Is the lemon tree already so old

Education, maintenance and rejuvenation pruning – we explain how to prune your tree Pruning lemon tree must be done, so that it remains shapely and bears many fruits.

Is the lemon tree already so old

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A Lemon tree does not naturally form a handsome crown. You must therefore give it a precise shape with regular pruning. Depending on the age of the tree, it may need to be pruned for growth, maintenance or regeneration. We explain how to cut the Lemon tree pruning and when is the best time for which type of pruning to be carried out.

Pruning lemon tree: Instructions

Any pruning of the lemon tree ultimately serves to maintain a shapely crown and ensure a bountiful harvest.

Education pruning

When pruning the crown is first built up. To do this, pick the strongest central shoot, shorten it by a third and attach it to a rod. All competing shoots are cut off at the base. From the central shoot, select three to four side shoots. Shorten them by a third as well. They spread a Mediterranean flair. In addition, a wonderfully fresh scent. It's no wonder that lemon trees in tubs are also becoming more and more popular in this country.

Practical tip : Remove the side shoots a few millimeters behind a lower or outer bud. If you cut too little, the overhanging branch is susceptible to disease. If the bud points inward, the branch that forms on it also grows inward unsightly.

Maintenance pruning or. After about three years the shape of the crown is fixed. No more major pruning is necessary. Now, when cutting lemon trees, the main thing is to maintain the existing form. For this, the crown must be thinned out from time to time and removed from dead, crossing, rubbing together and inward growing branches. Cut out the branches completely. If you are only shortened, the crown will only become denser. New shoots, on the other hand, should be shortened to less than 40 cm to promote bushy growth.

Rejuvenation pruning

If the lemon tree is already so old that it is visibly becoming bare, a rejuvenation pruning must be carried out. For this, all the thick branches must be shortened to about 10 cm. In doing so, do not be afraid to cut too much of the lemon tree. They are very tolerant to pruning. The tree will not bear fruit for at least a year, but soon the first flowers will appear. In the first period, then again a light education pruning is necessary to steer the crown into the right shape.

Practical tip : Make sure that your pruning tool is always sharp. Otherwise, the branches tear out, heal worse and are more susceptible to pathogens.

Pruning the tree will not work without proper tools! You will need these helpers

Pruning lemon tree: When?

Maintenance pruning can theoretically be carried out all year round, as long as you do not remove any fruit-bearing branches. Otherwise, the best time to prune the lemon tree is mid-February through March. However, you can still carry out maintenance pruning after harvesting. Pruning before flowering time stimulates the growth of new shoots, pruning after harvest time stimulates the formation of new flowers and fruits. Rejuvenation pruning, on the other hand, should always be done in the winter from December to February.

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