Irish red setter puppies

history& OriginThe Pointer and the four long-haired Setters, the English Setter, the Irish Red Setter, the Irish red and white Setter and the Gordon Setter, belong to the group of British pointing dogs. Their task was to point out game (mainly flying game). Such bird dogs were called setting dogs, or setters for short.Around the year 1776 they were mentioned in old writings for the first time. The Pointer coming from Spain is much older than the Setter. Was already mentioned in writing around 1200.

Towards the end of the 18. At the end of the 18th century, long-haired black and white setters, some with reddish brown markings (brand), were widespread in Scotland. In the beginning there were many experiments in breeding setters. Mating with the Irish Setters, with the Bloodhound and the black Labrador and a Collie bitch are only a few of various crossbreeding attempts.

The Irish Red Setter was bred in Ireland as a hunting working dog. It descends from Irish Red and White Setters and unknown solid red dogs and was already in the 18.century clearly recognizable in type. In 1882 the Irish Red Setter Club was founded. From 1886 breed standards were established field hunting tests. Exhibitions organized by this club. In 1998, the club published guidelines for use, which, in combination with the standard, comprehensively describe the breed in its physical appearance and in its use characteristics.

Irish red setter puppies

Irish Setter young dog at play | Photo: hiperdino /

The use of the Gordon Setter

The Irish Red Setter was bred as a pointing dog. Even today he is a faithful companion in the hunt. However, this beautiful looking dog is also very popular as a family dog. But also in dog sports he makes a good figure. Gives great pleasure to its owner.

Use at a glance

– Hunting dog – Agility – Dog sport – Family dog

Classification& Breed standard

The character& the nature of the Irish Red Setter puppies

The Irish Red Setter is a hunting dog is. He needs a lot of exercise in nature. Its sociable nature and high learning ability also makes it an excellent family dog. The Irish R ed Setter has – outside of hunting – a relaxed and friendly nature. Aggressiveness is a foreign word for him. His lively temperament and his physical ability, however, it is due to this dog to challenge and encourage. This breed wants to work. Wants to be led. The Irish Red Setter has developed over the years into a robust, healthy and intelligent dog. He has excellent working ability and great endurance.

As strong and lively as it is, it is also sensitive and needs to be raised in a calm, trusting manner without any aggression.

Character at a glance

– persistent – self-confident – hunting instinct – loyal – faithful – sensitive

And how about the family suitability and children?

The Irish Red Setter is, besides his vocation as a hunting dog, a family dog. He needs a good and consistent leadership and a good socialization, so that he knows exactly how to deal with children and what place in the pack he holds.

Irish Red puppies are not toys for children

How does this dog breed behave towards strangers?

The protective instinct is pronounced in this breed. In addition, he is very territorial. Towards strangers the Irish Red Setter can therefore be wary at first. In most cases, this suspicion quickly subsides.

In general the Irish Red Setter is a friendly dog.

Family suitability and behavior at a glance

– Hunting dog – very territorial – alert – open-minded – friendly

And with other dogs?

Towards other dogs the Irish Red Setter is mostly open-minded. Of course, as with any other dog breed, there may be dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs due to bad experiences or physical limitations. In general, Irish Red Setter is very assertive towards other dogs. Does not shy away from physical confrontation.

Two adult Irish Setter dogs [photo: Reddogs / bigstock. Irish Red Setters are actually working dogs. Have a corresponding urge to move. An Irish Red Setter needs more than a leisurely walk around the park. An Irish Red Setter needs persistent exercise paired with head activity, if it is not hunt led.

urge to move at a glance

– persevering – high urge to move – fast

The hunting instinct of an Irish Red Setter

The Irish Red Setter was bred as a hunting dog. By consistent education already in the puppy age. Training can regulate the hunting instinct. The Irish Red Setter is an obedient dog. Reliable hunting companion.

However, when walking in the woods, you should always take good care of your little companion. Once he smells a scent, he usually likes to disappear alone in the thicket.

Irish Red Setter puppies have a pronounced hunting instinct

The appearance and the coat

The Gordon Setter is an elegant, strong and medium sized dog. His coat of medium length is soft. He is very well proportioned. Has a harmonious appearance. The topline of his body should be horizontal. His physique should be balanced. It can be compared to a powerful hunting horse in appearance.

The coat is of moderate length with fine, flat lying hair. A fringe may form on the belly, which continues to the neck. Also the legs show a strong feathering. The Irish Setter is bred exclusively in the color chestnut brown. White parts on chest, neck and toes as well as white markings on the face are allowed.

The care and keeping of an Irish Red Setter puppy

This breed requires a lot of exercise, but also a lot of care. The long coat must be brushed regularly so that it does not become chained. As with all other breeds of dog, regular claw trimming is essential. Generally a good paw care is important. The Irish Red Setter has floppy ears, which should be checked and cleaned regularly, as they are more prone to ear infections than prick ears.

Already in the puppy age the Irish Red Setter should be accustomed to combing.

The dog training

The Irish Red Setterr needs a consistent, clear and above all very patient education. He has a high will to please, but also needs a clear announcement in his younger years. Violence or aggressiveness is completely out of place in the upbringing of this breed.

However, a well-trained Irish Red Setter is a real joy for his owner and a great companion for hunting.

Already in the puppy age a dog school with the Irish Red Setter should be visited, so that he can learn the small dog ABC.

In the further course of his training, the online dog school can be a great help for the owner of an Irish Red Setter. Here you can get information and help exactly when you need it. And also in terms of cost, the online dog school has many advantages for a time-. training-intensive dog like the Irish Red puppy.

Susceptibilities& common diseases in this dog breed

An Irish Red puppy has a robust health. Different predispositions to eye diseases. Ataxi (a nerve disease) are combated by breeding. However, inbreeding is a problem, especially in Germany with a still quite small population of this breed.

What dog food for an Irish Red puppy?

As with all puppies, it is especially important that he receives a good diet in the first weeks and months of life.

Especially lime and minerals are important for bone growth. If important substances are missing at a young age, it is easier for bones to break in old age.

The musculoskeletal system, such as ligaments and tendons, can also suffer subsequent damage due to malnutrition in the young years.

Irish red setter puppies

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Eight Irish Setter puppies sitting in the garden | Photo: photopix /


The Irish Red Setter is:

– intelligent – suitable for sports – suitable for hunting – movement intensive – robust – attentive – hunting instinct – lively – friendly – affectionate

Irish Red Setter FAQ

In order for you to have a lot of fun with your new puppy, we have summarized the most important information about special features of puppies of this dog breed for you here.

How fast do Irish Red Setter puppies grow?

The Irish Red Setter belong to the medium-sized breeds and are therefore usually with the end of their first year of life sexually mature and have reached their final size.

When Irish Red Setter puppies are full grown?

Larger dogs are slower to grow up than small dog noses. Irish Red Setter is fully grown as soon as he has reached his final size and is sexually mature. In bitches, this is shown by the first heat. With a male dog at the increased interest in the opposite sex. These dogs are full grown between 9 and 12 months of age.

How many puppies does an Irish Red Setter get??

The number of puppies per litter can be quite different. In most cases there are between four and six, but also litters with eight or more puppies are possible.

How much does an Irish Red Setter from a breeder cost??

For the purchase of an Irish Red Setter puppy you should calculate between 800- 1.800 € for the purchase of an Irish Red Setter puppy. The hunting ability and the breeding value of the parents determine the purchase price. An additional factor in the purchase price is whether you want to breed later with your Irish Red Setter puppies themselves. This leads in most cases to a higher purchase price.

What to look for when choosing a breeder?

Only buy Irish Red Setter puppies from a breeder who has a proven record of breeding with healthy parents. Dogs with hereditary diseases do not belong in breeding. Also not for for hobby dogs that are not to be hunted or sport led.

Which harness for Irish Red Setter puppies?

The Irish Red Setter puppy is very agile and especially fast. A well-fitting harness is very important, especially in puppyhood. Since the Irish Red Setter as a puppy likes to run around a lot, the harness should have thicker and padded straps. So that nothing is constricted to the puppy or it chafes.

You can find a suitable harness for your sporty Irish Red Setter puppy here

Which leash for Irish Red Setter puppies?

A narrower leash is suitable for an Irish Red Setter puppy. The line should therefore be light. Preferably from a low-maintenance material.

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