Is coffee healthy

Is coffee healthy?Is coffee healthy

How healthy is coffee? (c) daisy / The Germans love coffee. According to current figures from the German Coffee Association, the per capita consumption in this country is 162 liters per year – that's just under half a liter a day. But coffee is healthy ?Uand to what extent it is best consumed?

Every year, the company Tchibo publishes its coffee report. For the report in 2018 5.000 coffee drinkers surveyed. According to the study, German coffee consumers are drinking at the moment 3.4 cups of coffee a day; in Schleswig-Holstein it is as much as 3.8 cups of. Most people enjoy their coffee with milk. Not even a third of men drink coffee black, with the women it is scarcely a fifth. Whether this is beneficial to health or not is a question for science to answer:

Caffeine content not critical

Is coffee healthy

Dark coffee roasting is beneficial to health (c) Claudia Hautumm In October 2018, at the University in Toronto published a study in which the health effects of coffee were investigated. The aim of the researchers was not to find out the correct dosage of coffee. Rather, they focused attention on the ingredients and the roasting process. Accordingly, so-called Phenylindane, a group of ingredients, particularly common in coffees with a dark roast. According to the study, phenylindanes Alzheimer and Parkinson prevent cardiovascular disease by inhibiting proteins associated with the two diseases. This means that the stronger the bean is roasted and the darker the coffee is, the more phenylindanes are contained, which can have a preventive effect on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. The caffeine content does not play a role. The study examined coffees with and without caffeine and the number of phenylindanes depended solely on the Degree of roasting from.

Coffee drinkers live longer

A year earlier, a study from Imperial College London showed that in people who drink a lot of coffee, the Risk significantly lower is at a Cardiovascular disease To die for. And for some time now, old theories have been considered outdated, according to which coffee drinkers die earlier. Because for a long time, the studies did not take into account the general lifestyle of the subjects, regardless of coffee consumption. For example, many people who like to drink coffee are also smokers. If this is not queried in a study, the subject's state of health cannot be attributed solely to his or her coffee consumption.

Is coffee healthy

Drinking coffee is part of everyday life (c) /

A meta-study in the British Medical Journal evaluated more than 200 independent medical studies in 2017. In the process, they compiled a whopping 19 life-prolonging positive effects on human health. In contrast, the proven harmful effects were relatively small.

all-clear for blood prere and fluid levels

In addition, numerous studies in recent years have shown that coffee not only makes you feel awake, but also has a stimulating effect that is good for the body concentration, the heart and the vascular system is. Also as disproved is the thesis that coffee withdraws liquid from the body. Even for the blood prere no danger exists, since the increase does not last long and is rather small. Only with clearly increased blood prere the coffee consumption should be discussed with the treating physician.

Health insurance: Coffee no danger for health

The Handelskrankenkasse (hkk) has dedicated a comprehensive article to the topic of coffee on its homepage, in which many positive properties of coffee can be listed. In addition to those already mentioned, the hkk also emphasizes that coffee acid can neutralize harmful substances in the body. In summary, the health insurance company states: "On its own, regular and moderate coffee consumption does not pose a risk to health." The hkk does not ignore the fact that coffee can also cause a stimulant acts and therefore the Grip to alcohol and cigarettes often not difficult.

Too much coffee is never healthy

Too much coffee is not healthy (c) Adel / Also on the side of the IKK southwest can be found references to the positive effects of the coffee. So can with caffeine Thinking and memory performance stimulated and physical fitness increased. In addition it is before Diabetes and Gout protect. However, the health insurance generally warns against the increased consumption of caffeinated beverages, as this may lead to Nervousness, Heart palpitations, Nausea or Sleeplessness can lead. In general, therefore, the positive effect of coffee is not questioned, which would also be untenable according to current study results, but for a prudent use of caffeine advertised. Also because, according to the IKK Sudwest, studies show that with regular caffeine consumption, coffee loses its stimulating effect.

The bottom line is yes to coffee

In conclusion, it remains to be said that coffee obviously has many positive properties has and to a moderate consumption advised. But how many cups the moderate consumption exactly includes, was not investigated so far. Wacker keeps the guideline of 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day. But it remains unclear who circulated this figure and whether it is scientifically proven. According to the results of the Canadian study According to research, it would be best for coffee drinkers to cut down on dark roasted caffeine-free variant change. Then it should not come despite coffee to any sleep disturbances. The healthy phenylindanes are nevertheless absorbed.

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