Is coffee healthy coffee knowledge

Is coffee healthy?Is coffee healthy coffee knowledge

Coffee is often said to have health-promoting properties.

Hardly any beverage is drunk more frequently in Germany than coffee. The Taste So obviously many people love coffee – but Coffee also has other benefits and may even be healthy? Numerous studies have already examined the effect the black hot beverage can have on the body. In fact, in many cases the results are positive.

Despite the often observed positive effects of coffee on the body, you should not consume the beverage in rough quantities. Too much coffee can be unhealthy, In some cases, it should be avoided altogether or decaffeinated variants should be used. This is especially, but not exclusively, true for the following groups of people:

– Pregnant and lactating women – Children – People with sensitive stoma.

In any case, make sure healthy and balanced diet.

2. Questions and answers about coffee and health

Basically, coffee affects the body quite individually. In other words, the effects observed in different studies must be Not occur in all people and not to the same extent. For example, National Geographic refers to a study at Northwestern University in Chicago, which suggests that genetic predisposition also determines how exactly coffee or its ingredients work.

Is coffee good for your health?

Coffee, when drunk in moderation, can promote health, various studies on the subject suggest. Medical researchers from Southampton and Edinburgh have evaluated more than 200 studies and found that coffee drinkers are sometimes less likely to suffer from certain ailments. Accordingly, these included:

– Stroke – Cardiovascular disease – Certain cancers – Parkinson's disease – Colon cancer

Furthermore, the mortality rate of coffee drinkers was lower than that of people who did not drink coffee during the test period. The German Green Cross also cites a study by German scientists at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, which suggests that the beverage can protect male genetic material.

The positive effects that coffee can have on the body are attributed, among other things, to the numerous antioxidants contained in the drink. These can support the organism. Prevent certain diseases.

Does drinking coffee protect against depression?

The results of various series of experiments, including those conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in the U.S., suggest a link between regular coffee consumption and a lower likelihood of suffering from depression. However, it is not entirely clear under which circumstances this effect unfolds. The results of research at the Catholic University in Porto Alegre, Brazil, suggest that the amount of coffee, or caffeine, is a determining factor. While a certain amount can prevent depression, too much caffeine has the opposite, negative effect.

Can coffee reduce the risk of developing diabetes??

Studies, for example from the University of Southern California, have established a possible link between moderate coffee consumption and a reduced risk of diabetes disease.

Is coffee good for the liver?

English doctors from Southampton and Edinburgh found out that regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of getting liver cancer. Certain other types of cancer also occurred less frequently in some coffee drinkers in the study.

Does the preparation influence whether coffee is more healthy or unhealthy?

Whether the method of preparation has an influence on the effect of coffee is controversially discussed. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, there should not be any significant differences. According to studies, filter coffee has the greatest potential health-promoting effect, but instant coffee is also said to have corresponding properties. On the other hand, the website of the German Federal Center for Nutrition refers to tests from Scandinavia and the Netherlands, which suggest that unfiltered coffee made from ground beans is unhealthier than filter coffee because it can increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

Is coffee without caffeine healthier than coffee with caffeine??

That decaffeinated coffee per se is healthier than coffee with caffeine cannot be said unequivocally. For people who are sensitive to caffeine, caffeinated coffee is generally not recommended. The ingredient also often raises blood prere, especially in people who rarely consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages. While a study from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta concluded that decaffeinated coffee is actually bad for the heart because it is thought to raise blood cholesterol levels, Scandinavian and Dutch researchers found no link between elevated cholesterol and coffee consumption, whether or not caffeine was included, according to an entry on the Federal Center for Nutrition website.

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