Irish setter irish setter puppies

The beautiful brother of our bitch Elaine, Evan, is the father of the puppies of our K – litter, which we expect from Cheyenne at the end of January.

His form value is in the excellent range. He is HD free. Shootproof. Evan is an open minded. Very friendly male. He lives with his nephew at his mistress near Berlin. Both of them are the pride of their owner and always look absolutely well-groomed, even when they were in the water (right picture)

Irish Setter bitch Cheyenne comes from the kennel of our breeder friend Zdena Thiedova. as a bride for Irish Setter male Lord's Shelter Cyrill, with whom she sired the G-litter.

She was also the mother of our H litter, which was conceived with Lord's Shelter Frazer. The expected K-litter will now be her last litter as a breeding bitch. Cheyenne had an accident in puppyhood with a remaining bump on her head, which affects her beauty but only underlines her true Irish Setter values: being a confident hunting dog and a bombastic Irish Setter mom. Absolutely patient in handling her Irish Setter puppies. Of course also to be with the later human Irish Setter puppy buyers.

Our puppies of J litter are born on 03.October 2015 came into the world:

At the age of 8 weeks the puppies can move to their new dog parents: In the 48. Calendar week from the weekend Saturday, the 28th.11.2015

……not so romantic, as the approaching Advent season might suggest. But nothing is more wonderful than to share the couch with your adult setter a year later and consume all the cheesy Christmas movies along with gingerbread……

Irish setter irish setter puppies

Irish Setter bitch Lord`s Shelter Elaine

Examinations: JAP, CACIT-FES

Irish Setter I litter in kennel z Košumberka

Irish Setter Elaine would have been a German Champion VDH, a beauty title. But sometimes the human schedules don't fit with the round trips to collect the Irish Setter Titles together. She is a calm and very friendly Irish Setter bitch.

In the kennel of our breeder friend Zdena Thiedova she gave a round litter of 4 Irish Setter bitches and 4 Irish Setter males given life. The young Irish Setter are in the meantime to promising Irish Setter young dogs Our planning is that her Irish Setter daughter Isabelle in our kennel Lord's Shelter for Irish setter offspring will provide.

Irish setter irish setter puppies

Irish Setter male Ipanema's Setter Amadeus

Amadeus offers genetically from his motherline to our kennel line connection to the old breeding lines of our foundation bitch Dike. His type fits perfectly to our bitch Elaine. The two will probably produce typey Irish Setter puppies.

Character-wise he is a friendly and healthy male who reacts sensitively in dealing with people, children and dogs.

Irish Setter puppy training
In this PDF you will get a first overview about important points in Irish Setter puppy training. Irish_Setter_puppy training.pdf PDF document [52.8 KB]

Our Irish Setter puppies are our pride and joy: Living little gifts from God. Our Irish Setter breeding focuses on the one hand on the hunting suitability and health, on the other hand we attach great importance to the suitability of the Irish Setter puppies as future family dogs. This presupposes a rearing characterized by trust. Our Irish Setter puppies grow up practically next to our bedroom. Are so integrated from the beginning in the close human – dog community. The Irish Setter mother dog gets her own puppy room, which is prescribed in the breeding guidelines, but she can spend time with the rest of her human – dog pack at any time. When the Irish Setter puppies have grown out of the extremely sensitive suckling phase of the first 2 weeks of their life, the Irish Setter mom gets bored in her luxury room and wants to be there again. From the third week we also feed our Irish Setter puppies, of course with a special food developed for this purpose. The Irish Setter mother bitch consumes about 4 times her normal energy turnover during the time of suckling and needs corresponding amounts of special food for lactating bitches, which then have to be weaned again accordingly. That is, it must solve even in the middle of the night. The Irish Setter puppies become lively when the sun rises. In the summer before the first cock crow, around 4.30. Then it's time to get a move on, to let them into their exercise area, to teach them early on that they should do their business in the open on the meadow and not on the carpet, which is just as absorbent for them. Many dog owners surely remember the first weeks with their little darling: there you stand freezing in the sleet with the tiny dog, which absolutely does not want to get loose. If one carries it then unachieved again into the dwelling, the Kerlchen relieves itself then finally in the much more comfortable living room, in which it does not ice-storm: And where: on the internal lawn, the carpet. How should an 8 week old Irish Setter puppy know the difference between a carpet and a lawn?? He knows nothing and has to learn everything, really everything: The Irish Setter mother dog teaches him how to submit. For there is no puppy protection, except the purely learned behavior of: Supine position with belly showing and if possible still submissive peeing. Who has not learned this and even runs away, has worst cards to be accepted by other dogs. Also, an Irish Setter puppy does not know that human skin is sensitive and for him tugging on a sweater is the same skin as biting bare toes. Really everything has to be learned, especially what people want from him, who tick so completely different than his dog mom and all the other pack members. You see that for us a dog, an Irish Setter is a full member of the society and therefore we are looking for people who like to live together with their Irish Setter. We strictly reject a disgusting isolation detention in a kennel prison. This completely outdated, in no way species-appropriate animal husbandry, we can not win any plus points from. For this reason we do not visit zoos.

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