Is coffee healthy 1

Is coffee healthy?Is coffee healthy 1

It is one of those questions that we often ask ourselves and somehow don't really perceive as a question, but rather as a sensation and habit, and above all as a seduction… Because coffee is actually a delicious luxury food that is literally on everyone's lips. Coffee has definitely conquered the world. No one can refute this fact. Of course, this does not mean that all people should be coffee drinkers. Coffee drinkers, however, who would like to continue enjoying their favorite beverage without remorse, can now at the latest be relieved, because – Yes! Coffee is actually healthy.

Recently, a serious scientific US study has established and proven the positive effects of coffee. It has long been no secret that the ancient beverage is not only a pleasurable pick-me-up, but also contains many other valuable substances and compounds in addition to caffeine. It contains, for example, secondary plant compounds such as polyphenols, numerous antioxidants, minerals – the most important of which are potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus – as well as more than 800 aromatic substances, most of which are not yet precisely known. All of these components of coffee have a decidedly beneficial and boosting effect on human health.

Healthy indulgence and beguiling aroma

Is coffee healthy 1

Nevertheless, one must not blindly take everything at face value, but remain a bit critical and pay attention to what quality of coffee one is actually drinking. An important aspect when drinking coffee is the organic quality, which would be recommended, because often conventional coffee is unfortunately contaminated with pesticides and fungi.

In order to keep coffee healthy, one should avoid the conventional, ready-made coffee specialties from the kiosk or cafe store. In these, namely, there are quite a lot of sugar and preservatives, which not only harm our health, but also our figure. If you consider all these aspects and of course do not exaggerate with the amount of coffee (3-4 cups of coffee per day are quite okay for healthy people) you can take this wonderful stimulant with a clear conscience.

And to add the final healthy touch, coffee can be enriched with some natural additives. These have a positive effect known for thousands of years and will round off your favorite drink healthy and tasty.

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