usually it consists of two letters. For example, use the United States '.us', Canada '.ca', Germany '.en'. Organizations on the other hand often prefer top level domains like '.com', '.net' and '.org' and do not choose the ccTLD of their country.

If you want to use more than one word in your domain name, make sure that they fit together well and cannot be misinterpreted. Domain strategy is critical, as an incorrect domain name can have far-reaching consequences. A well thought-out domain concept will save you from this.

6. Which target group you want to address in which countries?

If you want to expand to different countries, we recommend you to proceed step by step. this means that you do not tailor your content to all countries and languages at the same time. It makes sense to first work with the Targeting a specific audience to start. How to collect important information for your international SEO. Then you can gradually open up more and more countries. This will help you and your team become familiar with international SEO and gain the experience and expertise for future initiatives.

7. Set up keyword strategies for each country

Keyword strategies are an elementary part of search engine optimization. Using specific keywords has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for optimizing your content for Google& Co crystallized. For international search engine optimization, it is important that you customize the keywords.

Translate keywordsSome keywords are easy to translate, for others you should be more careful. Keep in mind that in multinational industries (healthcare, IT, etc.), you need to be aware of the different countries you are working in.) English terms are used, even if the official language of the country is not English. You should not translate these words into the local language either. Keyword research: It is also necessary to adapt to local search patterns: What do local users search for in each keyword? For example, Mother's Day in the United States falls on a different day than in the United Kingdom. Consequently, people in both countries look for Mother's Day gifts at different times of the year.

After you have translated or researched the keywords, check how many people are searching for the keywords you have identified. With the help of tools such as the Google Keyword Planner, you can determine the monthly search figures in the respective markets. Integrate the best keywords for your content into your international SEO approach.

TOP 3 tips for international SEO

Developing international SEO strategies is particularly challenging. Therefore consider the following three tips!

Find out the local search engine for the country

In Germany, search engines are immediately thought of the giant Google. In China for example Search engine Baidu market leading. What is the most popular search engine in the country you want to target?? It is always best to use the most popular search engine for the country in question.

Get help from the Country Code TOP Level

It makes sense to work with a marketing agency or an SEO agency with experience in the local market and with native speaking professionals Work together. They can also help you decide on a domain for your brand. They can assess whether your branding and domain will evoke the desired brand connections and reactions among local consumers.

International seo seo guide let do

Use the hreflang attribute

The hreflang attribute defines the language in which your content is written and the geographic region for which it is intended. Hreflang tags or language meta tags also help you avoid language conflicts with duplicate content on the many language versions of your site.

Design Make your website language dependent. If you have chosen a separate website for each country, you must use the appropriate language on each page. This will help Google& Co. communicates that your content is useful in certain places, so your pages will be ranked higher. This also provides a better user experience for local users and leads to more traffic.

Get optimized internationally!

Creating an SEO optimized website is a big challenge as it takes a lot of time, planning and professional input. For this Expertise and experience necessary in search engine optimization.

This is where we come in. The SEO team of lass machen consists of absolute professionals. We carry out the appropriate SEO measures, domain strategies, the appropriate content across national borders for you. Enter with us Contact by calling our phone number, by sending a message in our form or by e-mail, so that we can take your business to the next level!

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