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Legal dispute over pug Ronja ends with settlement

© Matthias Balk/dpa Pug Luna, mother of the deceased dog Ronja, sits in the entrance area of the Munich Higher Regional Court.

Munich – In the dispute over the pug Ronja, who died after a serious illness, the buyers of the dog and its breeder have agreed on a settlement.

From the court

Following a proposal by the Munich Higher Regional Court, the couple accepted a payment of 2,000 euros at the appeal hearing on Monday.

The plaintiffs had attempted to obtain a partial refund of the purchase price and a Reimbursement of veterinary treatment costs to dispute (File number 33 O 109/15). The couple from Ostheim vor der Rhon in Franconia had bought Ronja from the breeder near Ingolstadt in summer 2012. At that time, no disease was apparent. However, since her second year of life, the pug had been having epileptic seizures due to the disease Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE), a meningitis caused by a genetic defect. He was blind in one eye and walked badly. The animal died after years of illness in November 2017.

According to the husband, up to then about 22.000 Euros in veterinary and medication costs incurred. The buyers believe Ronja's condition is due to breeder misconduct. So be Ronja's mother much too early. Been covered too often. In addition, the breeder had failed to have the parents tested for PDE. The Ingolstadt Regional Court had awarded the plaintiffs half of the purchase price of 1400 euros, against which both sides appealed. The judges of the Higher Regional Court made it clear that, in their view, the plaintiffs' claims were already time-barred.

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