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Irish DoodleWhen a purebred Irish Setter meets a Poodle, the result is the Irish Doodle. These dogs are considered affectionate and gentle. You have a friendly disposition and adopt a few practical features of the poodle. The aim of the breeders should be to combine the best qualities of the parents in one quadruped.

This is also still a breed with a very short history. At the same time, in addition to Irish Doodle, the Irish Setterdoodle, Irish Doodle Setter or Irish Setterpoo also appear. You shouldn't let the different breed names confuse you. Read on in our breed portrait what you should know about the Irish Doodle.

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Profile Irish Doodle

The character traits of the Irish Doodle

The hybrid dog comes from two purebred parents: The Irish Setter and the Large Poodle. At best, the positive characteristics should come together in the puppies. For this reason, it may be advisable to compare the traits of the two initial breeds. Thus, the Irish Setter belongs to the hunting and family dogs, which are endowed with an extraordinary temperament and an enormous urge for movement. They need every day longer walks, dog sports and a loving, but authoritarian and consistent education.

In any case, it is necessary to accustom the little puppy to the use of brushes. Then later in the dog salon there will be no problems with the trimming knife.

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The Doodle – no matter which breeding line is a very special dog, he is very affectionate and needs attention and affection. In this puppy guide we report from our experiences in dealing with Doodle puppies. Want to help you avoid mistakes. ( Incl. Practical tips, checklists and guides to really healthy dog food)

Appearance and characteristics of the Irish Doodle

Most Irish Doodles have a very dense, soft and slightly curly coat. It grows steadily. Hardly falls out. Therefore, their coat must be trimmed or clipped occasionally. Based on the color inheritance of the parents, the Irish Doodle can become red, blond, white or chestnut brown. Of course, in the litters also other color strikes appear. In terms of coat and coat color alone, the Irish Doodle is a surprise package. Basically, an Irish Doodle already looks extremely cute, resembling an oversized teddy bear with loyal beady eyes.

The young Irish Doodle puppies are considered to be athletic and friendly contemporaries. Most dogs have a dark blond to reddish coat. They hardly lose any hair and love to splash in the water. Of course, we cannot make any generalized promises about the character and qualities of an Irish Doodle. Nevertheless, this hybrid breed is considered to be extremely alert, obedient and intelligent. His movements should be graceful. Being athletic. These dogs are extremely social and friendly. They want to spend as much time as possible with their owners and follow them wherever they go.

The diseases in Irish Doodle

Basically the crossing of two purebred dogs is done to reduce inbreeding related diseases. But this is only the case if the responsible breeder mates tested and healthy dogs. In medium to large dogs there is always a certain predisposition to hyftdysplasia, which is abbreviated as HD. It is a disease of the joints and bones that can lead to later lameness, early arthritis and problems with the walking apparatus. All breeders can do is to test their parents for HD and breed exclusively with HD-free dogs. Then it is still not said that you will get a HD-free puppy, but the breeder has done everything in his power to exclude this disease.

Basically, the Irish Doodle is a robust quadruped, which is not occupied with respiratory problems, watery eye canals or genetic defects. If you want to get an overview of the specific breed-related diseases, you should pay attention to the respective original breeds and not only keep an eye on the Irish Doodle. In the Setter there is the possibility of epilepsy, hereditary esophageal paralysis or other genetic defects, such as PRA or CLAD. All the more important it is to demand the respective health tests and certificates from the parents and not to make a lazy compromise here.

We want an Irish Doodle – what to consider?

First of all you should ask yourself if you can take full responsibility for a small creature for the next 10-15 years. In no case should the parents give in, if the children wish a dog and themselves actually not at all with the thought of a four-legged friend to befriend. A family should stand together to the decision for an Irish Doodle.

Keep in mind that your puppy requires a lot of attention, consistency and education, especially in the early days. Even in bad weather you need to go out into the fresh air several times a day, so that the four-legged friend can get loose. Now Irish Doodle also reach a considerable size. Do you have enough space at home for your dog to romp around? Now not everyone needs to have a large garden and a house, but if there is an apartment, there should be at least a park or a forest nearby. If you have a rental apartment, you should ask your landlord beforehand if a dog of this size is allowed at all. For a puppy it destroys its world, if it must leave its family again a short time later.

Give your Irish Doodle from the beginning the opportunity to get in contact with other young dogs as well. Maybe you have a puppy school in your area. Here you meet like-minded people and can train the first basic concepts under professional guidance. Often a few minutes a day is all it takes to practice sit, down, stay and leash control.

What does an Irish Doodle cost?

In addition to the initial costs associated with buying a puppy, there are other expenses you will incur. This includes, for example, basic equipment and everything needed for daily life. Insurance, taxes, vet fees, and dog food are part of the ongoing expenses you'll have to deal with from the start. So it goes once a year with the dog to the vaccination and 4 times to the deworming.

The prices for the puppies vary. But most serious breeders take at least 1000 € for an Irish Doodle and often much more. It depends on litter size, color, coat texture and gender. In direct comparison, a female is often much more expensive than a male.

Is the Irish Doodle suitable for allergy sufferers??

The original idea associated with a doodle is related to its hypoallergenic fur, which does not cause any allergies or reactions. What the fewest know, most allergy-causing substances sit in the urine, saliva and glandular secretions. Even if the future owner is not allergic to their puppy, that can change in an adult pet. But many of the breeders have meanwhile placed Irish Doodle in families with allergy sufferers, where there were no problems at all. You should do allergy tests as early as possible, even if then there is still no hundred percent guarantee.


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