Interview how glamping became a trend geo

The "Huttopia-Camp Font-Romeu enables tent feeling. Sleeping softly nevertheless. A mattress makes for cozy nights

French Celine Bossanne is considered a pioneer of glamping and founded "Huttopia", one of the largest providers of luxury camping in Europe. An idea that goes around the world

Ms. Bossanne, in "Huttopia Utopia" hides, the island of the blessed from a novel by Thomas Morus. What does your personal utopia look like?? A meadow in the nature, at a water source. The wind rustles in the trees. Birdsong wakes me up, I have breakfast in the morning sun.

Can you imagine "Huttopia" like that? imagine? Almost (laughs). Originally I actually had the vision of the lonely tent on the forest clearing. But I would have preferred the warm shower. The coffee in the morning quite missed. So it became a mix of camping and comfort: small villages of tents and wooden huts, surrounded by nature. But with comfortable mattresses, swimming pools, restaurants that serve wood-fired pizza, and the greatest luxury for my compatriots: to be able to drink a good glass of wine in the evening on the terrace.

Geo season 05/2022 place there! Camping

Today this is called "glamping, Glamour and camping. A trend. Total! We have "Huttopia Founded 22 years ago, when there were almost only parceled camper sites where people piled up on top of each other. The alternative, wild camping, was then as now in many countries a gray area or forbidden. A mixture was needed, and so my husband and I built our first "glamping sites" in France. The term did not even exist back then. In the meantime, 50 places in Europe and North America have become wild camping sites.

Who do you meet when glamping? All those who long for nature. Who want to switch off. So that you can really find peace with us, no cars are allowed to drive, and there is no WLAN either. Glamping is a hit, especially for families. Kids romp in the woods, play by the stream, make new friends right away. But we also meet club vacationers who have become bored with their hotel, and campers who have had the tent roof dropped on their heads, so to speak.

interview how glamping became a trend geo

"Huttopia" with the most different tents and huts there are in France, in the Netherlands, the USA and Canada – soon also in China

On a scale of 1 (like camping with a thin sleeping mat) to 10 (like a grand hotel): where does glamping lie?? "Huttopia" is closer to camping, so at four. Glamping altogether however becomes ever more expensive and more luxurious. Many places remind me more of 5-star hotels.

What other trends are you observing?? New types of glamping accommodations popped up: Tiny houses, igloos, tree houses, construction trailers, even earth caves. And: Everyone wants to get in on the action! Hotels that previously only rented out classic rooms are erecting glamping huts or tents in their gardens, some even on their roofs, in order to cope with the increasing demand. This is attractive, because to the glamping accommodation guests get here the complete hotel service. For me it is too far away from the original idea: the closeness to nature. For many classic glamping sites sustainability is currently an ie.

Build villages in the nature, thousands of arrivals per year – does that really go together with sustainability? Yes. It is a huge challenge. We are taking small steps to become "greener" to become, for example, try to rely more and more on solar energy. Guests can see which sites are already more sustainable than others by looking at the "EU Ecolabel" or the French "Station Verte recognize.

Legally in the bushes Where wild camping is allowed in Germany

Wild camping is prohibited in Germany? Not quite. There are more and more secluded forest areas where camps can be set up officially. For example along the Soonwaldsteig in Rhineland-Palatinate

In the summer open the first place in China. Morocco and the Dominican Republic are to follow. Glamping is going around the world … The need for nature is international, but regional demands are different: In China, camping is not part of the culture, many do not know it at all. We have really pondered what a glamping site there "can" must be. Instead of spruces and firs, the village in Deqing is surrounded by a bamboo forest. Besides French croques and crêpes, we serve tea specialties from Zhejiang, the province where our camp is located. Only the interior should have its "French touch" keep – even if it is made in China.

Which glamping experience of the past 22 years has particularly stuck in your mind?? The encounter with a bear on our place in Albany, USA. I didn't fall over in shock, but it made me realize how close to nature glamping is (laughs). As said: It is also an adventure!

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