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Trend drink mate tea – healthy or carcinogenic?

Mate tea dampens the hunger feeling, which makes it popular with Diat-willigen. The health effect of the trendy drink is controversial – FITBOOK has the overview.

By Marina Hoyer | 03. July 2021, 09:08

A look at the social networks shows that mate tea is in vogue. Food and fitness influencers are hyping the appetite-suppressing and metabolism-boosting effects of the South American brew. But also critical voices rise, the drink is supposed to be carcinogenic. FITBOOK has looked closely at the study situation.

Mate tea has become so popular that it even got its own emoji. This shows the drink in the traditional, bulbous vessel: the so-called calabash with the associated drinking tube called Bombilla. The infusion, which originated in South America, became known in this country primarily through lemonade-like mate drinks such as "Club Mate" or "Mio Mio Mate" and was initially drunk primarily in hacker circles. Subsequently, the drink also enjoyed great popularity among hipsters. In the meantime, fans of fitness and healthy nutrition have discovered the traditional yerba mate for themselves and swear by its alleged performance-enhancing and therapeutic properties. Thus Mate is considered among other things as secret tip among Abnehmwilligen. But what exactly is mate. How healthy is the tea made from it really??


What is mate tea?

Mate, also known as yerba mate (Spanish), erva mate or chimarrao (Portuguese), is a tea made from leaves of the mate bush (Ilex paraguariensis). Strictly speaking, mate is not a tea, but an infusion drink. This is very common especially in South America, where it is drunk about as often as coffee is here. Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay are considered to be the largest mate producers in the world. The name mate does not actually refer to the drink itself, but in the Quechua language is the name for the drinking vessel in which the tea is served. This is traditionally made from a hollowed and dried bottle gourd, which is called mate or calabaza in Spanish and cuia in Portuguese.

How to prepare mate tea?

To drink, you use a special metal straw, the bombilla. For the infusion one fills the calabash now with the Mate mixture, called Yerba. This is prepared in a certain way, which in the South American region follows sometimes quite strict rules. The yerba is then infused with hot water. The drinking temperature as well as the sweetness of the brew varies depending on the region. How mate tea tastes. How to drink it? Mate tea is characterized by a slightly tart, bitter taste that can take some getting used to at first. However, depending on the variety or flavoring, mate can also have a mild sweetness. This also depends on which parts of the mate shrub are used, for example only leaves or also stems, and whether these are roasted, smoked or processed purely. A mate tea can be re-infused several times in a row. The exact method of preparation and infusion is prescribed and celebrated in South America in the form of numerous traditional rules. Therefore mate tea is suitable there especially for sociable rounds. Served to guests, for example.

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